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My Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

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Allah azza wa jal in the Quran he says your Malayan foul man on whatever noon 11 at Allah has been Salim

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on the Day of Judgment, no have no children or be of any benefit. And these two were mentioned specifically because they're the most dearest person. Is there anything dear to you than your wife and your children? Nothing. Allah azza wa jal is seeing the most beloved things and closest things to you which is your wife and children will be of absolute no benefit to you on the Day of Judgment.

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So Allah what will be of benefit to us in lemon at Allah has been Salim, except who presents and comes on the Day of Judgment with a Salim heart with a heart that is pure and cleansed and purified.

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With Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam, if you do not learn this lesson, now, you're going to learn it the day you die. Because the day you die, it is when you will most definitely realize that your oath is of no benefit. What's it gonna do to

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in the final moments, when your soul is coming out of your body and departing the soul, the life you'll realize that your children have no value of no benefit to you? What can they do? The maximum is hold their hand and pet your hip. That's it. You will realize medicine and science and technology and research and all of it is the point what's gonna do your cars, your homes, your businesses, everything you own, your friends and your contacts and your relationships and all of this.

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Have no benefit. Learn the lesson now. Because if you don't want Allah He before you leave the world, the life you will learn it,

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you will realize that the only thing that is of benefit is your righteous deeds. That's it. He's just gonna go with you into the grave. And it's going to come out with you on the Day of Resurrection. And it's going to be put on the scale. It's going to follow you wherever you go.

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The pure heart, the pure soul. That is what is going to be of benefit. Allah tells us this is the Quran in multiple places. Long story short, he says

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Well, I'm Phil Minara Sokhna come in complete,

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remote, fail coolala Biloela Horton de la shanem Corrib for our sadaqa our Camino Salah him. Allah azza wa jal, he says rush into doing good deeds give charity before a day comes before a day comes before that day of death comes in which one of you would say Oh, my Lord, give me some time response. extend my life a little bit more. Why? Wait, why wait, he says for a soft duck. So I can give a sober call so I can engage in goodness. Or I can mellow sunny Hey in southern I may be righteous so that I may work on my heart and cleanse it and purify my soul. Because now I'm realizing there's nothing of benefit to me. The only benefit to me now is a pure heart and a pure

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soul. But it's too late then. What are your Allahu Neph Sunniva

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Lonzo shall not extend anyone's life if the time has come close it's too late.

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Even we have from now until the day we die, Allahu Allah when that is in order for us to achieve a pure heart and a pure soul. That's what's going to benefit us