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In Alhamdulillah, Hina, Madhu Ernesta you know who witnessed a funeral when oh the villa he mean should already and fusina was see Tia Marlena Mejia the healer who fell on all the Lella Alma youth lil fella had the Allah

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wa shadow Allah ilaha illallah Hua hula Cherie Kela one no Mohammed and Abdullah who are pseudo sal Allahu Allah you either early he was so happy he was in a MOBA do for in the Hyrule Hadith Nikita will la heeta Hannah, will Hyrule had you had you Muhammad in some Allahu Allah He was alum or Sharon Ohmori defer to her Wakulla more than 13 vida Wakulla Vida team Bala could not order that infinity. A MOBA

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Allah azza wa jal commands the believers in the Quran

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by saying what tubo it Allah heed me and a you may know in Allah Allah come to flee Hoon.

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It says repent and return to Allah all of you all believers so that you may pass prosper.

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And he also said SubhanaHu wata Allah Yeah, you're Latina I'm a no to it Allah hito button also her Surah bukem A Yuka Farah uncom se de como ut la comme Jana T integrity mentality hell and heart

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or you have Iman Allah azza wa jal emphasizes in the Quran, return to Allah azza wa jal repent to Unto Allah azza wa jal sincerely, fully, wholly wholeheartedly,

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so that Allah azza wa jal could forgive your sins and allow you to enter heaven.

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And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the Hadith in Nila Starfy Rolla Hawa to water he philleo me accelerometer in Amara. He says I ask Allah for forgiveness and I repent to Allah azza wa jal in a day, more than 70 times.

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These eyes and Hadith they tell us that

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Toba and repentance is a must.

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And it should accompany the believer on his path to Allah azza wa jal.

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Some of us when we hear the word sober, will may think that if I've done something terrible, I only need to think about it then.

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But we don't understand that if rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying I repent to Allah azza wa jal more than 70 times a day, then we understand that Toba is far more than this.

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And the scholars of Islam have said that the first path towards Allah azza wa jal begins with Toba.

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But you don't dismiss it along your way. That is you need to keep your Toba next to you along the path in the beginning and in the middle and at the very end, you still must have Toba to Allah azza wa jal because Toba in its fullest meaning means that you return to Allah azza wa jal, it could be returned from disbelief to belief from Cofer into Iman. It could be from sin into righteousness. It could be from a lower state of iman to a higher state of iman could be from a state of neglects to a state of awareness when you are very close to Allah azza wa jal, and the return to Allah azza wa jal has no limit to it. So Towba never ends.

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And so when we hear all of these things, it's important for us to absorb this Toba into our lives. Those of us who may say to themselves, I am beyond redemption. There is no tilbyr For me, and those who say, Why do I need toper I pray and I fast and they read Quran.

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For those who think that they are beyond redemption, they may think to themselves, I've done so many terrible things.

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And yes, I made love, theoretically to have Toba in my life to be a better person, but I tried and I tried. But the obstacles are too many.

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And the path is too long, and I keep failing. I don't think Toby is for me it for other people. It's a nice story to hear, but it's for other people, not for me.

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And Allah azza wa jal tells us

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call OMA yagna to me Rama Tierra be a love balloon.

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He says, who despairs of Allah's Mercy except those who are misguided lost. That is if you know Allah azza wa jal and the extent of his mercy and how he can transform you and take your obstacles away and change

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ain't your heart you'll never does Pharaoh the fact that Allah could change you

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if you simply believe in him and call unto Him and trust Him subhanho wa Taala so there is no trade in you, quality in you and me, that is beyond change. If Allah azza wa jal wants it and if you want it and if you ask Allah for it, the thing here do you want it bad enough or not?

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And that is the question

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tilbyr begins with the desire a burning desire that I want to be better on am dissatisfied with what I am at this moment begins with that burning desire of I don't want to end up in hellfire. And I want to be in Jannah I want to enter heaven with the realization that Hellfire is real and there are people will populate hellfire. It's not only people to my right and people to my left, possibly my neighbors, but I am somehow exempt from hellfire during the fact that I could be the person who will enter Hellfire because I used to do things that upset Allah and I've never repented, never asked for forgiveness, now will walk the path of repentance, never really believed that I should repent. When

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I do a sin, I'm happy with it.

