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Salam Alaikum everyone. Welcome back to our weekly Thursday q&a with Jeff welcome Negri for those who may be wanting to join us last week Thursday and weren't able to because we held the q&a one day earlier. Again, sincere apologies and anyone who has any questions, please do. We're actually getting quite a few comments already in Sharla. So we can get started as soon as possible. So this, this live stream is platformed on Facebook and YouTube and Twitter. So anyone who has any questions, please leave it in the comment of the live stream inshallah, and we will try our best to get to it as if we have one question actually, from last week that we missed. So I'm just going to ask that

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and then we'll go to the questions that we receive now. This question is from our costs, and he asks, Is it permissible to get life insurance and acquittal critical illness insurance as part of a mortgage? As I wouldn't I would not want to die in debt or leave my wife unable to pay.

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So I don't understand really well how can it be, you know, critical illness insurance part of the mortgage,

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I never heard of it like that, in that that together.

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I for the life insurance. So medical has shown us

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people who don't allow the orlimar don't allow the life insurance, they don't allow it at all. And for the enlisted, they allow only in those countries where the medical facilities are not easy and

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people really need insurance like that, to help them afford their medical treatment properly. So, in those countries, maybe something like that allowed, but there no need for anybody to have

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no life insurance.

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Truth really is that nobody ensures anything anywhere to all in the hands of elders hautala. So, when people start insurance like that, it is just what we call a bar or you can say is very similar to gambling, which is never allowed and also our guests trust in Allah subhanaw taala the life people have trusted a lot of hautala ask him his help. So to make all the trust in, in a human being and, and the institutions is not about the believer. So anyway, as I mentioned, that you showed us is you know, haraam generally like, like, you you're you're interested, but only can be loud when there is a need.

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Okay, she's talking to her show. Let's take a question from Sister Mary, her. Her question is, how should one deal with anxiety and stress thinking about the future of our kids, finances and health issues, I especially get anxious thinking about the future of my kids.

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You're the thing either in this world, everything is in the head of Allah subhanaw taala in our lives, they were in the hands of windows or hautala. And using that create your children, you know, your Allah subhanaw taala had more relation with your children than you. He loves them more than you either. He loves us more than our parents. He knows how to look after them. He some time you know, your children could be much better than without you. You don't know this thing. So people should never too much worry, leave a ledger up, that what we read in all the places around the world are a bit odd. I mean, he's Rob, Rob is much more than the father and mother much more. You know, the

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father and mother cannot do what what Rob does, he looks after the people all the time. So instead of worrying too much about your children, you should worry about yourself, about your life after the death in a paradise and Hellfire and also you should teach your children how to personalise hautala on how to be pious and right that we should be worried if they are right yes, that Allah looks after the karasawa with Allah Salatin. Allah is a guardian of the man Hello parent support of the righteous people. If you make your children right, yes, a level with your supporter and guardian. So too much worry. That is a sign of lack of the Eman and belief in Allah subhanaw taala believers

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should not do something like that.

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Okay just talking if I ship we have a question from Salahuddin.

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How should we understand the verses that attribute bodyparts Allah.

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Quran has been revealed in human language. So it will be there but but when we interpreted the door the words we interpret according to what is appropriate for lasala leave the body part in accordance Allah hears.

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So, we also hear, my hearing will be according to what the appropriateness of what Allah, Allah knows and we know but his knowledge is different from our knowledge, the way we know is different to you know, Allah has power, we have power, but are less power different similarly for currency and other hand or something like that. It does not mean like our hand because Koran says very clearly Lusaka militia, let nothing you'd like him. So the word iron has been used and we know the meaning but what it refers to a learn was the best tool we got some meaning something you know, but not like our it's always keep understanding this that whenever you mentioned any attribute or lasala or all

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of us keep in mind one word for laser commiseration, nothing is like him. So if I lost his hand It means the hand which is appropriate to him that why when you say that another hand are tied to current inertia why you call a loved one or answered that your parent is angry that why decision tight but occurrences bayada home of suit Otani a lot of both hands are wide open you know, to his friends for did not the route to sell the hand but mistake will be to think Allah The hand is like our head because that's not true. Quran was very clear. Nothing like

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okay, let's take another question. Just give me one moment.

