Ali Hammuda – Final Examination -10 Questions Revealed

As university students engage in their end of year exams, others find themselves sighing with relief that the days of exams have passed, having recalled the stress of late night revision and the agonizing fear of the unknown. What is up for stakes is very high; a degree which usually widens career prospects and secures … Read more

Ali Hammuda – Dunya Under Honest Lenses

Have you ever been in a dilemma regarding your role in the dunya and akhirah? Obviously you say akhirah takes precedence over dunya? But does it? Did you not realize that before the dunya was infinity? After also infinity? Between the two is the dunya and us in it. So how can you enter Jannah … Read more

Ali Hammuda – Glimpses From The Life Of Ibrahim (PBUH)

How is one to behave with non-Muslim/irreligious parents? How should one react if one’s advice is harshly rejected? What is the nature of the ‘sound heart’?

Ali Hammuda – Six Causes Of Regret

The main headings of this Friday sermon: 1) An introduction to the topic of regret 2) Regret and the Day of Judgement 3) Six matters that will bring major regret on the Final Day 4) A suggested action plan to deal with these six causes.

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