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And the heart that sins, or a heart that is happy with a sin that the body commits as a heart that is diseased, or almost dead.

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Because the quality of a true believer is that yes, the believer can sin.

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But the believers joy with that sin is never complete because it is always joined with regret and shame.

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Shame that Allah had seen him shame that I'm gonna have to answer to this shame the fact that I've done something that is so polluted, and now I have to live with this. So before the sin is committed, there are all these promises and pleasures and joys of the shaytaan presents to all of us. But when you actually commit that sin and find the bitterness of it, then you regret it and regret the fact that now something is written against you written the fact regret the fact that the shaytaan has defeated you and that you've allowed the shaytaan to deceive you like this. So a believers joy with any sin is never complete. So if you find yourself committing a sin, and it's not

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moving you to tears and not moving you to anger now making regretful you know, immediately ask Allah for forgiveness after there's something wrong incredibly wrong is in the heart, you have become immune to that sin, immune to its effect callous, really

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callous to the fact that this wrong has living in your life, and you're fine with it.

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You're fine with it.

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And so you must ask yourself, Is this the best that I can?

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All of us when we were young, if you were to ask us, What do you want to be when you grow up? You would give an incredible answer this and this and that. dreams and ambitions. And those are beautiful.

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Now, if you think about your reality, beyond the fantasies of childhood, you think about reality at this moment, where you think you should be your potential and your reality and not talking about the dunya dunya is in the hands of Allah azza wa jal he gives it to him whatever, and deprives him ever from it. The dunya is not a measure of righteousness. It's not a measure of nobility in this life, I'm talking about the akhira. So if you measure yourself against your reality, against your ambitions, and where you're supposed to be, are you happy with yourself at this moment? And no wise person can say I'm happy with myself at this moment. So how do you launch yourself from this state

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into the state of where you could be the better person? The one who's closer to Allah, the one that you imagine yourself could be the one who wakes up for Fudger the one who reads the Quran, the one who when he sees the Haram he looks away, the one when he's spoken ill of he He forgives and does not repay evil with evil but with kindness and forgiveness or overlooking people's mistakes, the one who shines righteousness wherever he goes, not for people to see, but to please Allah azza wa jal if you want to be that person, but he says something is holding me back. It is all of our sins that are holding us back and the fact that we did not say I want to overcome all of that.

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I want to be a better person.

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And it does not matter if you tried and you're defeated once or twice or thrice, or how many times it does not matter.

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Because Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam had told us

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that the shaytaan will come and whisper to a human being to commit a sin and that a human being will forget will commit that sin. And then he will say Allah I have committed a sin, forgive me and Allah will send, my servant realizes and knows that he has a Lord who forgives sins, I have forgiven him. Then the shaytaan repeats the process, as we all know. And we again fall victim to the same whisper from the shaytaan and we commit the same sin. But that person in the Hadith isa Yola have committed that sin, forgive me.

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And Allah will say, I have forgiven you, because he knows that he has a rub, who forgive sins, and a third time the shaytaan and the third time with that sin. And Allah azza wa jal will then tell that truce and he says, do whatever you want, I have forgiven you. And the scholars have said, What is the meaning of that hadith is that as long as you ask for forgiveness, you will be forgiven. As long as that desire is in you. As long as you're fighting with the shaytaan you didn't see simply surrender to him and say, You rule my life You telling me what to do, telling me what to see what to listen to how to think. But rather you say, I you know, I there's Allah azza wa jal and if I'm weak,

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if I'm defeated, I will run to Allah azza wa jal, just like a young, a very young child, who is beaten by somebody by an enemy of his family runs to his parents and his the he says, protect me.

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You refuges Allah azza wa jal and you have protection from the shaytaan and from yourself is Allah azza wa jal and you protection from your own weaknesses, Allah azza wa jal, your protection from your own disappointment in yourself and my own disappointment in myself is Allah azza wa jal, so you want to be better, then you must really want it.

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And subhanAllah Allah's Mercy is so vast, but also his punishment is so serious and vast.

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And there's a hadith where he said Allah, His Salatu was Salam. He said, let me know.

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Your club Allah He has Zoa dilla Martoma RB Jannetty. He had well, oh, yeah, Adam will carry through SATA Rahmatullah. He has origin. Ma. Cannot Amin Jannetty. He had a says if the believer were to know the extent of Allah's punishment, no one would hope to enter heaven. If the believer were to know the full extent of Allah's punishment, no one would hope to enter heaven. And if the disbeliever would know, the extent of Allah's punishment, the extent of Allah's mercy, no one would despair of entering heaven. So I'll repeat it.

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If the believer would know the extent of Allah's punishment, no one would hope to enter Heaven meaning when you know how much punishment there is in hellfire, how many people will enter in hellfire, how easy it is to enter into hellfire you would think nobody will enter heaven. But he says also, if the disbelieve are not the believer if the disbelief or understands how merciful Allah is, how big Heaven is how easy it is to enter heaven, it says even a disbeliever will not despair of entering heaven. And this is how the believer is supposed to be between what hope and fear not have so much fear that you say forgiveness is not mine. Forgiveness is yours luck not to me Rahmatullah

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never despair of Allah's mercy, Allah forgives all sins. So there's something stubborn in all of our lives that you say, I can't defeat this, I can't let go of this. Allah is telling you, Allah can erase it.

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But you need to extract yourself.

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extract yourself from an environment that is killing you from friends that are misguiding you from thoughts that are playing with your heads

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and say you Allah save me.

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And I understand that it's a process and as these bad things actually gradually inhabit our lives, they also at times they need to gradually be dismissed.

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But what we need is the desire and then what we need is dua

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Do you want to change then the easiest thing that you could do is your Allah changed me?

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Yeah, Allah save me from those bad friends from that bad company for that bad place from that those ugly sites from that contamination that is entering my life. Save me and keep making this dua. You find your heart unmoved. When you listen to the Quran to the event to vicar to remind us of Allah azza wa jal dysuria Allah something is wrong with my heart, bring life back to it and bring Iman back to it. Ask for the hero as you asked for the dunya and you will see the transformation

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in there. So that is the person who says what tilba is not for me because I'm beyond redemption. And for the other person who says, I don't need to see why because hamdulillah I'm fasting, and I'm praying, and I do all these wonderful things. He said, If you really were to inspect your life, your eyes, your tongue and your heart, you will discover that you need to,

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if you were to inspect what you have been looking at,

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and all the Haram that you see, and the Haram that we have gotten so used to that we don't realize as haram anymore, right? It's just natural, we see it around us, but we don't dismiss our eyes away from it, because to us, it's just what natural, natural scenery now, or the Haram that you listen to gossip, backbiting, obscenities in the form of human music or speech. You listen to it, you absorb it, and you don't realize that it's haram and it's infecting your heart.

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Or the diseases of the heart itself.

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You do something about that, and you admire yourself because of it, I prayed and I fasted and I did that. And that is

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or you do it for the sake of other people and that is real.

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Or you see another Muslim and you put him down internally even if you have not sent ad said anything externally, but you think less of him because physically he is this or physically he is from there, or he is not as rich or not as educated. So you put him down internally, or you look at some Muslims and you suspect them without proof. And that is all happening on the inside. No one can see it. And no one knows about it except Allah as Odin and the new and all of these things are see serious keeper. Arrogance, pride, envy, he sees somebody having something good and you wish them harm because of it or that Allah would take it away from them. You're in competition with people and you

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wish that they would have less than you. And all of this is moving in the heart and you think that none of this is sinful. You need when we need to cleanse our hearts. And Allah Otto did had said that

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eliminate Allah Who convinced him that success and prosperity when you meet Allah zodat when you stand in front of him, is not about how you physically look, but about how sound your heart is. And that is the only person who will survive and receive the pleasure of Allah azza wa jal. So if you don't think the need to repentance, think again. And if Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam again as we began this hotbar if he says, I repent to Allah azza wa jal 70 times and more every single day, it tells you how much he valued that repentance, and how much we should accustom yourselves to repenting to Allah azza wa jal repeatedly, every single day, as you say a staff your

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Allah stuff your Allah stuff your Allah as many times as you can, and he said Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, tuber, Lehmann worded a few Sahifa to his stiffer and cathedra he says, Good news, for the one who will find a lot is too far in his book. And when you meet Allah Zoa Jin and you flipping through it, and you find there is this sin and this and this and this and and just think about it. In an average day, how many sins would be written against all of us? Right? Just think about it. Would you find equal number of Astok for Allah for each sin?

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So we have to get ourselves used to as he did Alayhi Salatu was Salam, whatever you can stuff it Allah stuck for Allah and make it a repetition, repetition, a course of treatment for the heart and stuck for Allah repeatedly. And with a staffer, Allah tilbyr To Allah azza wa jal. You see Toba, from what Toba from the fact that I may have mistreated my parents in the past, or in the present Toba from the fact that I may be mistreating my spouse not giving them for their full rights. I said something with injustice. I did something with injustice. Toba from the fact that I may be raising children but not giving them the rights as they should be given Toba from that inspect your life

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Toba from suspicion Toba from the fact that I may be indulged in some haram. Maybe I'm indulged in some rubber. And I say to myself, there is no way around it. I have to do this and maybe you have an excuse with Allah zoton And maybe you don't but either way, you know that this is something that is wrong. Even if you have an excuse. You still ask Allah azza wa jal for forgiveness, because you don't know you don't know if you're to have taken is excusable or not you've taken more than you what you need or not. You don't know if Allah will forgive it or not. At least you feel humbled that I'm doing something wrong and I know that it's wrong and

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that rank should rake you on the inside so that you're never arrogant, and you're never content with who you are, but you always want to be better and better and better. So a Toba is a return.

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Every single day I could be better every single day is a new leaf every single day, I will conquer this sin by the will of Allah has Zota never go back to it. I will be adopt this better behavior, this better a bad and please Allah azza wa jal because of it and ultimately, to never be happy with yourself as it is never be happy with sins when they inhabit our lives but say, there is an opportunity as long as I'm alive to be better. Let me return to Allah azza wa jal with Toba look at these things in your life. And then say I repent from this and this and this and this. May Allah azza wa jal, Allah has given us the insight to examine our lives. And may Allah azza wa jal give us

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the energy and the power to improve and be better Muslims ahora holy ha That was the federal law idea. We're looking for stuff.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra until even without a confy who also li wa salam O Allah Rasool e Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, a MOBA is a what is the what are the benefits of October

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and obviously the benefit of Toba is for you to receive Janna and on top of Jana in the law, your head would be in over your head when Matata hearin. Allah Zoda loves those who are repentant.

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So if you want the love of Allah as zuiden

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you want to be among the best and who among us does not want to be among the best?

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Hey, cool, nobody, Adam Hata all the children of Adam are sinners. weidel Hatha ina at

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the best of sinners are those who repent meaning the best of the children of Adam are those who repent. So when you repent from something small or something big, but when you repent, Allah has Zota loves you because of it. And you will love Allah because of it and your life will be better because of it. Because sin brothers and sisters sin when you will introduce a sin into your life into your heart into your body. It brings with the darkness and the tightness of the chest and this comfort of mind and body. So you find yourself sad, unhappy, miserable

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discontent with what you have around you. Fighting with your spouse, fighting with your children, fighting with your parents, fighting with your neighbor fighting with yourself. If nobody else to fight with you'd fight with your own self and your own mind, but bring repentance and forget about that sin and bring us too far. And trust me if you just do it with concentration and withdraw in the first five minutes with a will of Allah azza wa jal first 10 minutes with the will of Allah Atsuta you will feel better. Just try it say a stuff your Allah with your heart and repent to Allah, Allah will give your heart to Allah Azza didn't tell me if in the next five and 10 minutes, you're not

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feeling better because of it. And if you are feeling bigger, a bit better because of it. Ask yourself Where did this come from?

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Who brought this to me? Except Allah azza wa jal and why was I denying myself that gift by staying away from Toba and is too far. So say is too far and you will be better with your family, with your spouse, with your child with your parents with your neighbor, and you will definitely be better with Allah azza wa jal than Allah will love you because of it, you will have clarity in your path, you will have support with Allah azza wa jal, Allah will save you from future trouble. And most importantly, most importantly, Jana is awaiting you. And when you look at yourself, you will not look back at yourself with condemnation or with contempt, contempt, innocence, because of all the

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sins that you see are there and you cannot rid yourself of, but you say Alhamdulillah that's how he had saved me from this and saved me from that. And you will say to yourself, there is still a lot of work to be done, but I'm on the path. And it will you'll find that you'll be able to walk that path to Allah zodion When you're able to give up one sin or two, you realize that Allah azza wa jal can give you imbue you with that strength, and you'll have the motivation to do even more. Because now you understand that there is a potential and you will not surrender. So ask Allah Allah, Allah mean or hamara Haman to give us that repentance, and I remind you in sha Allah as we mentioned, in the

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last hole brother we talked about the night of the middle of Shabbat and we said the Hadith about it is Hassan Allahu Allah, and that Allah azza wa jal forgives everybody except those who commit shirk, or have enmity and friction and they have boycotted other Muslims for worldly reasons.

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If you want to receive the blessing of Allah azza wa jal of forgiveness on that night, then repentance is the path to it. Repentance from *can Allah azza wa jal so that you don't rely on something or somebody else but Allah, you don't trust anything or anyone else more than Allah as though Did you don't call on somebody else when you're stuck and you're trouble but Allah azza wa jal, we need to learn our to heed how we worship Him subhanho wa Taala but your heart is enslaved to only one

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and that is Allah azza wa jal is not a slave to human being. It's not a slave to anything that is created Allah is above everything and everyone else that is the to hate, and then mending relations between you and your brother, between you and your sister. And repentance is the path to it. So repent between you and Allah azza wa jal and repent between you and your brother and your sister. Forgive them ask for their forgiveness, offer them compensations if they need compensation, but be fine with everybody around you and repent to Allah azza wa jal and that is something that we want to take advantage of. And by the way, there is nothing no special for that night there is no reported

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special day

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there is no report is special Salah there is no awarded special vicar if you want to do more thicker and more a bad that is up to you. But that is not reported from the Prophets Allah Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam. So we ask Allah Allah, Allah Amenia are upon Allah mania or hamara Amin make us of those who repent sincerely unto you, make us of those who repent from all sins internal and external durable Alameen makers of those who believe in your fast forgiveness and embrace it your hammer rahimian and brush back to you your acromial acromion whereas we are able to make use of those whom you love and make us of those who love you backyard herbal Alameen I love your Prophet Alayhi Salatu

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was Salam, more than any other human being and love the righteous and righteousness era Bill Alameen Yakisoba Alameen of those who are forgiven on the night of the middle of Shaban and get us ready in the month of Shabbat and for the month of Ramadan era Bill al Amin and make us among the forgiven in this month and in the month of Ramadan. We asked you about bail Allah need to forgive us all of our sins, those that we know about and those that we forgot about last year a banana need to make righteousness easy for us and make your bill Alameen wickedness very difficult for us was your herbal Allah mean to revive our hearts and filled them with iman and fill them with love for you and

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for you. Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam ala mattina for dunya has an auto Villa Filati has an earthen Joaquina either not Aloha my Yamaha labor Kullu with a bit Kuru bene Ana de Nick Aloha my Yama suddenly fell Kuru be serif kuruva Ultra Arctic Allahumma inna Allah Vickery kava Shoukry cohosts near Ebert attic, Allahu Manas, Luke Elgin Jin Neto Makarova Eheim encoding Rahman when becoming a nerdy Omar, Robert E. Lee, I mean Colin wireman when a local hire Akula Hua Hua Ji la Houma alumna I mean, who am I alumna annum when I became an usher equally IgD Gina Hema I live in I mean who am Allah Allah? So look I'm in Haiti masala Abdullah Mohammed en sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, we're not only becoming shorter you must say that I mean who abduct Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam Yeah, how you yaka Yom will be medic canister leave us the Helena shenana kula wala taking Isla and for Sinatra Fattah Iein wealthy Miss