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Okay, the next question is I have read some Hades with a bob is Lola while he was alone makes a mistake in prayer. How does this correspond with the puppets of Allah Allah Solomon's infallibility?

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You know the prophets are lawless along you know, will not commit a sin you know, like doing a zener lying you know, all these things, killing innocent people who cannot do any sin committing a sin, but to forget something that anybody could that he is a human being if you did not forget people to think he's not human being and many of these things have been done for the professor loyalism in order to teach people you know the professor forgot and then he corrected his prayer he did to say that now we learn how to do to do some of these things the professors have been doing a lot of other merged to happen so then we can learn in the future generation can learn what the professor cannot

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do zero impossible to his company has ended the company did not have people can learn what hypericin many people do you know he cannot steal but his companies he stole some of them he's you cannot drink of wine was compared to some of those tests which are impossible for the profit they have been done by the companions and then we learn from them but mistakes is very easy to something simple mistake analysis in any way you know if you forget something it is never never seen. So the professor also forgot it does not seem to that did not work. This is my muse for a turtle from the sin in the novel portrait from the middle from the mistake of mistake can happen to anybody there

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was a sign of the human being is

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okay let's take a question from Jeanette

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men have a specific rewarding rewarding journey that is her well woman in general have a specific reward like men

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you know the way the Quran mentions you know things which are a good to read and understand current and our mission every detail. But Quran has said very clearly that in the

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in the paradise people will get to whatever they desire whatever they desire. So some examples have been given some another what women desire they will get there what a men desire, they will get there that's the enough rarely that you know don't go somewhere details. If you get what you desire, why you want to impose on the women what they don't deserve. Maybe the women don't want you know, more than one husband. We don't know what will the desire there. So for the everybody is whatever they desire. You know if the desire is the desire something delegated, you know, Allah has promised on his promise to so we don't mention more than what Allah did mention, but we aren't

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standardly the real paradise everybody will be happy and pleased. And unless hautala will ask people in paradise one day, are you happy? So this year, our Lord Why will not be happy you have given us everything that we wanted more than that, whatever we deserve more than that. Then he will say no, today I'm going to make clear that I'm happy with you. And I will never be angry. So you'll be so happy. So in paradise people get everything.

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Okay, let's take a question from Amina.

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Sorry, Chef, is there an echo? Can you hear my voice?

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Okay, no, that's an echo. That's fine.

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Her question is Can you discuss if it is permissible to do baby showers, gender reveal parties and providers to cut the umbilical cord at the birth or is this classed as imitating other nations?

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Some of the things I have been you know, coming from the regeneration so that's fine. Like for example, when a child is born then you know

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you know so some people say the sooner and some people say no sooner but allowed to work people slaughter sheep and make feast for the children that's fine no more than that actually. You know we don't have any clear evidence for that. Two people should not make unnecessary party maybe you can give some charity that you know salsa for your children for any occasions. There's a better but any other celebration? We don't have any proof of that.

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Okay, let's take the next question.

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There are so many differences of opinions in the religious matters if I follow one opinion and if it is not right in the eyes of Allah, will he punish us?

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No one does difference of opinion then all of them are right you know the main thing that you fear Allah you love him you want to go to Paradise you want to you know seek refuge to Allah from Hellfire you know these are the main things they don't teach anybody don't lie don't buy buy don't hurt anybody worship your Lord you know love him then after that when you play you know if you follow this motherboard that might have been none after one mistake all right or want to help your player with all the other he want same thing but CMT when you want people can have different opinion like if we want to go to the mosque to I walk this way you go there to wear eyeliner The bigger the

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prayer in JAMA it's all fine you know it could be different routes maybe one somebody one military dealer somewhere two minutes delayed but as long as the good the player you know all fine so don't worry about the mother human opinion these opinions happen all the time in the human being same thing like that. You know in your house you make for your wife make food your children make your cousin's your auntie they make food and everybody has something different medical can still you can eat you know sometimes you do what your mom made sometimes you do what your father sometimes you do while you're on team at some time you buy food from the shops and eat or different but all hunted

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the similarly all the differences with Alma do they are different, but still they're same because this helper to reach to the same destination to worship Allah subhanaw taala to Don't worry about the difference. Nothing they're very very small reminder.

