The Believer’s Behavior Among A Corrupt Society

Abu Bakr Zoud


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Our youth, when you speak to them and give them advice, they say to

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me, can you see the society we're living in? Can't you see the internet and the filth that's on it? Can you see the fit and in our country, in our Muslim countries, and where young boys and girls, what do you expect from us?

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What are we supposed to do? today's youth, this is their rhetoric. This is their explanation of why they commit drugs, and why they attend the clubs and the pubs. This is their This is the excuse that the corrupt the environment is corrupt. Therefore, I'm corrupt, as though saying that if the environment was pure and clean, we would have been pure and clean as well. However, that's wrong. We need to understand that the believer, as a believer, he does not change. He's always pure. He's always clean. No matter where you put him. Yusuf alayhi salam, he ends up in the palace, he ends up in the most corrupt area in in Egypt, that was the Palace of the king. And he came out more pure

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than when he entered. Then Yusuf Ali Salam was put in prison. What do you know what is the prison? The prison is the most corrupt places on earth. You go in there for a small crime you commit, you come out the leader of the gang. This is what the cube This is what the prison system is. This is what it teaches its people, you come out, you're leaving a gang use of Allah you said I've entered the prison for many years. And he came out pure and clean cleaner than when he entered it and why? Because the believer doesn't change. Whatever is around him. He tries to create the change. He doesn't allow the environment and the society he's in to suck him and drag him into it as well.