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Wa Rahmatullahi wa Salatu was Salam ala ZD, mursaleen Allah, Allah, he was Sufi,

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standing in a muddy

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Rabbit, slow getting started here.

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People are coming out a little bit later today, but inshallah we'll go ahead and get started, we were just trying to hold off to see in short life of a few more people could end up getting here

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whenever we're studying, particularly a sutra, and it's a sutra and its entirety from the Quran, there are some very, very important themes and very important topics, and I add that are relevant to one another, and that are deeply connected to one another. And especially whenever we do study the solos in the format that we've been doing the past few seminars, we, it's very important to try to connect the the overall sequence of the surah and show how the,

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the arguments and the concepts and the themes that are being presented in the surah how they are pieced together, and Allah subhanaw taala very, amazingly, puts this whole conclusive argument together. So for that reason, it's of the most benefit to everyone.

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If they're able to

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be here, from beginning to end, but inshallah, we're going to go ahead and get started now.

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This for this class, we had chosen the subject matter of sort of facilite. And the title that we had picked was false hood unraveled, this is an actuality, it's a very, very complex, a very, extremely deep sutra. And it addresses a lot of different themes. But to best summarize, all the themes put together is basically how this sutra not only outlines the method for dismantling whatever false hood is present in a society or in a community, but at the same time, the sutra also presents the it explains how false hood comes basically is overcome. And it also gives a strategy and it gives a an action plan, it gives a game plan to the believers, what they have to follow what they have to do in

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order to overcome whatever false hood has become dominant within the society and within the community.

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So inshallah, we'll go ahead and get started with the material. Now this is a sort of facilites.

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And the very first question that will answer is a question very much probably in the forefront of the minds of the people. And that is that if you pick up a particular must have a particular print of the Koran, then you see the name of the sutra facilite, the name of the surah given this full syllabus, but if you pick up some other prints of the Koran especially, I've noticed more so than ones that are printed within the subcontinent, India boxes and so on. Then the name of the suit oftentimes given is hammy massage de Hameed, etc. So to explain exactly what's the connection here? Is there a contradiction? Are there multiple names? Can there be multiple names for surah? So

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briefly to explain this, the names of the sutra, oftentimes were sometimes given by the prophet sallallahu sallam, he would refer to a sutra based with a title or a name, but the names of the sutra are not conclusive by any means. It's not that it's divinely revealed that this sutra can only be called this, but rather the names of the pseudo are based on the central theme, the central concept, maybe the prophets Allah even referred to it in a certain way. And there is the very possibility of one suitor having multiple titles and multiple names being used when referring to it. We see this in the example The most common example is sort of the Fatiha with this we see this in

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sort of the Fatiha we call it sort of to Fatiha but at last panel with Allah in the Quran refers to as several mahtani, the seven very oft repeated verses the IOD the Prophet salani seven has also given a certain name such as a Shiva, it is a it is a cure all and so on so forth. So there are other names that are used for different different suitors and this is very possible. And this by no means is any type of a contradiction. So there are two primary names for sudo facilite. The first one is facilite, which comes from the root of the word Fossella.

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Which means to differentiate, or to, in detail explain and explicitly detail something to explicitly detail something, to categorize things to separate one thing from another, categorize them, organize them and explicitly detailed those things. That is the meaning of Fossella. It's a very comprehensive meaning. It's a very comprehensive meaning. So it means to categorize things, separate things, and then in detail explain them that has a meaning of Fossella. So, the word Firstly, let, it literally means something that hasn't been explained in a great amount of detail, something that has been explained in a great amount of detail.

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So, firstly, let is something that has been explained in a in a very fine manner in a great amount of detail and things have been very properly organized and explained. So this is the first name of the surah Why is this the name of the surah it will become very evident when we when we read the surah how Allah subhanaw taala separates the truth from evil very clearly, very distinctly very explicitly in the surah. Allah subhanaw taala details the methodology of Dawa within this law, how the Darwin needs to be carried out very, very in fine detail. It has been explained. And the other thing above everything else, Allah subhanaw taala himself describes the Koran as facilite Kitab one

