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Friday Khutbah 2018

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In Alhambra, Lila Meadow who want to stay in who want to study he want us to film on all the Willa Himanshu rhodium fusina or sejahtera Melina Maria de la bufala Mobile Allah.

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Allah, Allah. Allah. Allah Allah Allahu la sharika why shadow no Mohammed Abu hora Soto

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Johan sutopo como la via Hanako comin nafcillin wahida Allah Caminha xojo her Baba thermen humeri jalin Kathy on one is

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what tapa la la vitosha aluna b1 or ham in La La comparativa

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yo la Vina mano de la porta potty. Voila, tomato nyla and to Muslim own.

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Johan la Vina mano de la de la pulu Colin de de de la Kumara mela como la como uno momento para la hora, sola affairs are fosun avina mavado finance da Cunha de kita La, La La, La La dia de Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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to her akula Masha 13 beta or colavita Allah Allah, Allah Allah Bala latifi now adjani La Jolla Camilla Nell from Ubud Falco Allah subhanho wa Taala Nikita Vilas is Baba how do we let him in a SharePoint Rajim Abuja in in Turku, Miss Paula hub bottom in her DeLeon Fattah cornfields of rotten office semilla to fill out the TV holla in Allah Hello, Bluefin Javier. Oh praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows my dear respected brothers in Islam sha Allah tala in today's brief hobo, what I'd like to share with you is a few points of

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reflection points of wisdom from the story of lokman Roby Allahu anhu that is mentioned in the Quran in surah. Lok man, look man, this man, this character, Allah subhanho wa Taala honored him so much that he made a surah in his name. And as such, if Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to honor someone he makes mention of them in the Quran. And in the same time if Allah subhanho wa Taala wants to humiliate and dishonor someone he also makes mention of his name in the Quran, like Farah own and Herrmann and qarun. Their names remain in the Quran until the day of judgment, like Look, man, his name remains in the Quran until the day of judgment. People read the story, extract wisdom and

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benefit. Look, man, the Allahu anhu is he you know, nowadays when there is someone famous, and then he is being presented and introduced to the people, maybe it takes about two to three minutes to speak about who this person is, what his credentials are, where he graduated from, what positions he holds and so on. Look, man when Allah introduced this man, who is no doubt better than anyone other than the idea of course, the MBA or Rasul Allah azza wa jal introduced him by saying, one of Athena llucmajor hikma full stop, that's his credential that Alonzo Hill had given him and hikma and everything else that's going to be mentioned in his story. It is because of the Hickman that Allah

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gave him. Look, man was no prophet, nausea messenger. He was up the middle of a delay you saw him a righteous man from among the servants of Allah subhanaw taala. But what allows or shall give him is what made him into the person he is to the point where his story was worth being part of the Quran. What did a lot of social give him? What was his title? And hc? Na? What is this? hikmah and is this hikma only limited to prophets and messengers and righteous light block man and so on?

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And higway is for everyone. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, You tell Hc mathema Yeshua that Allah azza wa jal gives an hikma to whoever he wants, and whoever he wants you to use it is a present tense, in other words a lot continuously and continuously over the time and over the age. He gives whoever he wants and hikma, you tell me, you're shy. When you tell Hickman and anyone who was given this wisdom for Call of Duty or higher on kathira he has been given higher goodness that's good enough but a lot of social ads an adjective to that. And he says that quiet I'll give him that goodness I give him his Kathy Juran. A lot of goodness that this person would be able to do belong

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to him from the treasures of Allah azza wa jal he'll send upon this person. When was the last time you asked Allah for Enigma code Heck, my sister has dropped down like this.

