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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah well Allah Allah He was he admiring salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Shala continuing with our series, rather concluding our series titled illuminated, where we look at many of the ions in the Quran in which Allah subhanaw taala talks about neutral, light illumination. Before I actually go into the IRA that we're going to be talking about today.

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You know, hamdulillah

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just wanted to point something out. And, you know, I hope that a lot of the folks in the community can appreciate this, that

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you know, and hamdulillah Of course, obviously, this facility is here, this Masjid is here, the Center is here

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to serve the community to provide benefit to people. And we look of course, we're happy to have everyone here. But I want everyone to be able to appreciate you know what else goes on here? Because, for instance, the young man who led the for a college of taraweeh

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you know, mashallah, his name is Shahir. He's one of our students here. And this is the first straw we

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pray prayer that he was praying here, at column this Ramadan. And the reason for that the reason why he wasn't here, the first 29 Nights was because he was going to Mansfield every single day to lead taraweeh for the community over there. You know, last night when we had up the AMP program,

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the pm program started off with,

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you know, young brother leading name, his name, and again, beautiful recitation just like Shahir mashallah, somebody might be wondering, you know, why didn't we hear him earlier? Well, because

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all month long and even right now, for tarawih. He's not here because he's been going every month, all month long, every single night, too much of the the slum in Dallas, and leading salata, Tara, we have over there. And that's just two examples. And there's so many more than 100. You know, and I promise there's no fundraising pitch at the end of this. I promise, I promise. Okay. But at the same time talking about it, because the fundraising is just a means to an end when we did it earlier. But really, this is what we're doing. This is the vision this is the objective. This is the mission. Mazin number we, unless you the number we are Sharif, the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa

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you know, well, what can you say?

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It is one of the most remarkable places on earth. And at the time of the prophets, Allah, the term it was a powerful spiritual experience. You came there to pray, you came there to learn, you came there to benefit, but was really truly remarkable about other machines. Another way is that what was going on there

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was basically fueling the rest of the world there was supplying the rest of the world and as communities kept coming to Islam as more and more people, more regions, more areas kept coming into the fold of Islam.

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Similarly, there were individuals going out from machines and have a week to all those other areas,

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to provide guidance to provide leadership to provide knowledge and provide education for all those other communities. That's the medina model. That's the That's the essence of the medina model.

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That how can you provide benefit to the people that are there? But how can you also create people that can provide benefit elsewhere?

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Right. That's some of the new model and that's something that inspires us. So as soon as the new selima on the outskirts of Medina, we're ready to start having their own prayers Fajr in Asia, while I've been given go

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as soon as Cuba was up and running, then the prophets Allah the son was able to appoint companions go

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right, as soon as macaque came into the fold of Assam, that there were people appointed there when Yemen came into the fold, the process of called the leaving of Utah has been leveled go.

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You're headed out there.

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And so that's, you know, Alhamdulillah what is happening here, what is going on here and we pray and we ask that Allah subhanaw taala accept, and that Allah subhanaw taala make our efforts fruitful, and that we also inshallah hope that all of y'all can also understand and appreciate what that mission is, and that you know,

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If we can all try to achieve and accomplish this goal, this objective this dream together, that how can we create a place and institution that could, you know, literally supply the human resource to all the other communities all across this country and even the whole world.

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I mean yadda blah. So, inshallah moving on with session for today

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surah number 66 is number eight

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in this Discord server to train in the sutra In ayah number eight Allah subhanaw taala mentions a note

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and the reason why I kept this particular

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I have for the very end this place in the Quran with dimension of nude for the conclusion is because Allah subhanaw taala teaches us a dua here.

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There's a dua related to news related to light illumination of faith.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in this ayah Johann levena Armano Oh you who believe to boo Ilahi repent to Allah. A Toba in the Arabic language means a road your electric literally. That means that if somebody has gotten off the road, somebody has gone off road has gone off the beaten path that they need to get back onto the path they need to get back onto the road they need to get back on track, literally in Etymology In old Arabic. That was the concept of a Toba.

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Then, figuratively allegorically, it was used in the meaning of repentance, spirits, spiritually, getting yourself back on track. Over time, this usage became so dominant

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that we never use it in its literal meaning anymore.

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We never use it, use it in its literal meaning we use it almost exclusively in the meaning of repentance. So Allah is saying to it, Allah, come back to Allah. Come back to the path of Allah, come back to the obedience of Allah come back to submission to Allah, repent to Allah.

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But Allah subhanaw taala then qualifies that when you do come back to Allah, how do you come back to Allah told by attending a souhan?

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This is the kind of device a rhetorical device that is used in the Arabic language that emphasizes that qualifies something

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that how should we come back to Allah, we'll come back to Allah tau button with a kind of return that is in the souhan, the Suha. Now, what does this word in the zoo mean? If it sounds a little bit familiar, like the word Naseeha, then you're hearing the right thing. That NASA, it means for something to be very pure.

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And in that case, it means something that is very sincere. Something that is very well intentioned. That's why Naseeha isn't just advice. Let's see Hi, as well intentioned advice. And let's see how is advice that comes from the heart. Let's see here is advice that's in the best interest of the will hot tub of the person that you are addressing. So if I start telling off Ali, Ron just, you know, berating him

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and humiliating him in public. And the objective is not what's best for him.

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There's not a lot of sincerity there. I'm trying to humiliate him. I'm trying to show him up in public. And then afterwards, I say, on the sea Harbor, Dena Naseeha. None of that was in the sea. Hmm. That was

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that was a reprimand and maybe even worse.

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That could be a humiliation of your brother.

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Right? So that's sinful, in the sea Ha is the kind of very real sincere advice that strives to achieve what is best for the person you are addressing. So similarly, Allah says don't buttonless hoo, ha. It's a real sincere repentance. Now, what's the qualification of a sincere repentance? There's many, many expressions of this that the scholars throughout the generations have shared, your mind will go to be rockin Allahu Taala says, and a Toba to know Suho another will help. It's when you feel bad in your heart about what you did. Well, it's too far below the sun. And you can humble yourself to say with your tongue, I am sorry for what I have done. I seek forgiveness for

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what I've done. Well, if Allah or I made them be and if there is some kind of a scene or a setting where maybe this sin is taking place or going on, that you are willing to extract yourself from that setting from that scene that is leading you to doing what's wrong. And in fact, he goes further and saying, Well, it's no no, no hula, you're ODU and you are complete.

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leaves satisfied and content, you are happy with never committing that act ever again.

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Whether you'll be successful in that or not, we'll see. And again, sometimes it is, you know, just part of the human reality that we fall back into the sin but we pull ourselves back out. And as long as we're sincere, then that's okay. But this is more so not talking about whether it will actually happen or not. It's more so talking about how do you feel if you never got if you never did that ever again.

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Are you okay with not never doing that ever again.

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Right. So let's say that I use the example I gave earlier. I insult my brother.

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Now I'm doing Toba. So what is the Toba? The Toba would be I feel bad for doing it. I say Oh ALLAH forgive me for doing it. There's an added layer here because it compromises somebody else's dignity. So I also have to say sorry to him, along with apologizing to Allah and seeking forgiveness from Allah. I also have to apologize to my brother. Number three, I'm going to remove myself from that sin. So the next time I'm around, and let's say somebody else comes to me and says, Oh, yeah, I remember that time when you said and I'm gonna say no, no, no, I'm not having that conversation. Oh, that was that was really funny when you No, no, I'm not having that conversation. It Palau Oh,

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well, it's Manana. Hola, hola. Hola, yo de la. And I am very happy to never commit something like that ever again. In fact, that's what I want. I never want to do something terrible like that ever again. So that's the idea of a tow button, a sewer. And then there's many different expressions of the same thing, but it ultimately boils down to these fundamental ideas. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Repent to Allah come back to Allah sincerely in a very real practical way. I sort of boom and you can fit our uncom say, article.

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And if you do that, then your Lord Allah, He shall forgive, he will remove, He will wipe away he will expiate all your sins all your wrongs, Allah will clean your record will wipe the slate clean for you,

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then that's not it, that's in the life of this world. And the hereafter, will you the hell come Jannat

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and then in the life of the hereafter, he will enter you into the gardens of Paradise, digit, even title and her rivers and streams flowing from beneath these gardens. Yo Mala yo Zilla, who an Obeah Well, Lavina Amanullah, who and that day of judgment, that is the day that Allah shall not ruin. Allah will not humiliate Allah will not allow

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the abasement the debasing of the Prophet and those who believed with the Prophet, meaning Allah will honor the prophets Allah on the day of judgment, and Allah will honor the believers on the Day of Judgment.

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Now here's the part

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that I've been there I wanted to get to know to whom Yes, I've been at him will be a money.

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We've heard this before we've talked about this before they will have a light new to whom they will own a light

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on the the most frightening day that has ever occurred. The most frightening experience and setting that humanity has ever experienced. On that day they will have a warm glowing light.

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That will be theirs. Yes. Avena ad him will be a money him. It will be racing in front of them. It'll be on the right of them,

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guiding them, comforting them.

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Yahoo Luna

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and as they are racing forward with this light,

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the believers on the Day of Judgment will be making dua.

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They will be praying to Allah. They will be calling out to Allah. What will they say? Rob BANA at MIM Lana new Radha Robina at min Lana, new Rana

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our Lord, complete our light.

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Complete our light

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you know fulfill us with this light.

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extend our light

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Oh ALLAH fulfill your promise to us

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and give us this light.

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Well fildena And they will ask Allah for forgiveness in Nikka Allah coalition buddied Because indeed, oh Allah you are fully capable over each and every single thing. You can do anything and everything.

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And so this is the dua This is the

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A year that will be made by the people. The believers on the Day of Judgment with light in front of them and to the right of them racing towards paradise. They will be saying as they are moving along a team Lana neurona Robina, Atlanta, no drama, oh Allah complete our light. And Allah subhanaw taala in his infinite mercy,

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and in his profound wisdom.

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Allah subhanaw taala teaches us that this dua here in this surah in the Quran, in the life of this world,

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so that we can make this dua here, so that we may be amongst those people whose light is completed on the Day of Resurrection.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make us from amongst those people? May Allah subhanaw taala complete our light? May Allah subhanaw taala make this Ramadan, the fasting, the prayers, the charity, the worship, the feeding the good, the sacrifices, and particularly the study and the reflecting upon the Quran that we have done. May Allah make it a light for us on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw taala complete our light, and may Allah subhanaw taala make that light guide us to the gates of paradise and to the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala I mean, you are blind I mean Subhan Allah who will be humble he Subhana Colombi Hambrick Nasha to Allah Allah.

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The software governor to Blue Lake docking located in Santa Monica, my favorite

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Shala tonight, we do have the last of the last 10 Nights program that we've been having every night. We're starting at midnight Inshallah, we will have a session with reflections on the theme of forgiveness, and that'll be followed by some pm prayers in sha Allah. So we technically still have one more night of Ramadan remaining. So let's avail of the opportunity and inshallah hopefully everyone can join us a ceremony on October