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You know, follow the Hadith and there's like, we're not going to use Apple and we're not going to use intellect tortillas, we're just going to base it on just the Oceti method, irrespective of the method you follow, we must understand as a community as Muslims that within that method there are, there are the various of opinions, we must understand that. So when somebody comes and says, Oh, the Hanafi school is this, within the Hanafi school, you know, Abu Hanifa may hold an opinion, and they

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may have a completely different opinion, his own student, the prime student will have a difference of opinion with him. Imam Shafi will have an opinion, his students will have a different opinion. All they're doing the aspect of madhhab is that my principles of deduction? That's the simplest way to put it for all of us. How do I come to this conclusion? I'm using the same principles, right. So the variance happens because the plausibility of that particular Hadith or IR, allowing varying different opinions. So if I choose in first element IR one, if I choose opinion, a Hadees. Number two, I chose opinion, a opinion be over here, hotties, number three is to see and I make a

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formulation. Somebody else can come? And they say no, no, I say my I'll choose B, A and D. It's the same versus a same deduction principles. But within that deduction principle, I'm using different allowances in the IRS. When we get into the tafsir Inshallah, we'll be able to see and appreciate a lot of these different differences. And it would open us and allow us to have more broader view of Islam, that these perspectives are there to facilitate ease for us. During the time of COVID, we noticed how these facilitations helped us because we could follow the humbly madhhab when we were only allowed nine people I don't know if that was the same case for you guys. But in Canada, we were

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only allowed nine people. You were not allowed more than nine people in the entire building. That's how strict it was. How do all the Muslims pray?

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Right, because if you start and those time, and after a time, you don't have enough time to break. So what happened we use the humbly opinion, which is that Joomla is not like the whole so it's Allah time can begin right after the time of free. So whenever the time of readers, that's the time of the Jamaat can happen. So literally in our massages in Canada, we had people that were doing Joomla because everybody had to trade Joomla so we were doing Joomla from 9am to

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9am 915 920 because of that humbly allowance, right? But then still we were not able to fulfill the community. So you took the Maliki allowance, that the time of Juma ends admirable

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and we saw this in our lifetimes why these Magga hats are important, because when this particular situation came, we were able to facilitate ease for all of these people. Right? And we were able to take the opinion of the Shaeffer is where you can have multiple traumas, right Malik is only allowed one multiple traumas. So, we within that same building, we sectioned off the buildings and we had three Juma as consecutively taking place of nine nine people.

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So, this is not like a you know, oh wow, we have so many different why can we all unify these differences are there so we can make it as facilitates ease for us in difficulties? So within the madhhab, one particular madhhab you may have the fuqaha or the people who are responsible for these deductions, they may differ on three opinions on one issue. Okay. This is one of those they injections. So if you're going to ask this African scholars of other

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remote admin, the scholars of hetero the brothers you know from his town, most of the people in the shattering scholars of Yemen they say by consensus of their scholars and their understanding at that time using all the principles injection will break your fast

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now you come towards the sham area, you look at the ordinary scholars, you look at you has an 82 and all of these contemporary scholars, they will say, Well, you have to look at the injection if it is mostly if it is something that provides you nourishment, if it's glucose or something like that it breaks but if it's not supposed to provide you any nourishment, and it's supposed to be medicinal the nature then in that particular case it does not break

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right so Hala and third there like it really doesn't matter. The third opinion is it doesn't matter because it's not something that's going into your eye and it's not going into your cavity. It is not something specific androgens going into bloodstream whether it is the even specify whether it is an intravenous or muscular injection. It really doesn't matter. Because the hadith is very specific that something physically must enter through existing holes in our bodies and if

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Nothing has entered our fastest don't

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know Subhanallah all these three varying opinions within one month

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right so we have so much flexibility

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and that's why as Muslims and over here as you know as an email when somebody may ask a particular issue right and I'll give you an answer like again I'm not hiding a mother called me two days ago and she says my son you know she he's like hello he's left halal meat and he's just everywhere like bacon this that doesn't care about it. Right Can you talk to him so I had a conversation with him and all I told him I said you know what, listen, if you can stick to kosher and if you're looking stick to like Christian sourced meats and stay away from bacon, because there is a valid opinion that you no matter the you know the food of Al Kitab for in this particular circumstance, I was able

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to bring him from an extreme haram

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to a valid Halal opinion which we may not as Pakistanis and Indians we may not attribute it I don't attribute to it, but I facilitated a halal avenue for him knowing that there is a halal option where he will not be sinful in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala now, is it a public opinion that I'm going to share probably not right, but that particular case that had to be the situation okay. So, these were the three different opinions that one it breaks by consensus two, you got to look at the type of injection three it really doesn't matter the type of injection because it is not going into your physical cavities it does not break your fast then the next issue that comes masala which is the

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masala of of the deal, which is as they call it anesthetics right. So, if you give if anybody is under local anesthesia, what what type of So, if it is through mask and you had to inhale something then that will break your fast, but if it was through an injection right and you went into a state where you you know lost your consciousness, but you woke up somewhere in the middle of the day after that, then your PASS is valid, but if you were knocked out cold for the entire time of the fast entire time like from the beginning till the end you are knocked out then that person it has to do cover and this is these are issues that didn't exist, it existed if somebody fainted back in the day

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if somebody thinks it for like 12 hours it existed, but now we can induce that fainting right we can induce it. So, this is a different issue and that is

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the masala on that next one, this is a very favorite one for certain people toothpaste, mashallah

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toothpaste this is this is I thought you know, fresh breaths you should unite us right, but toothpaste. So, toothpaste by the consensus of the scholars, contemporary scholars, it does not reach the where I remember I said ha ha where you do the rueful healthy. If you do not cross that, then toothpaste is fine. Now, what happens what people get confused with is aligned well,

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they get confused with the actual toothpaste in the mouth or the effect of the toothpaste. So, when you did the toothpaste, you gargle that in you, you know, you took it out, you've made sure nothing is in there. What is left is the ethyl

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what the breath the smell and we get confused, confused with that. And we're like, oh my god, I have some stuff in there. No, there's no I in the the actual substance has already exited. It has left an SR. And all of that does not impact your fast.

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You seem like you're about to have a question. I can see it from your eyes Doctor heavy. I know, I could see that. You're like you're like, bring your glasses down. I could see a doctor. Have you ever like there's a question I have

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lots of Okay, so we'll have a cup of coffee and we'll do it. Okay, those lots of questions inshallah.

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Okay, next one, this is a common one that the sisters asked. Okay, not a lot of sisters are here. But again, you all have sisters and wives and mothers in life. So this one is it's the 27th night or the 25th tonight, and the sister really wants to make you know the benefit from a little harder. And nowadays, you have certain medications that you can take that will prevent

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your cycles. Okay. Now, what is what is the outcome of that? Right by the consensus if she takes that medicine just to be able to have these five days of fasting and she wants to be able to benefit from Ramadan and it's a once in a lifetime opportunity for her and she doesn't know she's gonna live and she wants to use that avenue, then there's absolutely no problem. The rules allow that. build consensus. There's no issues in that right there's nothing adding or additional because you're doing something to your body, which is temporary to facilitate an ease and if that is possible, a lot of the woman when it

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congra groups and large groups and inshallah when you know once we are into the flow, we will take an Omar group from here to when we go and do the Sierra tours and stuff like that a lot of the sisters they take that because they're going for a one week or two week period and the only thing they want is like when they're in the middle of Haram are about to put it from they can't tell us. Right?

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It has happened to me that when sisters did not plan like one of the 100 groups that I took, the sister went and literally the tawaf Khalifa that we had to do. And we were leaving the day before she had her periods right then.

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And now she had to plan, there's no way for her obviously, she had to wait, the flights were not available, they were not movable, and it caused a whole bunch of logistical hassle. So I always recommend the sisters if they're going and if any of you are going then these are very easily take like minimal side effects. So if they are going for that one week period and then happens to be the in their cycle, they might get that cycle and not then it is always advisable to do that because you can put on a haram and then leave that because then that becomes Kulla. And Bill fell in the Sharia they have the woman has to come back and as soon as she's clean, she's capable, she cannot delay

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and logistically very cumbersome you have to flight find another ticket, then you have to get the husband or somebody else within background to come and travel with you and then do the camera. Okay. So this is this is there's should be no issues in this one in Sharla.

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There's one other masala and then I will I will switch to the other one. This one. Which one is better if a traveler is if you're traveling, which is better, to fast or to to take the excuse.

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So if you're traveling to traveler you can.

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So if you're a traveler, you're allowed to you're exempted from fasting.

