Why do we say Ghufraanak when exiting the bathroom

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam today I share with you the DUA that is supposed to be said when a person exits the bathroom. And when we exit the bathroom, we exit with our right foot first, and then we see all four are NECA and all Flajnik amines, Oh Allah, I seek your forgiveness. You're asking Allah azza wa jal to forgive you. Now, the good question is, why do we say this? Why do we seek Allah's forgiveness? After we leave the bathroom? Allah male or female home Allah have given different answers to this question. Some said, because the time that a person spent in the bathroom could have been utilized for vicar of

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Allah for the remembrance of Allah, but it is impermissible to mention Allah subhanho wa Taala his name while relieving yourself so because you missed that time. Now you say a Stouffville Allah for not making vicar of Allah subhanahu wa tile, but a stronger explanation as to why we say Ronica after we come out from the bathroom is what Imam Abdul Qayyum Rahim Allah said, and listen very carefully so you can understand this. He said that when a person relieves himself, he rests. And he's at peace. Because imagine, you held the filth in your intestines, imagine you held it, and he did not go to the bathroom. What happens? What happens such a person becomes sick. Such a person

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probably could die if he holds the filth in himself and doesn't release it. So as a result, when a person goes to the bathroom, and relieves himself, it's a blessing that we were able to do so. So now that's the physical measure the physical impurity that has been released. When you walk out of the bathroom, you remember that you also have spiritual impurities, and that is the sins and the transgression, and the disobedience that you have done against Allah azza wa jal. So you see a stole for Allah, to also release your heart and your soul from the spiritual impurities. And that is your sins. Allahu Akbar. How beautiful is this? So when you're in the bathroom, you remember, if this

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filth was still to be held in your body, it would make you sick, and you would die, it would destroy you. And in the same manner, if sins were to remain upon your heart and soul, and they weren't forgiven, they will be your destruction on the day of judgment, and they'll destroy you in this life as well because sins have consequences. So when you relieve yourself, this is a blessing. Your walk out and you see all four Arnica. Oh Allah, clean me from my spiritual impurities from my sins. In the same manner, Euclid me from the physical filth that I was holding. Allahu Allah or SallAllahu wasallam of Allah, Allah and Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine