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Should Women Attend Taraweh & Eid Salah?

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So I want to lineberger to dissolve the Nazi agenda, we have a column Institute. Coming back to you with another session of the column Hangout. The special Milan series, we have 30 days three questions. The question we have today is about women. Can women go to the masjid for tarawih prayers? And should women go to their eat prayer? So I'm going to answer these two questions or I'm going to answer, you know, each issue separately, I'm going to turn this one question into two answers. The first answer is about women going to the masjid for tarawih prayers. So I'd like to refer you back so that this video doesn't get too long. Go back and watch the previous color hangout

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video that was called eight or 20. And you'll find more details there about the tarawih prayers, but it's an emphasize enough for men. For women, it is not as emphasized not only that the Prophet of Allah salatu salam has also told us that women get more reward for praying at home. Now, let's not convolute that issue into something else that's understand the profits a lot a centum has been very merciful and kind and accommodating and consoling women who might not be able to come to the masjid due to safety concerns, or due to younger children, that the Prophet of Allah allottee so missing, don't worry, you're a bad guy, Your Worship is not in vain. But rather you get even more reward for

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praying at home because you show persistence and consistency and steadfastness. However, having said that, it works on the other side as well, because the Prophet of Allah Salallahu alaihe salam has also told us Do not prevent, do not prohibit do not prevent women from coming to the masjid. So therefore, it is permissible for women to come to the masjid for tarawih prayers, and it will be an active reward for them. And if they're not able to come due to children due to safety concerns, rest assured that our women folk, our sisters will still get, you know, just as much reward and even more reward for still, you know, praying at home and having the dedication to pray at home. Now, having

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said that, what I'd like to address is go a little bit further, dig a little deeper, and understand that Ramadan is a time of spirituality. And with everything else that's going on around us, there's a great need for spirituality that every person has going and praying in a congregation of a couple of 100 people hearing her father of the Quran, who Mashallah recite the Quran very well, very beautifully, reciting the book of Allah properly into tarawih prayers, the scholar, the Imam, the sheer giving a heart that are reminder a reflection in the middle of the tarawih prayers, that is a very, very spiritually nourishing and charging environment. And our sisters need that just as much

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as our brothers. That's where I would strongly recommend to folks that are in charge of massage and in communities that accommodate our sisters do not restrict them from coming to the machine, but accommodate them. I would also encourage family members, be supportive of women folk go into the machine and maybe go with them. If you have concerns for safety or whatever the case may be. go together as a family, it's very, very important. At the same time, real quickly want to advise my sisters, that if going to the machine does involve a certain amount of risk. Maybe the machine is not in a safe neighborhood, or it involves driving through a bad area. bad neighborhood. Please be

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very sensible. Be Be cautious, and you don't want to put yourself in harm's way, unnecessarily. All right.

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Another thing that I will go ahead and say here, which always

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it's a little it can be misunderstood by some people. I'm going to refer you back to a video I recorded up on a weekly video recently called family friendly Ramadan, please just go and watch the video. So I don't have to, you know, reiterate everything here. But one of the recommendations that I presented was as long as their safety and it's good and there's a good community and there's good accommodations for sisters at the masjid. I even recommend for younger families, that the dad the husband, maybe take the responsibility of watching the little kids at home every now and then to allow the sister the wife or the mother to be able to go to the masjid and experience the blessing

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of Ramadan without having to chase the little kids around during taraweeh prayer in the masjid and get yelled at and scolded by scolded by other people. One other recommendation I will also add that let's try to have some empathy in our communities. It's it's really aggressive. It's actually quite scary on the sister side of it. You know, we often talk about brothers being very you know, mean to sisters at the masjid.

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The experience of a lot of my family members were a young family my sister, you know has a little kid as well. What our experience has been is that sometimes sisters are a lot more meaner to other sisters at the masjid. And that's very, very difficult for me to grasp. A lot of times older sisters who might not have little kids are being very rude and very mean to sisters that have younger kids. Look, I understand a little kid is making a noise but that's what a little kid is supposed to do.

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They're supposed to make noise. And the older sister needs to go back and think about the time when her kids were young. And she needs to be more understanding, more understanding and more empathetic towards our sister. And so just a little bit of advice about women going for tarawih prayers. The second part of the question was about women going to their eighth prayer. That's very straightforward and simple. The Prophet of Allah allottee Some said, Everybody should go for a prayer. It is the time for the whole community to come together, show the numbers of Muslims, young and old men and women, everybody go for a prayer. Take the senior citizens take the little babies,

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someone saw the profits, a lot of something even sisters who are not able to pray at that time, due to their menstrual cycle, they could still go and join the congregation of their eighth prayer. Just a side little note. Let's try to be you know, let's try to maintain some modesty and some decency when we do go for a prayer. But nevertheless, everyone should go for either prayer. So inshallah that's another session of the alum Hangout. 30 days 30 questions? Shall if you want your questions answered, do not hesitate to send in your questions, you can tweak them to column Institute, you can leave them on the Facebook page. You can leave them in the comments of this video if you don't have

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social media, or you can even email the questions to ask questions at column institute.org. Just remember to tag your questions or put the subject line as column hang out until next time This outdone us agenda on behalf of Columbia Institute just below Hayden was salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah