This is what happens everytime you visit Allahs house

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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam Understand, when you visit Allah azza wa jal his house, you do not leave empty. You do not leave empty and you know in this world that life if I was to visit someone, or someone invited you to your house or to his house, when I'm invited to someone's house or someone's invited to someone's house, when you come out full, you come out full. A person would invite you, you'll feed you right food, and then drinks and then sweets. And he'll speak to you he leaves he gives you gifts you something hugs you shakes your hand, you discuss matters you enjoy your time. After three four hours you leave his house and you're satisfied that humbling that was

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awesome visit it was awesome get together. And then you go back home and and you're satisfied. You're asked, Do you think if you were to come to Allah's house, that you're going to leave empty handed, and that you will not satisfy your heart and your soul with the goodness impossible. 100% every time you come to beat bla bla social is the most generous more than anyone that can invite you to his house. He understand the need for why we're supposed to come to a masjid, their grand prizes and gifts that are handed out for each person that sits in and budget according to how much you sit. What you learn what you do, what select you attend, what vicar you do, what God to Quran you do,

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what kind of love you show for your brother, all of this while you're in the masjid. Allah azza wa jal is feeding is feeding your heart feeding your soul will have said that

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it's all happening the gifts are coming. This is mineral, mineral, economic or book, Allah azza wa jal, the most generous. Always keep this in mind when you visit Allah's house. When you visit Allah's house, and he is the one who invited you. You're going to leave a masjid Yanni with bags with bags with bags of gifts you just can't see them. But wait be patient on the Day of Judgment you'll see it all. When the man would increase was Sakina is coming down when Malaika with you will forgiveness is there. Masha Allah, Allah azza wa jal his gifts to mankind are endless. Always keep this in mind when you come to the masjid