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Abdul Wahab Saleem


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In this lecture, Sh. Abdul Wahab Saleem talks about not talking about things we don’t have knowledge about.

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De La salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam ala Sayidina

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ajmeri. Long live now and for now.

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Here, Kareem

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I was in a bin Hamad bin Abu Bakar.

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Russian a lot, who of course, was the son of

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Mohammed who was the son of

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a su de fer de la jolla and who was

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sitting around one day in a gathering.

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And as he was sitting in the gathering,

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a man came to an awesome Mohammed. Of course, Mohammed is considered one of the main Football Hall of the Taliban, one of the greatest football that lived amongst the deadline.

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He was sitting there one day as he's sitting a man by the man walks into the gathering and he says to Kasim Hamad, you know, I have a question such and such and such, so, can you give me the answer? So, cause him hamady, you know, looked at the man and said, Well, you know, he said, I don't know the answer of this.

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this land set will awesome Abraham.

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He said to him, that I don't know of anybody else that I can go to about this question of mine. And I've been told to come to you. So you have to answer my question.

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And, as I said, 100 is considered one of the greatest aroma that ever lived in the history of Islam and amongst the who is considered one of the elite as well. So a costume What do you think you applied at that point?

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Of course, he said, Do not look at the size of my beard.

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And do not look at all the people that gather around me, will lie enough to let them either at work or

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do not look at the size of my beard, how tall it is, or how large it is. And don't look at the fact that I have so many people gathering around me and asking questions to me, by Allah, I don't know the answer to this.

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And then an old man from amongst the poorer Shin, Akashi man, an old man, he was sitting there in the corner, and he saw across him, he could say, saying this, and he said to him, he said, Do what you did today.

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Whenever you need to do it is

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stick to this methodology of yours that when you don't know an answer to something, when you don't know a certain muscle and somebody asks you don't answer it stick to this. For verily I have never ever seen you more noble in a gathering than the way I saw you today, though used to see this old man used to see a possum all the time and the gatherings of elements, so on and so forth. But he said, I've never seen you in a more normal position than the position that you were in today.

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And so,

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of course, him he replied back to the man he said by a law. He said, If this tongue was to be cut off, it would be more beloved to me, then for me to use the same tongue and speak in the deen of Allah azza wa jal without any knowledge.

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And the reason why I start with this story, is because the Hadees that we're going to be discussing today is the hadith of Abu huraira.

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Resetting Christmas Lamin movie docu melayani from the

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from the best thing, or from the beauty of the slam of an individual, is the fact that he leaves off that which does not that would she does not know that what she does not that which is not concerning. Anything that does not concern an individual, he should leave it off, at least

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for the long run, which number is it?

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600 number six.

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The scholars they explained this hadith.

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And they said that whenever the Islam the practicing nurse, if you want to call it of an individual increases, the more it increases the more you will notice that anything that doesn't concern this individual. He'll leave it off if you have a job and hate me for explaining this. But if you mentioned a very beautiful point he said that this idea entails

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Every single thing in Islam period,

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every single thing in Islam is entailed in this particular household.

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how can every single thing in Islam, whether even an outside of Islam, okay, we're even outside of Islam? How can we? How can every single thing be encompassed within such a small statement of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and the Prophet statement will work properly, his prophetic statements are always very encompassing. The way it is encompassing This statement is that things are either of concern to you, or they're not of concern to you, one of two things, they're either of concern to you, and they're not of, or otherwise they're not of concern to you. Is that right? So, is there of concern to you? Or is there not of concern to you, the profits are synonyms telling you in this

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video, you know, very clearly leave them off.

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And if they are of concern to you, then the understanding of the Hadith, and that's what they call them a fool. The understanding behind the text of the idea is that those are the things that you're supposed to be concerned about.

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Everything that you're not,

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you know, supposed to be concerned about, leave them off everything that you are supposed to be concerned concerned about, then take them up. That's why as I said, it's my job to hate him. He said, by the way, he lived around the ninth century, he said, I have never ever seen anybody resolved to this point that I pointed pointing to right now. I'm taking it from a job. While he was writing this, he said, memorize what I'm seeing very carefully. For verily, I've never heard any item say this before me. And it is the very great point that if you look at the Hadees from the actual text, textual passage or textual understanding of it, you still understand that anything

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that's not of concern, leave it off. But if you look at it from the understanding, you understand that anything that is of concern to you then stick to that, as I write by now, the reason why I mentioned the story is because often times we find that one of the things people indulgent and it's not of concern to them

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you know, speaking on behalf of the Dean of law Xhosa, without knowledge,

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speaking on behalf of the Dean of Allah azza wa jal, without knowledge and Sophia, Marina, for the long

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history used to say a very institutional as well, is to say very, a very beautiful statement, he would say that, and so Nancy, I then flew to Apollo,

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the more you see a person is ready to go out and just give a fetch one whenever he's asked a question. You know, somebody asks a question, you know, it might even be that you're not even, you're not even the one that's being asked. I remember when that one time I was in the car, I was driving. And there was a guest that I had, he was asking me a question.

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He's asking me a question.

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So I was in a car one time.

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And during my

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in the passenger seat was somebody who was asking me a question, whatever the question was, and I was trying to answer the question, okay, because, of course, he's addressed me with the question. If I don't know the answer, I'll say I don't know the answer. And if I know the answer, I'll give him the edge. Now from in the backseat there also someone else there was also someone else, though sitting there. And he's just cutting me off.

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Like, it's like the question is being addressed to that individual.

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So I just stayed quiet at that point, because I said, you know, what, if he wants to answer this question, that's up to him. And but this is not the behavior of a person of knowledge. Neither neither is it supposed to be the behavior of a party, but

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neither was it the behavior of the Sahaba and that's why serene noon in the 70s surveyed in Sofia Marina are telling you in this statement of theirs over here, edge, so nasty underfoot, you're the one that's always ready to give a fatwa

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The most ready of them all to give a fatwa are the ones that are least in knowledge. And the reason why they're ready always to go and pass the first one a person and stuff like that is because they don't have that knowledge had they known that the prophets have are certainly missing over here that leave that which not concerns you leave it off. had they known that also how they used to sort of, you know, deflect whenever a fella would come to them. When I went, when a person would bring a question to us or hobby, you would say go ask that person, then they'll go, that person will say go ask that person. And the third person will say who is the other person, and the fourth person will

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say go ask the other person until it eventually comes back to the original person.

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And when they had no choice left, at that point, they'll say, okay, you know, what? I'll answer. I'll answer the question. That's why I said, Mr. Abdullah, he said the statement said, very beautiful statement, he said, that, that if you wish to look at the gatherings of the prophets,

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then look for in a majority cinema, then go and look at the gatherings of the people of knowledge.

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Why is that relative?

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He said, you see that during this gathering, a man will come and he will say I did such and such and such is my wife divorced, another man will come, I did such and such and such did this happen. And other third men will come? You're asked a similar question. Right?

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And you know, the person of knowledge that's sitting there, he will say, okay, you know, your wife is divorced, she's not whatever, you know, this stone or this facet of yours is nullified or it's not, it's valid, this prayer of yours is fine. It's not, you know, whatever it may be, he'll give the answer.

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He said, if you look at this, this is the same status that a prophet was supposed to have when he was a prophet.

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So during the lifetime of the Prophet,

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this was the status of the prophet to go and answer the question and be the person that's between you and your Lord.

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And that's why, you know, one of the resume said that, a move to a person that gives effect what it's like, a link between a larger region and, and the creation of a large audience, you should really be careful how you become that link between Allah as the origin and the creation of a lot of soldiers. When you know, you're sitting in a gathering, and you guys are all students of knowledge, right? Treat, Train yourself, that it's not like, as soon as somebody asks them, I heard this, I know this. No, that's not how it works. There's something called patience. There's something called you know, what called when it comes to knowledge, having a certain level of dignity when it comes

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to, you know, passing on this knowledge and that's why, you know, if you look at what it'll be one of the, also one of the NMR monks that are being Armani, he used to say a very beautiful statement, he would say, that lava woman, you see her hoonah Verily, some of the people that get such well over here in this area in this locality was in Medina, I believe, or mocha. Anyways, he was in Asia.

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He said about lumineuse. t Hakuna. Some of the people that give fatwa in this locality are what he said they are more worthy of being jailed than even those that steal.

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Because think about it, this is a very grave crime. you're committing a crime against a law. You're going entirely against the commandment of Allah azza wa jal. Well, that's a coup de Matos. alfonsina tucumcari

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do not say with those tongues of yours that you use to attribute to Allah azza wa jal allied that this is how Allah if you don't know, stay quiet, it's not your business.

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And then you look at what she thought is telling you in a model can be so evil.

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why he's only commanding you with evil, with promiscuous acts and that you see upon Allah azza wa jal that what you do not know.

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You are entirely submitting yourself to the shaper by speaking in the deen of Allah azza wa jal without knowledge, and you are at the same time going against the direct commandment of your Lord.

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And this is all you know, things that a person needs to know. What happens is when you learn and you teach yourself,

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you teach yourself

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to stay away from things

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that are of no concern to you.

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You start to recognize within your heart,

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there is a loss of candle data that's watching you.

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And through that recognition of the fact that Allah subhana wa, tada is watching you, you then eventually train yourself to stay away from talking on behalf of the Dean of a law surgeon, without any knowledge, right?

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is not right. Okay? Now, when you train yourself to do that,

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remembering the fact that a loss of parallel data is always watching you,

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then that puts you in a state of higher with the loss.

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That puts you in a state of higher with a loss or you have a certain type of shyness from Allah. And the prophet SAW Selim used to recommend for people to have this sort of shyness. That's why the prophets have said to me was, you know, Wilson of Isa Watson and he was giving a we'll see ya, he was giving like a,

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like an advice to an individual. And within his invite advice, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said to this individual, he said, that

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think of Allah azza wa jal in your mind, as if what you think of Allah as origin in your mind, as if he is a very pious person from amongst your family members.

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And he's always,

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he's always with you.

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When you think of that, think of the most pious person you know,

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I don't anyone that you've ever met in your life, in any country, whatever. Think of the most pious individual. Now, by the way, this is a call to action. And this is the way you can apply this the way you can learn to train yourself and teach yourself to what to mind your own business and stay away from things that do not concern. The profits SLM is telling and teaching this man, the Think of the most pious person, you know, from amongst your family members. Okay for you, I'm telling you, now, look for the most pious person, you know, in your head.

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Everybody has a pious person in their head, everybody has done,

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thing. Now. Think to yourself that this person never ever goes out of your sight.

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And now be a new you.

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Now, look at the things that you did all day today. How many of those things will be crossed out?

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It's a question you're asked yourself, you don't need to tell me. We're not Christians, we don't go and confess our sins to people, you know, we confess our sins to Eliza. But think of the fact that this pious person, he is never ever away from you, not for a moment. And then now think of laws origin as that person.

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Not in a physical form. But as in, think about the fact that a large soldier is always they're always watching every single thing you do. And naturally, you realize, naturally, you will learn that all of those things that do not concern you, you'll be willing and you'll be ready to leave them off.

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And also,

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if you had, or if we all had, even just a little bit of sanity, would realize that throughout the day, we have so many things to do. So many things to do. We have, you know, money to earn for parents, children, those that are responsible for their parents, parents as well. We have, you know, for kids, you have homework to do. You have

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for women, they have responsibilities towards their husbands, they have responsibilities towards their children, for every single one of us as individuals, we have responsibilities towards our parents. Now, all of those things

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are going to be written down and you're going to be questionable about it on the Day of Judgment. Right.

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That's a lot of things that you're going to be questionable about.

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So it will only be from sanity from an IT for an individual to not shut themselves up, shut themselves into things that he you know more things that he doesn't need.

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You're already being questionable about every step that you take every toll that you move every single thing that you do in your life. You're already questionable about it. Every single statement that you make

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Make your already questionable budget, then you go and push yourself into something that you don't even need to be questionable about.

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Is it something you know, you guys are coming up to exam soon?

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If I tell you that, you know what, if one of you gets up and says, I want to take the Hadeeth level three cloud exam as well, four or five, and you're barely even passing the first one.

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Would that be something sane to do? That's the type of thing that we're doing. When we're not sticking to things that are of concern to us. We already have so much baggage with us that's going with us to the hereafter. That's what some of the remember they used to say if a person wants to consider his speech, no, the natural qalamoun amendment harmony,

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that if they were to consider their speech from their actions, their speech would become decreased. Because every single thing you do in code in our day, it is not a statement that you make, except that there is people there watching, listening, recording, and on the Day of Judgment, and lots of panel data will ask you in front of everybody. Well, that being said, we'll start the class. Also a lot sad now.