Justice between children

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Justice with your children. This is also from the meanings of in the law a little bit louder. And this is a serious topic that Jani from time to time is supposed to be brought to light and mentioned that and other between the children is something that is obligatory and going against this type of justice is is oppression and a person is punished for this on the Day of Judgment. Let's see this hadith

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not Mandarin Bashir of the Allahu anhu.

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He was a young boy at this time, he was a young boy, he narrates that his father took him to Milan while you're settling one day, and the father of a nightmare and he said to me sitting jasola I want to give this boy the son of mine, a sleeve I want to give the team and I want you to be a witness to this journey.

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I want you to bear witnesses. So Nabi sallallahu, alayhi wa sallam he says, our letter or letter? Do you have sons besides him? So the father said, Yes. For neuroscience, Allah, we said to him, Have you given them all the same gift? So he said, No, I didn't find me. So Lavalle your send me says, follow two sheep neither for in Neela shadow Allah who he says to him, then don't call me to be a witness for your for whatever you're doing, because I cannot witness an injustice. And the resources have referred to this as an injustice, right where the end of the father had kids other than Him. And He is preferring one of them in terms of a gift and not giving the others the same finibus

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Arsenal pulled out of all this, and he did not witness on it had that hasn't bothered a loved one who he mentioned another story. And he says there was one time in where we were sitting with Rasulullah sallallahu it you know, send them in a gathering. When we saw Scylla was speaking these companions, and all of a sudden a young boy walks into the gathering until he walked to his father, no boy walks in and out until he walks these father. So then the Father, the narration says for Mr. howitzer, who was a toddler who added the helium in

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so the father he wiped the head of his son and he put him on his right. On his right fine. You set him on his right fine little kid called feather bestow polytunnel has about the long run we use the writing the story, and he says A while ago, a while went by

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Fisher at Ebner to LA who happen to have LA and then the same man his daughter walks in, and she walked in until she reached her father. So then the Father, what did he do for muscle how

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long he wiped her head and he put on the floor next to him. for newbies Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, For Allah Allah, if he can, oh, how can you do to put on your other side for habit for the main character, and he placed on his left ventricular muscle alone while he was Selim said an adult. Now you've established justice, shoot, as simple as that putting a child on the floor and putting him on your on your lap. It was the difference between other and no other.

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Leonardo da Vinci is only a long time ago.

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He had a son of yours and you still love him. And he said to him, Well, you need a book. He said the sub By Allah, I love you. He said the one who feel a god, I think a beautiful man. He says, as much as I love you. However, I'm not able to prefer you over your brother, even if it's only a morsel of food to my knees. This the kind of justice that is supposed to be established among the children.