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When was the last time you were serious before before Allah subhanho wa Taala Allahumma Dini. lakemba Allahumma Hubli and hikma. When was the last time you asked the law social to give you this hikmah for this is going to be part of your in your day and in your life. You ask the loss of Hannah what Island hikmah the prophets and the messengers they lost them all as the last cell phone hikma, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them an hikma. Now, one of Athena lokman and hekman make sure this is part of your what makes look man I love the I love 100 From now on, is this Hickman that Allah gave him? Let's just say what is an hc ma? What is the L hikmah? defined as an hc my my brother's in his

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damn common translation wisdom. What is wisdom? see something in the Arabic language and hikma comes from the word hokum or that also comes from the word hakam. When had other rains that are installed on a horse, the rains that you carry, and you take the horse left and you take him right and left and you stop him and he goes forward is controlled by the rains that in the Arabic language is called al hakam. And so and Hickman is to is to do that which is right and avoid that which is wrong and avoid that which is forbidden and impermissible then you have control of your life differently. If you're on an unsettled horse and a horse that doesn't have reins, you will not be able to control

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it, but a horse with reins. This is what an Hitman is, for In other words, and hikma is to put what is right in its right position, and to stay away from that which is incorrect. That is exactly what an hikma is, and part of this hekman Allah subhanho wa Taala gave Look man, blah, blah, blah No, he says Well, I've got Athena Luqman and hikmah anish kuruvilla that you thank Allah, that you show gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala What if someone knows how to be grateful to Allah, he has been given some of this agma this is what helped me is to show gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala by verbal Vicar and by physical Vickery also at UCM. And whatever it is that you do have the good deed,

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that is part of the Hitman initiative, Lila woman, your score for a number has grown enough, say, woman cover of her inner faith in the law of annealed Hamid. And I don't want to explain the beginning of the I want to go somewhere inside his wisdom and what he gives his son of advice. Look, man, getting the story that allows or shell mentions of lock man is the advice he gives his son. But there is a very important point to make at the very beginning. Before I share with you the idea that I recited that the beginning of the hope.

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The greatest contribution a father has in the life of his child is that he educates him and he teaches him. And this is why look man as a father, the only thing that is highlighted in this one page of His story is his advice and his instruction and his teaching to his son. So the greatest advice or father, the greatest role and contribution a father has in the life of his child is that he continuously advises him to do that which is good, and advises him against that which is wrong. And the greatest contribution of a mother in the child's life has already been has already happened. And that is that she carried him and she gave birth to him. And she went through all those pains of

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labor. And then she breastfed him. All of that is the greatest contribution a mother could have in the life of a child. So now when your child is born, everything else of his education and him learning what's right and what's wrong lies and it rests on your hand. And this is very, very young apparent in the story of Look, man, I won't be alone who I know and in the story of the other prophets as well, that the father would always take the role of Ghana of educating and advising his children and so Allah subhanho wa Taala. Here he gives us the story of Look, man, when he was advising his son. So he sat down one day with him. And he said to him, Dr. Boone I in in Turku, Miss

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Paula hobbiton Madeline he's the advice he saw with his son one day, and he said to me, oh, my dear son, oh, my beloved Son, but he is different to the word. Yeah, Ebony. Ebony means my son. Yeah, boo ne means my beloved Son, son. I love you. That's what's embedded in the words. Yeah. boonie. In other words, what we're learning is that when a father wants to give advice to his son, you need to make sure that your son knows that you love him. And you need to repeat this over and over again so that he really understands and is sure of the fact that you love him. I tell you why. Because a father with his child with his mother, Jani, a child and a mother relationship is always a soft kind

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of relationship. compassionate, merciful. The son already knows that the mother loves him, and he rushes to her for loving care. But when it comes to the child with his father, there's always this

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Finn Daria in where the sun always sees the father upset on the phone, maybe screaming at someone fat. There's this kind of sort of thin barrier between the son and his father. And so therefore it is very important that before you begin advice to your son, that you go out of your way to make sure that the child understands that you love him. So he says to him, yeah, boo nay. And you know, what's very amazing, is that he doesn't only say at once, within this one page, it's mentioned over three times. Yeah, boy, Yeah, boy. Yeah, boy. Every time he began an advice with him, he told him that I love you. By the words. Yeah, boy. So this time was no different. He sat with him and he said to

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him, yeah, play, my dear son, I love you. Listen up to this very important word of advice I'm going to give you He said to him, in Napa in Tacoma with Carla hubbardton, Minh harden, Fatah confused sohoton. Officer now why hour to fill up your TV Hello, Al profesorado hammer home alarm. They say that the son of luck man. He came to his father and he said to him, oh, Father, I committed a sin where no one sees me did a lot of CV.

