The best word to say after committing any sin

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The recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam was asked by Ebola the Allahu Anhu.

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About her came to Nebojsa. SLM he said the oseni rasool Allah oseni. Give me advice is good is good from time to time to go to people that are more learned than you and ask them for advice from me Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said to him, is AMITA yet and has an attitude.

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That if you were to intentionally commit a sin, our military is different to Valtor AMITA means to intentionally commit a sin, say a ton, a ton when uncertain meaning any sin and Nikita to free to remove any sin, major sin minus in you name it, as long as it's a sin. If you did intentionally committed any sin, what do you do? He said to him at the bear has gotten far. Immediately. Follow it up with a good deed, any kind of good deed, follow it up. Don't sit there and say this is not the right time to ask Allah for forgiveness. There is no such thing as a bad, inappropriate time to make vicar of Allah and to seek forgiveness of Allah. Even if you're halfway in your sin. There's no such

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thing. And if you're in halfway of your sin, you don't sell this is a bad time to make liquid and you still fall. Let me wait until I finish my sin. And then I ask Allah for forgiveness, and this is wrong, who gave you this understanding?

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But when you are committing the sin, that is when you need the crow love, say can get you away from this desire from this temptation, because nothing would because at that moment the heart is dead, and nothing would revive the heart other than Victrola.

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Hasina immediately, immediately followed up with a good deed any kind of good do anything anything? What's the result?

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It wipes it away. Then the Allahu Anhu which has her hola hola. He asked a very important question. He said to me rasool Allah.

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He said the Amin al Hassan Al de la ilaha illa. Allah

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is from among the Hassan ad, saying La ilaha illa Allah

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as a big question.

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When the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam answered him,

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but the answer is, is huge. It's incredible. He said to him, here of bolo, Lassard earth.

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It is the best of the good deeds. Nothing is better than La Ilaha illa Allah, nothing.

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You know why? Because the best, the best and the best of the good deeds is the obligations, the most beloved deeds to Allah of the obligations. And on top of the list of the obligations is that the head which is Leila sizer is thought it was the best of Hassan and my brother in Islam. This This means when you do a sin Salah in our head, Lola after it.

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There's a special effect with La Ilaha illa Allah. When you combine it with sins, it dissolves the sins dissolves them. La ilaha illa Allah is like a sharp knife that cuts anything besides Allah in the heart. Because when someone commits a sin, it's a desire. It's a temptation in the heart that pushed him towards the sin. There's something in the heart other than Allah that pushed you to the sin. Because Allah azza wa jal in Allah Allah Moodle Bill fasher.

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In Allah lair Moodle Bill fasher, Allah azza wa jal doesn't command people to commit sins. Allah doesn't command us to do that. So if you commit a sin, you follow it someone else follows you enough's your Shavon Allah azza wa jal Cydia, Allah Tabuteau Shavon and Amara de les Camilla dunya Adam Aleta Buddha Shavon Didn't I tell you oh man, do not follow the * that Shavon so your baby followed something?

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And then you need to cut that out of your heart. How do you do that with Leila? Hey llama, and let your head Lola can only come from the heart.

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And then other than the tongue while Allah they said the unknown author La ilaha illa ma JioFi the letters of La la la la, all internal letters. This is journey symbolic and it implies the fact that it is supposed to come out in a job. It comes out internally from inside from the heart and then it's added on the tongue and you say layer a layer Hey Lola after a sin, Allah He acts as though you pour pour ice on something that is hot because since they have heat to

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to feel happy.

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On now, on the visa Selim said that he called a doctor

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You own when animals are seldom described since He compared them to fire? Someone burning? You know if we put petrol and burn someone what happens? He runs left and right. The only thing is just turn me off right now.

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Or if not just let me die from my misery. That's how sins are.

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But in the spiritual world, they're like this. We need to see them like this and deal with them like that.