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Okay, we have a question from more than one Christians and Jews antigen if they follow the authentic teachings of their religion.

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The finger either you know, whenever a prophet comes, the messenger comes, you do because obligatory on the people to follow Him and to surrender to Him. That what Allah has taught in sudol, Iran, Ali Salah of submission to the Prophet, people must submit will lie prior to the teachings of new prophet because you know the old teachings, either they're corrupted, you know or they are not no more authentic, acceptable. So after Parana days and no other religion, nothing is there. People must accept the Quran. But it could be possible. There are some Christians and Jews who did not hear about the Quran. They don't know about the professor lolis alone, or Moses are not able to reach to

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them. It could be possible that you know there are people who never heard about the professor lawless alum, and they were never had time to understand him. To eat these people to worship Allah alone. They don't do shilka especially. So we hope Allah will forgive them. We don't know like a judge, but could be possible. But I would love for those people who have access to his alarm on access to the Quran and depend noble

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The professor lawless alum, there's no way other than accepting him under the Quran in Edina on the wireless alarm, Dean is that people must surrender to Allah subhanaw taala according to the teachings of the prophets and messengers

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are rejecting any prophet rejecting all of them. So the profitable muscle or lessor must be accepted Similac Muslims in Moses rejected he saw this allama masala Salaam and they said Mohamed Salah Salem, they will not be Muslim. Please allow me to accept all the profit and all the messengers. So that keep in mind except the people who really don't have any access to the Prophet they don't know anything. Like you know, could be some burger but he grew up in a forest far away. Never heard about any Prophet, any messenger. The people love that at least if they don't do.

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So there is likely that they can be forgiven.

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Exactly for sure. And the next question is quite interesting. is forgiveness conditional? And I'm assuming the question is saying the goodness from Allah.

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Or conditional means when ALLAH forgive forgive, forgive only pastor what is coming in the future that you have to repent again if you do mistakes there are believers always need to repent and ask forgiveness. But when he forgives, he forgives you know things have horrible you know, finish, there are minuses and major minor sins are forgiven. Sometimes without asking the forgiveness just you go for the prayer you do the forgiven merger since you need to repent to Allah subhanaw taala and ask Him to forgive you. So then he forgives and Allah tala can forgive anytime but the way in Islam that you ask Him to forgive and you're a human humanity is very very important. Similarly forgiveness are

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the people if somebody forgives you, then that sin has finished value and you don't you're not responsible for that forgiveness means it removed from you. No more there

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Okay, let's take a question from Annika

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if a woman lives in a society where the majority of the people wear colorful clothes Can she wears in Babs of colors like green blue yellow or pink? As long as you'll Babs do not have too much designs and are simple

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yeah I know that in either language in order to not a different from the people and attract people. Yeah, that's fine it means it should be something humble and simple. And

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we went out of desire to attract the men through the red colors. Digital Barbies is something which nobody other tech directed and the women don't have desire protect them from but if the woman had desire to know modular Barbie looked attractive to me Look at me. There she Rogerson.

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Okay we have a question from Norma

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the Hadeeth about sitting after federal prayer in the masjid doing decor and praying tulika after sunrise gives the reward of hygiene on Raw is this villa is this evil? I will Hadeeth

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Yeah, no okay, the hotties decided that you know people say turn to Raka after that nothing resigned about that. What is sound it could be possible that in with me ma'am yes it does destroy Raka which people do and in the gutter so much reward? it more likely to recall the further that people do look at that this reward is not for anything else that no sound or this in this matter of fact it could be at all the reward that people make a nuclear sre or something like that. This issue of prayer does not exist the companies never did that no sound or this about that. In nothing actually all the rewards that mentioned for a shop where they actually are rewards for the other player.

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Okay, let's take a question from Pfizer.

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My mum passed away from cancer quite recently. My mom may have missed some prayers while she was conscious but Ill as she was on oxygen because she had difficulty in breathing. What do we need to give anything to continue to compensate? also could you enlighten us what we can do for our deceased mother?

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Yeah, you know today very important that when somebody dies, you think for them, you don't forget them. So you have to always you know, maybe do our most important to do our love forgive them give them paradise, and also some charity some soda and if they have Mr. Some prayer so fast. Either way to compete there that for every prayer you need to give money equal to circle fit. If you can give from your month months ago, that's fine.

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Should you not leave anything and then from your own work for every player one player levels or ask him or him What is equal to one so that was a fit for that I don't know exactly what is now but it could be something like five pounds if you give five pounds for every player if she had the muscle faster that you do so Allah so how to love you hope forgive besides that you know always in the prayers every time you think your mother make a dua for her

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and whatever charity you can give you know give for her. So these things will be helpful for her for and everybody should do this thing that you know you Nobody can stop you from door and this door is the most important thing that people can do for people who have passed away another sort of do answer that

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is okay

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we've got another question from mine Odin. I heard some relatives and other people saying statements like Shere Khan and hamdulillah and yeah what

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are these okay to say and are they linguistically correct?

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You know, if somebody does something good to you, you can sell, you can sell to coral aka jazak Allah.

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May Allah reward you to continue Quran locker shaka laka shaka laka May Allah reward you can such as La halen, where you don't sell 100 Allah hamdulillah you say when you thank Allah, Allah for something that you know you remember his favor. So you said 100 law but not to the people. To the people usage is low higher and development low fat or sugar or something I did not want to mention here you are a civil law you are a civil law you can do on your own Allah sallallahu alayhi Rasulullah sallallahu solo Arctic and have your laner you want to make a drop a Salah you can you can sell Lama Salah Muhammad wa ala Muhammad to Salatin, the prophet a different thing, nothing to

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do with the sugar on hand, to sugary for the people. When people do something good. You can shoot for a lager or you can't say this out loud because that's the best to

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use when you thank Allah denisha Allah hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or hamdulillah but when he says Allah and the Prophet then you can see our Salah but you don't need to see our solar you can you can see

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the third person Lama Surya Muhammad and that is the most

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popular and most famous duardo Salatin, the prophet those have come into authentic hadith

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let's take a question from the hurricane is taking help from classmates you exams permissible or Is this considered cheating or copying?

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Waterman's help. If you ask your classmate to give a glass of water that's fine, you know something like that you don't have pen, you can ask the person to give you a pen, you can borrow something like that. So they'll know how to have a helpline that we're going to help to answer the question that everybody knows is cheating. I don't understand really is there anybody in the world who does not know the answer to this? If you ask helper to the answering the question ask yourself ask the examiners are the people who supervise you ask them what do they mean everybody says cheating you know help a minister like you asked you don't have pain you ask Ben didn't have for you ask for or

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water or something else that you know you didn't have jumper we will call you ask somebody to help you to give jumper but you don't know the answer the question or you ask somebody to help you in the answer. And you think to help. It is certainly cheating. I don't really think understand how somebody can ask a question like that. It is something you should ask yourself. And if people don't understand something like that this is very dangerous. Really. Carla has given you mind that he's got to ask you. You can't say in the deaf dammit, I didn't have a Mufti or nobody asked me the question. A level said Do you know this answer to this question? Don't do her mind. You can't think

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so there are many many questions so because I don't know really why people come for olveston to a teacher to move it. Because at the end of the day, it is your mind your reason you are even if mateesah if I said to you, hell this help is allowed and you follow me you receive

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I will be seen for the caregiver and whatever and you will send a sinful because you followed me because your mind wouldn't say to the wrong tomorrow if most of this

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is answered, you know will not make your holiday understand properly to ask yourself.

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Exactly. How shall we have a question from

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me assuming Mohammed Shamim Islam? How can I come back from sin

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you know,

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this is what foreignkey smashing all the time.

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You just repent to Allah subhanaw taala repent and repentance means that you ask Him to forgive you. And you determine that you not to do it again. Never do again that what you think. But sometime could have happened that you break your intention and then use commit sin again that again to sin Toba

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to you think that you live a life and you never commit a sin, so they're not going to happen. And there's never going to be you will commit sin, but you know how to, you know, repent, to repent to a loss or how to ask for help. I really hope that he will forgive me shudder.

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Okay, insha Allah, we had one question that I seem to have lost. But I do remember the question. So hopefully I can ask it. The system is asking if she has not paid Zakat in like a few years.

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And she now wants to make up for missing it, but she doesn't know the exact amount. What should she do to make up for this? Is repenting enough?

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No, no, departing not enough. But anyway because of the lira, but you have to find out really, what was your wealth, you know, estimate, you know, think you know, deeper and then pay more than that, and then ask a lot of forgiving when you need to do something. Because those are part of those years are not forgiven. They're obligated upon you must do it. So I try to remember and estimate and you know, if you make your best effort, Allah will forgive you because you know, you have made your best effort to repentance important because you delayed, but at the same time, you must make effort to find out what was the amount and pay more than that?

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He's talking to OSHA, we have a question from Osama. What does the term kafir refer to in the Quran? Does it mean knowingly rejecting the truth?

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No, go for a clinical interview language it simply means a cover your cover and cool free from the same route in English, English cover and Arabic have it all same route, it means just covering something, you know, to hiding something to cover basically means that to hide the favors Allah had done all the favor, and you don't refer the favors to him anything at all from you. And he's well you won't want to acknowledge him does. But a coup for that is actually you know, criticizing the Quran is when people intentionally in unyk believe in God, Allah doesn't know we don't know he's our door to the auditor ship. That is you know, that a lot of people come for. So that way the

00:27:48--> 00:28:17

messengers have come to save people from you know, that type of cofra. So, you know, when people intentionally knowingly, they're rejected lots of water, the unbelieving him, you know, go to the very, very dangerous, but any, any hiding of dengue fever, is, you know, it could be something hiding the fear of your wife, hiding the fear of your friend and also coffee. But the real coffee is where people only believe that loss Matata.

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Okay, we'll take one last question.

00:28:27--> 00:28:36

The questions worded a bit strangely, but I'm assuming it is, did the early hanafy and Maliki's distinguish between holidays and some

00:28:38--> 00:29:21

didn't nothing to do with a molecule everybody know that he was so nice what Hadith is so neither practice or the professor lawless alum and you know, whatever concept with the religion, Hadith he then reporting or dismiss whatever had been reported from the profit from anybody that's had this other person. So had this electric talk about his PhD information, how this could be sooner or disciplinary soon, let the processor motherboard on Monday, not sooner, that you should be bought on Monday, but no make effort to be bought on Monday. In so many ways, you Hadeeth a reporter that has come but sooner so can we report like the progress allow us to fast on Monday to now somebody

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reports to you that the property used too fast on Monday, there is soon either and also report because it has been reported to you too soon. Now the price a lot less alum. So when people have the hanafy molecule or regeneration system now, what they mean is that, you know, the practice was had been acted upon by the people from generation to generation, that not just mere report by someone. So if they have seen their teachers, and people have their city, following asuna follow a practice.

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

That to them is more important than a single report of someone who are that that matters. So there are sooner

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Login electro neum is path, Teresa, you know you follow a path there soon I have written a book in atomic Hadith, in Arabic can publish and also it has been in English or translation has been published by Islam Institute

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available I think online or whatever. So you can buy that that has got all the discussion about the sooner and Hadeeth different said. So that will be helpful for you to understand both concepts.

00:30:33--> 00:30:53

Exactly. Harsha. For anyone interested in the book, you just go on to slm.ac.uk and there'll be a link to our book so and you can see all of the books I share, how can those published that we sell, are just going to share for your time. I know we have something else coming up. So we'll leave you to inshallah, just up on their own everyone else for joining us.

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Apologies again, I know there were some questions that weren't answered. Sometimes the questions are worded a bit strangely, and I need to read them before reading them to share. But please keep your questions for next week in Sharla. Please don't keep them too long, so she can answer them during the half an hour q&a. Jeff does have a short course coming up that starting this weekend. This short course is a detailed study of behind tirmidhi it's starting this Sunday, and it's a 10 day course. This course is a must for all students of knowledge looking to further their understanding of the heavy sciences. And Chicago is one of the best people in the world I'd say to study under when it

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comes to Heidi sciences. Anyone interested please go on to slm.ac.uk there'll be a link to the course it should be on the header somewhere. If not, please go onto our Facebook one to our Instagram, Twitter. All of all other social medias apart from Tick Tock will join us next week in sha Allah same day, same time as salaam alaikum