Fatima Barkatulla – 5 Powerful Lessons from the Life of Khadijah

London, March 2019 What are the five big lessons from the life of Khadijah (RA)? And how can we apply them to our lives. Ustadhah Fatima Barkatulla is author of ‘Khadijah, Mother of History’s Greatest Nation.’ In this talk in front of an audience of 500 sisters, she elaborates on 5 powerful lessons that can … Read more

Fatima Barkatulla – The Gifts of Islam for Women – Hhugs Charity Masquerade Ball.

The Gifts of Islam for Women – Hhugs Charity Masquerade Ball. In this address Ustadha Fatima Barkatulla addresses an audience of sisters at the Hhugs (Helping Households Under Great Stress) Charity Masquerade Ball. She highlights 5 of the many gifts that Islam gave to women and what we as women should do once we acknowledge … Read more

Fatima Barkatulla – Love Sheikha – Episode 02 – I wanna get married but my parents think I’m too young!

The Love Sheikha answers a question from a young sister who has broached the subject of marriage with her parents but who seem dead against their daughter marrying. How should she approach this issue? How can she stay patient and avoid falling into sin in the meantime?

Fatima Barkatulla – Gifts of Islam for Women – A Disciplined Life

Is living a disciplined life a boring and old-fashioned thing? Isn’t Islam all about rules and restrictions? In this series of excerpts, Ustadha Fatima highlights some of the gifts that Allah gave to women through Islam. [Nasheed clips from Nashee artist Safe Adam’s vocals only collection]

Fatima Barkatulla – Making of the Nasheed – Muhammad’ Company

Fatima Barkatulla recalls the story behind the new Omar Esa Nasheed: ‘Muhammad’s Company’, written and produced by Fatima Barkatulla and the lessons she learned from working on the project.

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