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Firstly, that ayah to its IR IOD have been explained in a great amount of detail. So Allah subhanaw taala himself uses this word to describe the the Koran and the ayat of the Quran. So, this is why it is called facilite. The second name like I mentioned before, that we find in certain prints, most half of the sutra is hannema sajida Hamming as such, of course, I mean refers to the beginning I have this surah which are the hurdles I thought were the disjointed letters we're going to talk about that in a bit. How mean? I said such that which means to perform to do to prostrate to put your forehead on the ground before Allah subhanaw taala out of humility and out of submission. Now

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why is it called Hamming Miss sajida there are many sutras in the Quran that began with what we call the rueful macatawa, the disjointed letters Alif Lam Meem Hamming cough noon saw and so on, so forth. So there are many sutras in the Quran that began in this manner. Out of all the sutras that began in this manner, there is one surah Allah flamming, which has a sajida in it, which includes a such such a tilava, a prostration. That is done due to recitation. And that is what we call pseudo two sets that are a leaf lamina such that the sooner that comes after sort of command, and comes before sort of the anchor booth. This next thing is that of all the hamming sutras that we find,

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there are six suitors that begin with the hamming. One of them, there's a seventh one, but that just doesn't have hamming it as I'm seeing off after it. So there are seven suitors that begin with Harmon, six of them just have him in one solo to shoot or has seen off in it as well. Out of all these however, I mean, out of all these Hamming Sutras, there is only one that has essentially and that is this sort of sort of facilite. So for that reason, it's called hammies, etc, the sooner that begins with HMI and also includes a sensor. So that is why this surah is also given this name. Now the introduction of the surah a little bit, let's familiarize ourselves with this surah and what we

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can expect from this surah the very first word that will familiarize ourselves this is how I mean it's a sense of a plural, it's the title that is given to all these suitors, the six or seven as I explained, that began with the disjointed letters Hamming. Although students this refers to that the Sooners beginning with Hamming. Now, there is something very, very interesting about all these students, all these students are very, very

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intimately linked. And they are very, very connected, especially in terms of their themes, and the concepts and the ideas being presented within the sutra. All these students are connected, and they have a lot to do with one another. So there's a very there's a very strong development of certain concepts by means of the six or seven suitors. The very first thing to note about all the sutras that begin with Hamming is that they are all McKee solos. They are all mucky Shula's, they are basically revealed there are revelation from the time period of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam being in Mecca. They are all from that time period. This

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Second thing to note about the sutras is that all these sutras began by stating the magnitude the importance, the value of the Quran. All these Sutras, they begin by stating the magnitude and the importance and the value of the Quran. Let us observe a little bit. One of these sort of facilita las panatela begins by saying, then de la mina Rahmani Raheem This is been divinely revealed. This Quran has been divinely revealed from a rock Manor Kitab on facilite ayah to its its IOD, its, its verses have been detailed and explained very clearly. And very explicitly. Another pseudo Sujatha begins hamin 10 zero kitabi min Allahu la Cesar Hakim Rafi return zero kitabi min Allahu la de la

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Aileen well kitabi moving through to the Han

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Solo path until keytab immunological Hakeem Surah Surah Surah gallica yo la cocina Latina mean carbonica La La Jolla. So in all these suitors, a las panatela begins by stating the importance of the Koran, this has been revealed by none, none other than Allah himself that this is a book that is very clear. This is a book that is very defined, this is a book that is manifest. So all the sutra state began by stating the importance and the magnitude and the power of the forearm and being mucky. surahs This is very very appropriate, because Macau was the initial dour period in which the profits a lot he said him his main focus and even within the forum the focus was to the the struggle

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was to focus the people motivate the people towards a life of the hereafter towards accepting the divine engine instructions that are being given to them. So this is why this is how the Sooners begin, when other very interesting thing. All of these rules that begin with Hamming, they all talk about in some capacity or another. All these suitors address the message or the struggle the prophethood of Musa alayhis salam. All these students make a mention of Musa Ali Salaam and his dour

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and his Dawa his mission, his preaching to his people. Now, what what are some of the lessons were able to extract from this?

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You could almost say that it would make a little more sense that it would possibly make more sense it would possibly be a lot more logical for sutras that are in the Medina and period to be addressing the situation of Musa alayhis salam rather than sutras that are from the Moroccan period, because in Medina, you actually had the Jews as neighbors of the Muslims. So there was a connection by presenting the story of Musa Ali Salaam, you're actually showing them that this is a continuity of the faith that they think that they're practicing at the moment. They believe themselves to be upon the faith of Musa alayhis salam. So this is what display to them there's a continuity. So

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Medina pseudo is doing no doubt make a mention of musala Salah, but even in McKean Quran, it plays a very, very vital, a very important, a very critical role to make the mention of Musa alayhis salam in Moroccan Quran even though the people being addressed giving the Dawa, to our Muslim again, they don't believe in Mousavi Salaam as a messenger as a prophet, they have no concept of prophets. The purpose there was to show the profit not only to the profits allowed to sell him, of course, he had full conviction in this, but to reaffirm the profits alongside them, but in particular, to show the Muslims because remember, in Mecca, the Muslims are a handful of people. They're an extremely, very

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small minority. They're extremely oppressed.

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And they're living in very, very desperate situations.

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So you have a very small minority that is extremely oppressed. So there can be a sense of hopelessness, beginning to set in despair can begin to sit in, a person can start to almost see himself as there's something wrong with me. There must be something wrong with me that I'm in this situation, and that I'm in this predicament. Maybe I need to rethink what I'm doing here. Maybe I need to re

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reassess my strategy here. And without the commitment that I have made a loss petrodollar by mentioning the story of Musa alayhis salam was also strengthening the faith of the believers and showing them that you are not the anomaly because remember, the people of Morocco are telling the Muslims, something's wrong with you people. Our fathers, our grandfathers, our generations before have always worshipped these idols have always lived life in this manner. And then you come all of a sudden and now you have a complete

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In a different faith system and a different belief system and a completely different way of life, what's wrong with you?

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What's wrong with you? what's what's, what's come over you.

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So last Karnataka is strengthening the faith of the believers. He's consoling the believers by telling them, nothing is wrong with you. You're doing exactly that which is right that which is natural that which is the continuing tradition.

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Look, there were prophets before you, there were believers before you, it is the people around you that are the anomaly. It is the people around you who have lost their way who are off track, there's nothing wrong with what you're doing. So a very powerful message is presented here.

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All these suitors they also are based on the concept of the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. And of course, the sutras also very strongly teach and preach the concept of the unity of the Muslims. And they warned the Muslim from becoming divided amongst one another.

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This sutra the sutras also make a mention of how the messenger hood the Prophet hood has transferred has transitioned from beneath raw in to the mouths of Hamas, Omar Mohamed Salah, the meaning of the Prophet has now come into the Arabs and has come to Mohammed ceylonese Mohammed salatu salam.

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And then one very important element of this is in this sulan particular does is it emphasizes the importance of this responsibility of carrying on the message after the profits a lot easier than carrying on the dour carrying on the message of the profits a lot easier than carrying it on after him. It lays the importance of this upon the Omen de su does he play this role? So the essence in the core of this hoorah if you want it to pick one theme, one central concept, that is the core the essence of the sutra, it is Darwin itself. And this sutra, very prominently mentioned the Koran. There are certain sutras that bring up the Quran more often than others. For instance, Robin is ill

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suited to Islam I mentioned the Quran 16 times. It mentions the Quran 16 times, so to 400 mentions of Ron half a dozen times. And this Surah Surah Surah Surah facilite also mentioned before and brings it up again six times half a dozen times.

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And by means of this, the core of the surah is Dawa. The Quran is constantly brought back up again again and again in the sutra. And the very first lesson, I like to call this surah Tao 101. This surah teaches us the oma how to make our what is the methodology of our what is our approach to Dawa? What hurdles or what pitfalls Do we need to be careful about when committing ourselves to making dour? And so the very first lesson that this sutra lays upon us, is the primary tool of dharma. The main focus of Dawa the main key the main resource for making the Dharma will be the Quran. So Tao is the core of this what it teaches us, the Quran must be the forefront of our Dawa.

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It must be the primary tool that we utilize in order to make the dour. The next thing is that we talked about the themes and the essence of the sutra, the circumstances of Revelation, the circumstances of revelation when the pseudo was revealed, it was at a very, very difficult juncture within the message the Tao of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And this was basically when the opposition had kind of reached a high point. The opposition had reached a high point and they had began to become a day and tried abuse and torture and oppression and all these means they eventually came down to literally trying to bribe the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to leave his down to leave his

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message. And there's a very, very

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profound incident and story that is told that has been narrated in books of Sita and the books of Hadith about what occurred when the pseudo was revealed. And it mentions basically that there are a few different variations in the Muslim of bazaar and Baba we Rahim Allah, He also mentioned this incident, this narration are mainly be recounting this incident to you from the era of urbanization, from the era of urbanization, what it basically mentioned, or I'm sorry, the CEO of this hack, excuse me, the Sierra Club in his heart makes a very prominent mention of this incident. And it says that, basically

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a bullied or Atiba

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when Robbie was one of the leaders of flourish, and he was one of the elder statesman of kurush, entrepreneur beyond, he was known as a bullied in his community. He was one of the more elder states

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within the community, and

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he approached the prophets, Elijah was one time sitting near to the GABA and the leaders of Croatia mushrikeen. Were sitting in the Kaaba, and he approached the machine, the leaders, the rest of the leaders of coloration said, it's become really problematic. What's going on with Mohamed Salah Lisa.

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And so he said, Why don't you let me talk to him? Why don't you let me try to fix this problem for us? So he said, Yes, yes, please go ahead. You know, there's nobody better to solve this problem than you Who else is more qualified to help us in this issue they knew. So he went to the profits a lot he sent him. And he began addressing the profits a lot, he said, and he began to admonish the profits a lot.

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By saying, you know, you're very nice person, you were raised properly, you come from the best of family, you had good role models growing up. But then you started teaching this new religion, you've caused division with our families. You've made you've caused husband and wife to fight and quarrel, people to doubt our way of life, people to doubt the faith that our people have been practicing for generations now. You've caused all these problems.

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And the prophets alarmism told him go on talking finished first. Let go ahead and finish. And so he went on and on and then he started advising the prophets Elisa, why don't you give this up? Why don't you leave all of this? If you want money, let us give you money. If you want to be a leader of courage, let us make you a leader of courage. Whatever it is you want.

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Let us help you in that. Just stop what you're doing this this isn't helping anybody.

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This isn't good for anybody. Why don't you just stop this?

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The profits a lot. He said when he finally finished the profits a lot he sent him said Are you done now? He said yes, I'm completely done. So then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Okay, now let me speak and I want you to let me address what I'm here to address. So he said Go ahead.

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And the prophets Allison began reciting from the beginning of the surah Hameed dingy la mina Rahmani Raheem Kitab on facilita, he began reciting from here and he recited all the way till around the I believe the 26th I have this pseudo, he recited it all the way there.

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Almost there, I think the 23rd I have the pseudo he recited till there till he reached the word fading out of blue. And if they turn away, if they neglect this reminder for calandar to come sorry, cotton, then tell them that I warn you of a very, very harsh, severe punishment that will come upon you mythological to add in with a mood, like the punishment that came upon the people of an audience or mood. And when he reached this point, the profits, a lot of it comes into narration that I wouldn't really urge bobbing or bi, he covered the mouth of the prophets a lot, listen with his hand and he said, That's it Don't Don't say anymore.

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I beg you for the sake of the relationship that we have.

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We're family, I beg you Don't say anymore.

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Very, very powerful. And shall in the next session, it will be talking about some of those, if that speaks about, you'll see the power and the greatness of Allah that is stated within those ions. So he was overcome by this.

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And then generation goes on there basically.

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So one of the nations in his heart also mentions that the prophets, a lot of them reached all the way to the eye of the such them, which is towards farther into the sutra, he reached all the way to the eye of the sebenza. And then the prophets Allah is and performed such that and then he said, You've heard what I had to say, now go do what you think you have to do. And I believe ultimately, he began walking back to his people. And the people said, we looked at his face and we thought that something's off about him. something's changed, something's not right.

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And he asked us, we asked him what what happened? What's the news?

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So Boolean algebra. He said some very, very powerful words. said in the semicolon will lie he I've heard something that I swear by Allah Miss America, Miss lukaku. I've never heard anything like it ever before. Well, lucky man who will be sad, will I be shared? Well, I began. He said, I swear by God, this is not any type of magic or poetry or any type of suit saying and he said, Oh, people have Quraysh. Listen to what I'm about to tell you. And let me tell you how to deal with this problem and this situation that you have. He said how lubaina Rajan verbena Murphy. He said, Get out of the way between this man and what his objective and what his goal is, get out of the way. Let him do what he

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has to do. Why? He said because

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what he is saying will reach a great prominence at one point

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Time, what he has to offer will one day reach a very, very high point, there's no doubt about it in my mind.

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And if the Arabs, they end up defeating him, the other people have the herbs, then your job is done for you. He's out of the way anyways. But if they end up accepting him what and his message and what he has to present, which I do suspect that they will, he says, then by him becoming King, you will also become kings, by him becoming honorable and, and having respect and authority in the land, you will also get respected authority in the land because you are his people, and you will end up reaching great heights by means of him, so get out of his way.

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So the people began to say that all he's Mohammed Salah has enchanted about with the spell, and Ultima. He basically told the people he said, This is my advice to you, you're free to go and do whatever you'd like. So this incident occurred, and this relates here to the beginning of the sutra. Now very briefly,

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to cover some of the basic elements of some of the layout. The first eight I'll be discussing with you very briefly here. The very first is Hamming these are the disjointed letters. Like I mentioned before about them, these appeared in different places in the Koran, and the last panel, Allah knows best what they mean. But one of the benefits of these disjointed letters is that this is a sign of the this is one of the literary features of the Quran. These are the same letters that the P that the Arabs are familiar with, that their language is compromised of, but they had never heard them being used in these in this manner before. Tenzin Amina Rahmani Raheem, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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refers to the Koran doesn't call it Tap just yet. He system Zealand has been revealed sent down from Allah. This is to show that this Quran that is being presented is connecting back to who none other than Allah to give the Quran importance.

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And it has come from him. Men means it has come from him. A rush man, Rahim. These are the two attributes of Allah that are mentioned, there's a lot of discussion as to the exact meaning of these attributes what they mean and what's the difference between the two of them. They both come from the root of Rama. Rama means the opinion that I personally feel strongest about. And that is also most likely the most linguistically sound is man refers to the one who has an abundance of mercy. And Rahim is the one who is constant in his mercy. So this rev This is a revelation from a none other than Rahman and Rahim himself. So take it with great importance what is about to be said Kitab on

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facilite This is a book Firstly, let's IR to who its ions have been it's it's versus I've been very clearly laid out and explained the meaning of this word before Quran in Arabic,

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Quran and Arabic and a Koran something that will be recited something that is recited with a great amount of frequency, Arabic and in the Arabic language. Now there's a connection here.

00:28:14--> 00:29:00

Allah subhanaw taala is basically telling us this Quran, this book is very clear, very clear and very evident and very manifest. And one of the means by which it is so clear and so manifest is because it is in the Arabic language, the miracle of the Quran is in the Arabic language, the Quran, and we'll see this in one of the later sessions today, it will actually talk about that if this Koran would have been revealed in any other language besides Arabic, then people would have actually objected. And they would have complained that why is this Quran not clear. The thing that makes it for unclear is the fact that it is in the Arabic language. And this is a lesson sort of a reminder

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to all of us, that we need to constantly commit ourselves to learning the Arabic language precisely that Arabic which is the Arabic of the Quran, the classical form of the language, the Quranic Arabic, we need to remain students of that language throughout our entire lives. And we need to commit ourselves because that really gives us the real message and the real impact of

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our biggest Nikola moon so people can know once again the last panel which Allah mentions the Quran here to begin the surah it is the primary and the is essence of doing Dawa. So three qualities of the Quran will be mentioned here. The first is that's very clearly explained and defined, and the two will be in the next ayah.

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But she Iran one of the these are the two next qualities of the Quran that are mentioned. It gives good news.

00:29:50--> 00:29:59

It gives good news and motivates people and it warns people and these same qualities have also been attributed to the profits along the sentiment of foreigners

00:30:00--> 00:30:43

He has also been called bashira Nazir and Allah says in suits Madame Lita bashira begin with surfing version zero be his Bowman Luda. So you can the people who are righteous who have God consciousness, you can give them the good news and the glad tidings and you can warn the people who are disobedient to Allah subhanho wa Taala, who are off the way. So these are two very important qualities of the Quran. And this once again is emphasizing to us, the methodology of Tao is continuing to be laid out the importance of Dawa The Tao must be you must the first primary tool must be the Quran and Tao must first begin a law versus machine and then he says, The Dow must begin by giving people good

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news and motivating people ahead of warning and scaring people.

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For whom for whom law is marone, Allah subhanaw taala says that they are have access to most of them, they neglected they ignore it, they don't pay attention to the Quran, for whom Allah is around. They don't even bother to listen. This is the eloquence of this statement that if you don't even bother to listen, how can you ever understand something? They're not even willing to listen? Like we complain to somebody, somebody's not even. You're not even listening to me. Are you going to understand what I'm doing going? What I'm trying to tell you? That's what Allah says these people aren't even willing to listen. How is that ever going to penetrate into their hearts? It won't. And

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what did the machine say? The Qureshi say boo boo nahi Akina chin kiloton Our hearts are in a covering

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in an envelope in a wrapping

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matter the owner in a and it's, it's preventing us from that the wrapping that is around our hearts is preventing us from that which you're inviting us to. Wolfie Yanina welcome. And there's some type of an obstacle barrier within our ears, while maintaining our banega hijab and there's an obstacle there's a separation between us and you, family in an Armenian you you do what you got to do, let us do what we have to do. Why don't you mind your business will mind our business.

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So these are once again three statements of the footage First of all, our hearts are covered, nothing's getting through. The second thing is there's some obstacle in our here we can understand you We can hear you properly. And the second thing is there's a barrier there's an obstacle between us. There's also a lot of eloquence built into this is well, they themselves are stating that their hearts are enveloped, are covered. And in their ears is a way the word welcome. The word Walker comes from the root worker, which basically means when you load something onto an animal that is so heavy that the animal can't move properly, can't move at full speed. So literally they have such

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some type of an obstacle in their ears. They themselves are stating that doesn't allow them to hear properly. They can't even hear properly. When men begun in our being a

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few ask the scholars in the the people that are familiar with the language, saying Bain echo or Bain Nana job also makes sense between us and you as an obstacle but to say membayar Nina will be nikka hijab, it means that there's some type of a separation and obstacle all the way from us all the way to you. There's no way that we can reach you. The word hate job doesn't just mean like a curtain. The word hate job means a curtain that is a barrier as well as separation. So they're saying we can't even reach you. So don't worry, you do what you have to do, and we'll do what we have to do. Now once again, the lesson in Dawa continues. These people were just extremely rude and dismissive

00:33:44--> 00:34:15

with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. They said, Look, our hearts are covered up. We want to understand what you have to say. We don't want to hear what you have to say. We can't even get near you just do what you have to do. Why? Why are you messing with us? Look at the response that Ally's teaching the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Quran, how to make Dawa. When your Tao is met with negativity, respond how with humility, respond with humility. In Namah Anna Sharon, mythical.

00:34:16--> 00:34:19

I am nothing but a human being just like you.

00:34:21--> 00:34:49

I am nothing but a human being just like you don't meet their negativity with negativity. This is something that I'll talk about later on in one of the sessions. But we see this right here. They responded with negativity, the prophets a lot of encounters out with more positivity, speaking positively speaking with humility, with humbleness, kindly, generous generously. And then what's the very first element of his Dharma, you have a layer, there are some there's one difference.

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

I have been given divine revelation, that there is no one worthy of worship, but Allah, that your Lord, the one that is worthy of your worship is only one

00:35:00--> 00:35:10

One. So once again to hate. The mention of a law must be the beginning and must be the core of our dharma. First of the will in a. So try to do right by him.

00:35:12--> 00:35:58

basically make yourself uprights for his sake, fix yourselves, do good. Try to be good for his sake, what's up funeral and seek forgiveness from him. Good Deeds must always be followed with seeking forgiveness from a loss pinata will a little mushy again. And then Allah subhanaw taala says that, indeed regretful and remorseful is the situation of the people who do commit ship and a Lost Planet. Allah says Allah, Allah you tuna zeca They are people that do not give zakat. Now we think that means giving Zakat, but some of them have assuming they present an objection here. They say this is a Maki surah, before the injunction of Zika, the command of zakaat, the institution of Zika had been

00:35:58--> 00:36:30

implemented. So if it doesn't mean Zika What else can it mean? So there's two answers, even cathedra him a lot. He says that look, the exact rules and the structure of the gods came in Medina, but just Zika as giving to the poor and the needy was a teaching that was all already there from before. And this is what is referring to give to people be generous, be kind help people in need. The other explanation is that here's the guy means it's literal meaning which means purification. Make an effort to purify yourself.

00:36:32--> 00:36:49

And now the next question is why not mentioned Sala here? Why mentioned Zika? Why are the machine the people who don't give Zika? Why didn't I mention that then the people who don't perform Salah. The reason here is because remember I told you the circumstances at the time of the revelation of the suta was such that these people were abusing.

00:36:50--> 00:36:52

They were abusing the Muslims.

00:36:53--> 00:37:36

So they were committing a great transgression in their dealings with the people. Zakah is not only giving Zakat is not only a sign of eemaan but also it shows your caring consideration for other people. So Allah mentioned specifically the quality that they were most in need of because they were treating the Muslims even worse than they would treat animals. Well humble as herati hoon Cafiero and they, when it comes to the life of the Hereafter, they most definitely are rejecting or rejecting the life of the hereafter. The word if you look, the word home is being repeated here. The word home is being repeated here.

00:37:37--> 00:38:17

What is the purpose of repeating the word home is trying to emphasize that these people were completely outrageously rejecting everything about the life of the hereafter. And then finally, Allah subhanaw taala while mentioning the people who are doomed and the people that their faith is remorseful and regretful, Allah subhanaw taala mentions the other group of people in the levena Anwar Mussolini had certainly the people who believe in a law and they follow that with good righteous deeds. I'll talk about the connection between a man and a man in one of the later sessions today. lahoma for them is agile Coronavirus, known as Coronavirus

00:38:18--> 00:38:55

is a reward or re compensation is a compensation a recompense lado mamnoon one that will never be interrupted, one that will never be discontinued. So two things I'll point out to you here, the word agile is used. Later on in this video, we'll see another word being used for retribution or recompense for compensation. The word ajan is more appropriate here because it means when you receive something in exchange or as a result of some work that you've done, since, as I mentioned, amilo solly had, they do good deeds, therefore it's more appropriate that the word agile is used.

00:38:56--> 00:39:14

Because this reward is being given to them because of the hard work they're putting into doing good deeds. So remember this distinction. I'll remind you of it later on in one of the sessions later. mamnoon such a reward that it will never be interrupted will never be discontinued. What's the significance of this? That there is actually

00:39:16--> 00:39:41

in the hadith of Abu Salah Shari radi Allahu anhu, from sahadi the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentions that a person who is very regular and consistent in doing good deeds and consistency and action steadfastness is the theme of this surah a person that is regular and consistent in doing good deeds. If some circumstances or some situation comes upon him, where he's not able to do it.

00:39:43--> 00:39:47

His action gets interrupted due to some very valid reason in his life.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

A last panel Adela does not discontinue his reward. He continues to keep on receiving a reward. So if a person comes from Salt and budget every day in the machine and pray celebrity Gemma in the masjid every single day,

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

consistently, regularly. And then he falls ill he gets sick and he's not able to come to the masjid for a couple of days. His reward, he doesn't miss out on the reward for those days his reward continues. And Allah rewards him every single day as if he is coming to the masjid, praying in congregation. This is the type of reward that will be given to these people in sha Allah. And so as a last thing, we see the symmetry that is beginning to be formed here in the sutra, for our AXA, whom for whom is known, these people, they don't even want to listen to the guidance, but Allah subhanaw taala saying this has been revealed from Rahmani Raheem, you need to listen to this.

00:40:37--> 00:40:56

These people are saying our hearts are enveloped. We just don't understand. Allah is saying facilita to these have been clearly explained to you. What is it that you don't understand about this? And these people safey avea as Amina Walker, there's an obstacle in our ears. We don't really comprehend it.

00:40:58--> 00:41:11

Allah subhanaw taala says for an Arabic and it's speaking to you very clearly, very eloquently very beautifully in your own language. What is it that you don't understand? What obstacle is it to you for you to hear it and understand it and listen to