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It's a kind of it's an easy question. But the response cannot be that simple. So look, then part of the wisdom that our Lord gave him is what he's going to explain to him. Now listen to the wisdom. He wants to tell his son that allows or shall is watchful of all things. But he doesn't do it in simple words. He gives him the best example that one could ever give. And I'll tell you why. It's the best example. But let me give you the example. He gives him an example. And with that example, yani he's trying to teach him this is how allows oil is watchful of everything you do. So he says to him this, he said to my son,

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imagine if you were to be the seed of a mustard. Imagine a seed the size of a mustard color habit in my garden is the mustard seed. Very tiny spherical shape. It's a very tiny seed. He said theme imagine there was a mustard seed and that mustard seed, it was buried fy Salatin, it was very deep inside a huge boulder. A soccer in the Arabic language is a huge boulder. What have you learned is a sort of a smaller sized rock. But a soccer is like a boulder the size of this hole, the size of this measure. That's a soccer system. Imagine there was a mustard seed. And it was Fie soccer meaning buried deep inside of this Boulder. Now imagine Look, man, he said to his son, son, go and find it

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for me. Go and find this mustard seed for me. How impossible is that? Very impossible. Have fun if Look, man if his son wanted to begin to find that. What is he going to have to do? He needs to first locate where this boulder is. Because there are millions of boulders on earth discovered and undiscovered. So if he was going to get an extract this mustard seed, at least there has to know which builder it is. which is impossible. Where is he gonna find it? But for argument's sake, let's say his son was young, he directed to this bowler and the boulders right before him. What does the sun have to do to extract this mustard seed? Gonna have to obviously destroy it in half slice this

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boulder in half. So that's very impossible, because even nowadays, with the machinery and the hydraulics and whatever it is, it takes a lot of time to destroy a boulder in half with the with the Yani The, the the kind of explosions they put inside of it and so on. Look, Ben's son has nothing, no equipment, let's say for argument's sake, he supply his slightly and he destroyed this boulder in half. Is it guaranteed that the mustard seed is right in the middle? It's not guaranteed. What does he have to do to get this mustard seed? He literally has to smash this boulder in pieces the size of a mustard seed should always ends up with a billion pieces. And he has to go through them all until

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he finds the mustard seed. How impossible is that? Then his father adds to him. He says to him further confused. Office.

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Wait, before you go in search for the seat. It could be somewhere in the seven heavens. I don't know. Your task is to go find it and get it. Then he says to him Oh fill out. It could be somewhere in the seven Earths and in other words, the seed. It's maybe it's in this universe? Maybe it's outside this universe. Your job is to go and look for it. How impossible is that? Impossible. You cannot find it? What does not man all the Allahu anhu what is what is he talking about? What is the seed? This rock this somehow Earth? Well? What is he referring to? This is what he's saying to his son. My brothers in Islam this seed. It refers to the sin one commits to the transgression to the

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disobedience one commits on $1

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As small as it is, and then it being in the Boulder, or being in the heavens and the earth is referring to the point of how to the extent one goes to hide his sin. So you're saying to my son, even if your sin was the size of a mustard seed, and you hit it so so well, that even with the imagination of others, they will never, ever imagine you doing such a sin. Imagine that you commit a sin for 10 years, and you're living among your family, and no one ever, ever would expect to imagine that from you. That's how well it's hidden. He says to him at the end, TB Allah, Allah will bring it. He teaches him an incredible example of what it means that a lot is watchful over all things.