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Beautiful, right? So

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a soul have been

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eliminated or the condition is fasting is better if there's no harm. I

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mean, today's travel is not like you're climbing a donkey and traveling in the middle of the desert for 30 days. Like I remember my shed Rahimullah evaluation or the one when we met him. He was 87 years of age. And he told us that, you know, the first hedge that he did from the city of Azov, who flew until they got to sail Cubby,

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you know, Cardinal Monastrell until they got there, it took them 29 days in the middle of the desert, this mind shed when somebody will live like, you know, like seven years ago. I mean, we didn't have cars, and he said, so I said, How did you like we were just, what 29 days? Right? And he said, Yeah, and some people he said from Iraq and stuff, it is known that as soon as you're either fitter will happen they would start their journey for which

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sometimes it will take three months, four months. If they're traveling through land, if they're traveling through ship, it could be even slower. So fasting is always better for two four reasons. Number one, because Rasul Allah never took that excuse throughout the travel. Number two

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ISIL the image of the Illuminati officer.

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So Allah loves that somebody takes it off. So, but the hustle the foundational Iman that we have, which is a song Walsall is the principal, the principal act is always better than an exemption. Right? Thanks. Exemptions are for difficult situations. We used to have this you know, may Allah may Allah May Allah guide this Imam we used to have this Imam you didn't have much knowledge he was in Riyadh. And you know every time he would play the Horus Allah He would take that Hadees literally for in Houma la come from sorrow and if there's like there's there's any clouds so he would literally open the door of the man who would see in the sky he would say oh, there's few clouds

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we're doing Gemma Allahu Akbar and he would do answer together and it was just like a joke like and but people love exemptions, man that Salah was filled in for the hug, Masha Allah, Masha Allah, it was like drinking out for that because they're like Inshallah, inshallah the Imam was going to do the Gemma and he's going to do as well because it is Masha Allah and Mataro the man Danny, like wearing for possibility of rain and they're like, oh, no, no, there's clouds. It could be raining. You have to take the exemption. Right. So Aslan, the principle is always better than an exemption. Okay? Unless there's a difficulty number three, and now who Yeah, who's a lovely little world. Your

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fast thing is in the month of Ramadan, Ramadan is not going to come back. You do not know if you're going to live the next Ramadan. And it is that moment you are in the month of this blessed month where door

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Have drachma and mercy have been OIC.

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So in this particular case, utilizing it and benefiting from it, it's always better.

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Well, I know via Musa Musa right, the reason why a person could say I'm gonna so in it, you know, you're freeing yourself of any responsibility towards Allah. Because a person's can say I'm taking an exemption, he is allowed, and he becomes sick in the month of Ramadan and he dies.

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So that fast is still a law on you, although Allah will forgive him because he didn't get a chance to fulfill those. But at the end of the day, you walked you left this world with some thing you owed Allah subhanaw taala. And if that was left, according to the sheltering saga that if you can give Vidya then you give Vidya but it is better that somebody who was left behind should keep that person's remaining fasts as so that that person does not have any index towards the loss of

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theirs. It is different from a person who entered Ramadan with a terminal disease. This is a person who had no disease, he was fine, he got sick and died. That is a different issue than the issue of somebody who was terminally sick and was not able to fast because of his sickness and he died, then that person doesn't even have a problem. Because his sickness was, they say,

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boo, that that person he is not going there is no hope of any recovery for him. For example, somebody is in palliative care.

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They're like doctors, like take him home. Whenever the time comes, the time comes right Subhanallah this time can come for anyone. Right? I

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used to work when I was there. I was also responsible for the funerals.

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And I saw I died.

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I've entered homes where I've picked up bodies of a 13 year old

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and a 31 year old and a 19 year old. This death is something that is going to come to all of us cancer sickness, it doesn't matter. A 13 year old happens.

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Nobody thought ever that that person is going to die.

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Nobody ever thought that 31 year old is going to die in their sleep. Just before coming and I gave gave a talk about that. If you remember the football that I gave, you know somebody from our Masjid pass to a 19 year old. He used to pray every soldier in the message.

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One day he went to sleep and never woke up to huddle never woke up. And few days before the sleep he saw a dream where he saw Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam telling him come come he was feeling very cold. So he saw a dream and he said come come there's space between me and Abu Bakar come and sleep in here. And then the net he tells us dream to his father and the next day he passes right so this is life. So if somebody has is in palliative care and they happen to enter Ramadan, obviously they will have to give a video for every day or they can give a video at the end of the day right 600 grams of rice or you can just go to any of these charities and get video there but if a person dies

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in the middle, he was not able to pay video till the end of Ramadan and then in that case, there's no color on that person. Okay, now coming to some some spiritual because a lot of people are like there's way too much that you guys asked for advanced stuff. I was done. I was like we took a consensus and this is not advanced. This is just like tapered down in advance. Okay, so what are some of the benefits of Ramadan? Let's see if we can remember

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for Allah and what are some of this the things that we should we should get motivated for Ramadan? Yeah

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those are good things to do. But what if you look at Ramadan and tell me some of the good qualities of Ramadan? Kel I'll rephrase it for you.

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Like if you look at a car, you're like, oh, it's got rims. It's got black tire. Do you like cars?

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No, kinda okay. Right?

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Samosa is Masha.

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Masha Allah Shambo

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for quarters and samosas and check Yeah.

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You're still in fifth? You we left the chapter. But any islands Go ahead.

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Before the next one, right. You have to do either of them or you have to get fit here for them if you're not able to fast before the next time I'm not. I personally open did not open the chapter of a pregnant woman and stuff because it'll confuse you all. Like if it's a Mr. ELA and anybody has it. They can come and talk to me. If they've had multiple pregnancies and they want to do a calculation. I can do that. But it's just going to be so confusing for many of us that we're not going to understand because there's so

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So many intricacies of that so I've left that entire video and the time and all of that I intentionally left that out so what happens to the door doors of Jannah in Ramadan?

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What happens

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the gates of hellfire closed nice what else?

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ShaVonne is locked up excellent what else?

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The gates of Jannah are open. Okay, the people who fast in the month of Ramadan which gate do they enter from?

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Babel Ryan Excellent. Then because shaytaan is locked up we are protected from all of all of the worst was of shaytaan do this don't go and do this all these evil things. Okay.

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What does the sound do? What does the fast do on the Day of Judgment? It comes as an intercessor.

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So the sun will be given a physical existence and that fast is going to come and it is going to intercede on the person who used to fast and it would say oh Allah I prevented him from Halal things in during the day and he did all of that for your pleasure. Please enter him in general. Okay. Now let's look at some of the

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the benefit our goal

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I'm not going to be talking

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about happens that never stops and Allah protect us. Yeah, that never stops.

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Never stops the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala descends and I had these are numerous about that. That Allah subhanaw taala every night

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he frees people from hellfire every night so we're going to talk in detail about all of that tomorrow with the family and everything inshallah and I implore all of you to bring your families because more than the fifth we want to talk about a proper welcome Ramadan Charla now some of the good things that we can do in the month of Ramadan, I'll quickly go over these everything has a hadith, if you want I can give you the references afterwards but because of time I just want everybody to guess if you will have them in your mind and it'll be good for you guys to remember. Okay.

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So what is the nature of Subhan Allah he will be handy if anybody says Subhan Allah who will be handy 100 times what's the edge of

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Subhan Allah he will be handy he

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Subhana Allah will give you the tree Subhanallah he will be handy he will be able to know who the Navajo were in cannot miss Lhasa de baja, if you look at an ocean and the ocean has all of that jug that foam if your your sins were equal to the form of the sea, all of those sins by saying that 100 times will be forgiven.

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Now every Hadith that you see over here, you have to understand that in the month of Ramadan, the intensity of this hadith is multiplied sometimes by 700

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at the minimum 70

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at the minimum 70 right so let's take up the calculator.

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Do I do that Salado GEMA praying in JAMA okay so praying and Jamar is 27 times right? Chicken Why yes math

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is his favorite subject. Yes, I like it I like it.

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Are you going to do in mind mashallah, my shaman server is going to be like Cergy let's see. Okay, so, so one salah, okay, if somebody prays in five daily prayers, in today's day and age, how much agility get

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in today, like if tomorrow somebody prays five daily prayers in JAMA, What's five times

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135 multiply that by the bare minimum, which is 79,004 50. But let's say the person over here has absolute good intention. We hope the best from Allah subhanaw taala the last several minutes thereof. Okay, so now multiply 135 by 700.

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okay. 94,500 So for you, if a person prays in the month of Ramadan, five prayers in Salah GEMA.

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In one day you walk away with a possibility of you walking away with Salawat of 94,500.

00:24:42--> 00:24:56

Divide that by 580 1000 18,000. So how many that's 18,000 days divided by 365 151 years of prayers

00:24:57--> 00:24:58

in the month of Ramadan,

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five daily prayers in JAMA is equal to you praying 51 days a year, 5151 years 51 days or 5151 years. So a person would have to pray five daily prayers. 51 years is

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equal to ingest in the month of Ramadan. I mean, like we want to do this math you realize like this is like the biggest lottery we have.

00:25:26--> 00:25:45

Like seriously and this is guaranteed lottery like it's like you're gonna get 70 or 700 like Masha Allah Right? Like it's guaranteed like the least is 70. Right? Least. Okay, so every arm I'll have good days that we're going to do is like that, for example, the Tura cause of failure. What is the measure of that?

00:25:47--> 00:25:54

Jairo minute duniya mafia, you can think of every type of wealth that exists in this dunya

00:25:55--> 00:26:03

look at the entire dunya and what it entails, those two are cause of Fajr are better. But in Ramadan, there are 700 times better.

00:26:05--> 00:26:15

Okay, now how Allah Allah porta illa biLlah is the treasure of Jana. These inhibin manager, right somebody said Allah promises them said Allah.

00:26:17--> 00:26:27

Allah can zoom in closer, Jana. Shall I tell you one of the treasures of Jana. So just have a tsunami. Rasool Allah tell us what's the treasure of Jana? So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says

00:26:29--> 00:26:31

La How will our water il

00:26:33--> 00:26:48

si la hawla wala Quwata illa. Allah is such a powerful, powerful statement that was so heavy that came to Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said yeah rasool Allah, a Binney. Osel. My son, he has been imprisoned, what do I do?

00:26:49--> 00:26:55

So he said, Go back, and sit with your wife, and say La hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah

00:26:57--> 00:26:58

that's it.

00:26:59--> 00:27:10

So these husband and wife three days, three nights, all they did was not talk to anyone. Like our poets I love hola until at the time of the hijab, their son comes

00:27:12--> 00:27:17

knocking the door Subhanallah you're here How? How did you make it?

00:27:19--> 00:27:24

They say we made it. I made it because you know, the the person who gave me food, he left the door unhinged.

00:27:27--> 00:27:36

And I came out and they were all asleep because they all had drugged drunk, they were all drunk. And I also brought the entire herd of cattle and sheets that they had

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okay, this is from Sahaabah I'll tell you a story of a mother that I was dealing with in a case where you know a particular situation one of their teenagers decided to leave home and they did not want it to come. So I told her being inspired from the story I said sister all I need you to do is say that our daughter in Africa

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and she was like that's it I said just do it with this young and I said give it time Allah will the more intensity you have, the more they will come back after the end of three months. That child went through a whole different scenarios of this person that person there this foster care, foster home all of that and eventually comes back to the mother in a relationship that was much stronger than ever before.

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And she just messaged me the mother couple of days ago and she said Alhamdulillah My daughter has returned back home and she says you are right

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Subhan Allah right. So these are things that Allah subhanaw taala Yes.

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Properly Translate is beautiful, okay. So how will basically means

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to protect to push away something. So when you say Allah, how Allah that there is no protection to push away something wala Quwata neither any power so I have no way to avert something, or the power to stop something in love Allah except with the power of Allah. And when we say this, that is phenomenal. Right? That's just a taste of what we're going to cover tomorrow. You know like like leaving cliffhangers we just did three hotties I have 12345 Like around

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18 Hadees together combined because we should get motivated about these little things they seem really easy, easy act and we can implement them Inshallah, in our lives. Baraka low FICO May Allah subhanaw taala bless us with panic alarm I'll be handing eyeshadow ilaha illa Anta suffruticosa Willeke Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to zoom in Tierra, Allah Almighty and of course Ana Taqwa was Akira Anta fireman's after her Antonio Hamada horrible anime allow women to rally and automatically want to rally in a hypnotic energy rally with a phenomenon which rally and launch rally neck where they gather jewelry from Taco Bell Mina in

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Atlanta simulium

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Valentina katoa Rahim Subhanak Allah Mohammed Subhan Allah because of the Reza TMI Stefano Salam Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen