A story narrated by the Prophet ﷺ about a mans goodness towards his parents

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So the first person makes it and he says Allahumma

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in the who can le a bernicia, Chanukah, Iran.

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He said Allah, he when he took a corner, listen to this to her. It will teach you what it means to be good to the parents. He said all along.

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I have two old age parents. His parents were really old in age his mother and father, usually they very close to the grave.

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So panela, he began his slide like this, as though he's saying, I acknowledge that there are two doors of the paradise open right before me, the door of the Paradise is only 1.5 meters away from you. It is under the feet of the mother and the father. This is where it is, as Allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam mentions, he realizes the greatness of having old parents can it's a disaster and a calamity. If you don't have old parents, this is our home Allah would see all parents as an opportunity to be granted the paradise and granted mountains and mountains of good deeds. He said all along, I had two old parents. And I did not feed anyone in my family, no my wife or my children,

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nor my sleeves before them. I didn't feed anyone. He is making a very clean message this person. He's making a very clean message. He saying I did not feed anyone from my family before them. In other words, his message is to say that no one comes before my father and mother. No one at all. Look, my brothers in Islam. You might love your children, and your wife more than your parents. But you need to make the clear message to your parents that no one comes before them. This is what he's doing. When he said no one will drink milk before my parents.

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And he said was sibiya to

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get the hormone. He went into his parents. They were sleeping and he's holding the bowl of milk and his children are crying at his foot. Now, you know Subhan Allah, Allah, Allah azza wa jal placed in the parents, that as soon as their children are crying, or they're hungry, the emergency alarm rings in your mind, and you will go out of your way to do anything to look after him. Look at this man. He's seeing that his children are crying at his feet. And he's still carrying the ball of milk. And he's not going to give them anything, because no one will drink before his parents pauwela yucky, give them half the milk, nothing. Make it a clear message that no one comes before the parents. He

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could have given him half the milk. But he's not doing that. Then he said, Follow up with what

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he said. So I stood at the head, carrying the ball of milk. Wake him up. I don't want to wake them up. Because if I wake them up, maybe I disturb them. And as a result, they won't be able to sleep after that. They definitely Sit down. You've been working all day. I don't want to sit. I'm going to remain standing right here to give a clear message. This is the kind of goodness he had told his parents.

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You have slaves make one of your slave standard they had to go sleep no. None of my slaves will stand. I will do it. It's an honor for me. It's an opportunity for me. I will stand up their head and he stood there waiting them to wake up until visual once and fishers came in. They woke up for soccer tullahoma. And I gave them their herbal their milk, and they began to drink from it. My brothers in Islam, Yanni Subhan, Allah

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is not only spent in so that this is a form of preamble

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about sort of the Allahu anhu he said that his mother asked for water once he went to her. And she found her sleeping. So he stood there until selective pressure there then of sunlight and furniture. And then he gave her the water to drink. And some of the righteous of the past, they would say, I spent the entire night at the foot of my mother and her service. And my brother spent the entire night in Santa to Lael praying and he said, and I wouldn't for a second prefer his night over my night.