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Yeah, TB Allah, Allah, who will bring it on the Day of Judgment. And he used the word Yeti. And he did not say he or she, there are two words in Arabic that are used. Yeah, it means for something to come. He or she is also for something to come. But what's the difference between the two? Yeah, he is used for something that comes with a grand arrival, something heavy that arrives. In other words, the it's used for something that comes without effort. And so he says team, TV Allah, implying that Allah who bring it with no effort, on the day of judgment, he'll bring the sin with no effort. This is not man teaching his son, what it means that Allah is over watchful of all things. You know,

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nowadays, if you are to advise your children, you know, we're going somewhere, Fear Allah, Allah who's watching, don't do anything, how long? That's it these words become like yonny, they circulate in the child's mind with no understanding today, no matter what the Allahu anhu he said, I'm going to give this Allah is watchful over all things, this phrase, I'm going to give it a new meaning, and a new understanding. And he doesn't just suffice with words to your son, he actually gives him an image and an example of what it means that Allah is watchful over all things. And this is the best example and the best method to teach children and those around you and your friends, that love is

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virtual of all things. Why is it the best? It is the best because Allah azza wa jal love this example from Look man, which is part of the heck my life I've given him a lot makes it a part of the Quran. For there to stay until the day of judgment, people lose this example, Haryana Subhan Allah, Allah and then he concludes it by saying in Allah Hello people Javier Verily Allah is Latif, Allah is subtle. And Habib is he is all aware of all things in the world. Hello, p What does Latif mean? Latif means that Allah is subtle, Allah is precise. Why does he say this word? I tell you why he gives an he puts this word Name of Allah azza wa jal in his sentence, because imagine there's

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someone that is strong, he's strong to the point where he is able to destroy a boulder in half. But that doesn't mean that person has the precision to locate where this where this mustard seed is, for his safety my son Allahu Allah is strong. But it coupled with his strength, his precision, and precision Amar Xhosa knows exactly what you did. How you did it, why you did it, when you did it. What is the reason behind why you committed the sin lopi from hubiera as well all the way for Subhana Allah, what an incredible example and understanding he gives you some that a lot of soil is watchful over all things. Now that he gives him this advice. And the sun now understands what it

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means that Allah is watchful over all things. He now goes ahead to give him practical advice. And in the eye after it he says to him, yeah, boonie akima sala de I want you to understand the transition. But there is no point in telling someone Optimus Allah pray. If this person doesn't understand that Allah is watchful of all things, then if a person doesn't have to read in his heart, and if a person is not nurtured upon the meanings of tawheed, that Allah is watchful, and Allah sees a person, and no one escapes the view of Allah. If a person doesn't know this, and hasn't learned this lesson yet, what's the point of same thing? How can you say that? He went to the salon because that's what it is

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for a loan. And if you're not conscious of the fact that Allah is watching, why would you offer solid anyway, so this is beautiful advice, because he's teaching him what he means that a law has worked for over all things. He's teaching him to hate first, like all the profits and an MBA, what they did with their children, they taught them the meanings of the heat. They taught them what it means that a loved one, they taught them what it means to fear loves origin, what it means to have hope in Allah azza wa jal after all these meanings are embedded in the heart. And by the way, you teach your children from when they're young, from when they're growing. You teach them that this is

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the sun that Allah created. This is the moon that are not created. This food that you're eating is from a mother

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He provided that milk that you breastfed for two years. Where did it come from? other than Allah subhanho wa Taala who allowed it to come from between Yani blood and between whatever it is from inside and eventually what comes out pure milk for you to drink. who provided all this for you Allah for you teach him the meanings of Allah is now he's ready for you to say one word. Yeah but a Aquino Salah, so he says things are clean, solid. And you know Subhana Allah what is beautiful is that every time the commandment of a solid came in the Quran, it always came with the word up in it was never suddenly pray. It was always established the prayer just in one place, which is solid Cofer in

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nanoclay natural COVID for suddenly lira Beckenham but every other place in the Quran. When the commandment of a solid was being said, it always came with the word up him and levina up moon are solid,

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solid, solid Luca shams, Aki masala What is this word octave? What does it mean? Does it mean to make any power? stop praying, locked in a solid Does it mean that this is part of the meanings of Optimus Sala. But this is what it means. And this is what he's teaching his son. There are two implications in the word happiness Allah. Number one, the word alchemy comes from a farmer you came or came, it literally means it's used in building when you make thumbs that something stand a building, it stands on foundations and pillars, if there are no foundations and no pillars, impossible for a building to go up. So when he says theme, Aki masala he's saying to him, my son,

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your foundation of your email is going to be a solid, if you do not have solid pillars in your life. And there are five pillars, if you do not have them in your life, impossible that you can grow a relationship with allows origin. What are you going to build upon? If your solid is not there? How are you going to build your relationship with Allah impossible. So he says the ultimate Salah understanding understand that a solid, after you understand that Allah is watching of all things, begin to establish your solid, put the pillars first, then the other implication is this. You know, in a building, everything can change. You can change whatever you want, except one thing and that's

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the pillars. And in other words, this the member is here. If I wanted to move the member, I can pick it up and move it all the way to the back simple. At the microphones here, I can pick it up and move it that projector is there, we can unscrew it and move it to the back. But there's one thing you can never move in a building. And that is the pillows itself. You try to move a pillow, you see what happens, the whole thing will come crushing and crumbling down. You know what he's teaching him when he says that? He's saying to my son, your day in your life is made up of appointments, and everything in your day and you and I can move around your doctor's appointment, you can delay it.

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Your Yani gym time, you can delay it, your lunch time, you can delay it, your sleep time, you can delay and do appointments in the day, you can move them however you want. But there is one appointment you cannot move. Well, that is the times of select. And that's why it's wrong when someone goes to work. And then he says, well, Bob also had a very shallow prayer at night because I'm at work and I cannot pray them here on time. How about the trunk if you did that, you did not establish the words of Allah Archana Sana akima. So that means you do not move the soloist from the times. This is the only one appointment you have in your life, that you cannot afford to move it.

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Even if you are sick. You pray it as you are. Even if you're a traveler, there is a special slot for you. Even if you're in fee, there is a special solid solid health. It does not drop in any any any any kind of circumstance. You need to understand these are the meanings of Optimus Sala. He's telling you son, Allah Subhana Allah, this is the advice of the prophets for their sons as well. And if you looked at the case of Ibrahim alayhis salam, what an incredible what an incredible Prophet he was. Ibrahim alayhis salam, he receives a commandment and an order from Allah to leave his children in the desert and to go off to fall asleep. Where are they? They're in Mecca. There is no living

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beam there. There is no animals there. There is no vegetation there. It's a hot, dry desert. And he's leaving his wife and his son the baby is married in this kind of environment. Yet he or he's leaving him in certain death. That's how it looks like. As he walks out of Mecca, going towards Palestine. He makes it

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and he says lobby in me a scan to mean jewelry yet eBay, Lady visa in the Vatican. He says Oh Allah, I have left my family.

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Yeti my generation I have left them where the wedding in a valley or

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in a place in a valley where there is absolutely no vegetation. What's the first one he makes? He says a little better. Leo ki masala. Allah allow them to be from those who establish a solid. Then after that he says What does

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not provide for them some provision so they can eat and drink. That wasn't his first draft for his family. He did it they say I will not provide for them. I will not feed them. I will not stop any rescue them and save them from starvation and first, that wasn't the first time. The first one got better. Leo Peebles, Allah, Allah, allow them to establish this on earth and allow the meanings of solid to penetrate deep in their heart. Because if that's the case, or this is going to come, provision will come. Alpha will come from Allah subhanaw taala you don't have to worry about that. When Nevis Allahu alayhi wa sallam himself was no different. When Allah azza wa jal commanded him,

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he said to him what

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the celerity was.

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He says to him, and enjoin, encourage advice, advice your family, Bissonnette was stupid RA and be patient concerning concerning your advice and commandment to them have a solid learners Alucard is not normal Zuko, we do not ask you for any provision. You don't have to provide for anyone. No no Sukuk Allah who will give a risk? In other words, a solid is one of the main reasons for why one earns his hitters. How does it make sense now, when one goes to work, or some of us are not here for sonetel. Juma? Why because we're at work. molars are generally saying to a solid is the reason for your source of provision. And until you've turned the meanings upside down for those that don't

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attendance on either Joomla and those that tried to bunch up over solo at the end of the day, you need it like your response your work and has nothing to do with that. For some however, we need to be very conscious of these meanings. Yeah, but a Archana Sala, he says to him, then he says to him one more bill now Ruth and enjoying the good one honeymoon, Karen forbid the evil Why does he say this to him and others in Islam because a natural consequence a natural result of a solid is that you will be from among those who enjoying the good and forbidding evil attend natural consequence of a solid so he said in if you know and you learn and you're conscious that Allah is watchful over all

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things that will draw you to a corner to Sala you will establish a solid if you establish solid correct there is a sign that it's accepted and being established correct. What is that sign? What little bit more often honeymoon calm, you'll begin to speak the good and you will begin to compete against the evil. Any an example of this, you finish your salata Juma, you go back to work, and you find someone backbiting some other Muslim brother. And you say to tequila, this is Hello. We cannot back bite someone when he's not among us. He says to protect that you've changed you unlike that before he used to back back with us what happened to you? Your answer is simple one word. And

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because I pray, because I pray and the prayer itself, it pushes me to the state that I'm in. And that is that I have to stand for that which is wrong against it. And I have to speak for that which is right, what motivates

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me What more

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is basically established justice in your life. And then he says to him one more advice which we conclude with. But you need to understand how this advice comes about. you've prayed and you're solid has allowed you to enjoin the good and forbid the evil. But you know when you do that, when you stand for justice, when you speak words of truth and words of justice, naturally, people don't like it. And you see in the media, you see in the newspapers, anyone who tried to speak justice, what happened to them, they were either executed, or killed, or prison or exiled from their land. And the stories keep on going up until now, anyone who speaks justice is naturally hated by the

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people, except the few that love the words of justice, even in the family itself. If a child was to say to his father, oh, my father into what you're doing is wrong. And this TV that you've brought at home, it's corrupting my little brothers and sisters. Get rid of it. He'll say to him after none of your business. Go look for what's your business? Well, and unnaturally people don't like justice. They don't like what's truth of what's the truth of words. So what does he advise him after that? He says to him

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and if you did that, you're going to cop a lot of abuse and insult, heavy physical insult as well. And harm from the people. So he says to him, was spear Allah Subhana Allah. He says the wasp will remain patient over anything that afflicts you

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Kenny as big as the insult is as small as the insult is remain patient in its face. Subhan Allah, this is the life of a Muslim. This was the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's a cycle. Look at this cycle. Aqui masala, you pray, then you go out and you begin to establish justice, you're going to face abuse What do you need was with the patient so then there's another solid that will come you will pray that seconds on that and you'll go out as well establishing justice you'll receive abuse you will remain patient and have a solid will come and this is the cycle This is the life of a believer these three things this is why the air it concludes by saying

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in the early communist meal that indeed is the most global the greatest of deeds that one could do whilst Allah subhanho wa Taala to allow us to benefit from that which we heard and whilst can Subhana Allah toymakers people of the land, people of the Sun of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Apollo cola head on stone from La Jolla. Welcome una una foto Rahim al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam O Allah Milena via bada who about has also lower Salah Muhammad Allah. Allah Haileybury was killed by Sharia Muhammad Allah Abdullah Sahil holder shefa Amara como la junta la marimba dafi even FC author Naveen Malaika T and most of

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them are called in Allah home Allah eketahuna soluna Allah NaVi Johan la Vina mano solo Allah He was a limitus Lima masala Allah Muhammad Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah tala Rahim Allah Allah, Allah him in naka hamidah Majeed well Vedic Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed come of Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Ibrahima, innaka hamidah mushy la Marina takanori sukhna diva, Oriental Bella Bella Bella Nora sukhna she never open a taco bell midnight in the cantus Amir Ali. Elena in the cantata about the law in the law Hammurabi la do this anyway tehsil Oba when her Anil Sasha kariobangi

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Corona for Scotto la lovely manager Lila skokomish khulumani ami, is it come? What are they gonna lie about on luckily our little mental stone