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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza Allah of the hill kita wala major Allah who

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will hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Allah de la la well I'm youlet when Aamir Khan Lucha Kufa when I had

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from Alhamdulilah

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Nakamoto who when I start you know who and I still fiddle when I was a biller, Himanshu Ruby and fusina women say yeah Dr. Medina, man yeah the level further more than Lola woman. little fella has Yola Chateau en la ilaha illallah wa houda Shakira, eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are they about the law called along with Allah Hickey tabula Karim by the order Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. either an Astra la he won't forget

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he went to

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the battlegrounds of our hood.

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And he offered to Roca

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and he asked Allah subhana wa tada at that spot for the forgiveness of his brothers and his companions and his sisters and anyone who had suffered or harmed or been lost that day.

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The next day, he went to Jonathan Bucky out the the graveyard of the companions in Medina.

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And he took his, his his servants from his house.

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And he went and he sat there at the grave and he

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wept and he asked Allah subhanaw taala to forgive his companions.

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And then on the way home, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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suffered an extremely powerful headache

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The headache began his his illness, his fever, which is a source of Sadam eventually carried him until his returned to Allah subhana wa Tada.

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The Prophet Muhammad SAW said him on that way home, he went to his wife's house maimunah

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rhodiola. And he asked her, he said, which which house Am I going to go to next because the prophet SAW said of them as an amazing husband as he was supposed to sit down, he used to alternate nights and his wives houses so that he would treat them justly. And she picked up from that that hint as he was suffering from this fever. mamoon out of the lavon had picked up from that, that he wanted to be at the house of his beloved wife, I shall deliver on her.

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And so she told him to go to her house, and he couldn't even walk on his own two feet, he needed the help of a bass and Ollie rhodiola on him

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to walk to his own house.

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And they put him in her house in the apartment of Ayesha de la Honda.

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And his body was so hot sallallahu sallam, his body was so hot that he asked his companions and his family to put him in a tub filled with cold water filled with water so they would cool his temperature down.

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Finally, when his temperature had cooled down, after being soaking in this tub of water because his body was so burning up, he went and he sat and he took it in the magma cloth and he tied it around his head really tight because you know when you get a headache, and you just need to take away the pressure. So he applied all this pressure to it so that the the pain would subside a little bit subside. And so he took he went to the member of the masjid much like this, he went to the pulpit and he sat in front of his companions, much like you all are sitting today. And he said

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do I owe anyone anything? So do I owe anyone any money?

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And one person said up and stood up and said yes, rule of law. You owe me three, Durham's, right, which is not a lot of money back then. And the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, he said someone pay him back from my from the savings. And he said, Have I hit any of you? Have I ever struck any of you on your back? He said, If I have, then he lifted up his own shirt and he said, Come and take what is your rights come and strike me on my back. And no one got up, which shows you what about the Prophet Mohammed Sol Sol and that he was not an abuser? He was not someone who used to hit he wasn't a ruler, either of a community or a household through physical strength.

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And then he said, Have I ever offended any one of you have ever heard any of your feelings have ever made you feel insignificant? Have I made you feel less than what you are? Have I ever heard any of you emotionally and no one responded? Because as I'm gonna be an awesome deal, Vaughn said. He said that the Prophet Muhammad SAW seven use to make us feel

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As if we were each his favorite person.

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So whenever he encountered any one of us, we were convinced 100% that we were the Prophet systems favorites, so much so that say a nominee he went to in front of all the companions, he asked the prophets on Siamese, Yato. Sula, who was your most favorite person from the people and the profit. I'm so sad. I'm in front of everyone, because remember, Ahmed is thinking that the Prophet is gonna say, you, um, you're my favorite, because that's when he believed he honestly felt the Prophet lived in the most. The prophet SAW some responded and said, I Isha. And all the companions were kind of like, Wow, well, you just got treated right? And he goes, No, no. So a lot from a region from the

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men, like, obviously, your wife is your favorite, but from the men Who's your favorite. And he said abou, her, her father.

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So the interesting point that we're taking away here is that the Prophet so suddenly had this ability, this talent, to be able to make everyone feel like they were his favorite. No one felt as if the next person was more beloved to the prophet SAW Selim than him Allahumma salli, ala Sayyidina, Muhammad.

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And so he never made anyone feel inferior, ever. And then he left the pulpit and he went back to the house, the apartment of his wife I show which was right next door, and he laid back down. And he had he was still suffering from his fever is lots of sudden, so much so that the temperature was so hot, and the pain was so strong, that he would go in and out of consciousness. And one day, they were waiting. They were waiting for the Prophet Mohammed Al Salaam to lead prayer. And he was getting ready for prayer. And he began to get up to go and leave the gym after prayer, and he fainted. And when he came to the first question he asked his wife was had the believers prayed have had the

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faithful brothers and sisters have they performed the Salah. And I certainly lavon said, no, yes, we'll either waiting for you. And he tried to get up again and he fainted.

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And that is when he appointed saying that bobak no de la Han to go and lead the prayer.

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Now there's an interesting story about our buckroe della Han. And this shows us something about the love for the prophet SAW Selim, which is today's topic. And I know that we hear this cold but a lot we hear about loving a loving the Prophet. But today we're going to talk about something really interesting. We're talking about the prophet SAW synonyms last days, we're talking about the last days that he spent all these sorts of Salaam, his blessing body spent on this earth with us and the advices that he gave us, if you only had one day left.

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Forget that if you only had one hour left, what would your Facebook status update be? What would you tweet? What would you tell your loved ones? What advice would you give those people who look to you for advice, if you only had a little bit of time left, the Prophet Muhammad SAW said him only had a small amount of time left. And he knew this, he knew that he was about to return to his Lord Allah subhanaw taala. And so he gave us a certain list of advices and today we're going to talk about these advices because these are the last pieces of advice that he left us with. Thus, they have a high importance in our lives. The Prophet Muhammad SAW said on later that day was sitting on the

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puppet again, and he was giving the companions advices he was telling them don't oppress people, the people that work for you, don't oppress them, treat your women kindly. Do not be mean Do not be negligent of your women. And then he stood and he said Allah subhanaw taala has given one of his servants the choice between that which is on this earth and that which is near to Allah.

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Allah has given one of his servants that a choice right between that those riches and the fame and the wealth that is on this earth, and that which is near to Allah. And he said, his servant has chose that which is near to Allah subhanaw taala. No one in the audience knew who this servant was, except for one person. And that was the law when he burst into tears. He started crying, because he knew that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said and was talking about himself. He knew that that servant was a little soul soul Allahu SLM, he knew that the Prophet was saying, My time is almost done.

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My time on this earth, the end of it is near. No one else knew that. And of a buck acidic for the lawn started crying because his friend hadn't even left him yet, but just the thought of the Prophet said I'm leaving him caused him to cry.

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You know, there's a famous story of the Prophet Mohammed.

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He used to get hooked up on a tree stump

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that we used to be his member.

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And the companions felt as if that was suicide, saddam should have something more honorable as a member, not just a tree stump. And so they one week they built him a proper like Robin a member that used to give Jim on from and he started giving the hook but from them from that place in the middle and the companion said this is in Sahiba hottie the companions of will la he we heard the tree it was crying.

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The tree was crying because it missed the proximity of the Prophet Muhammad SAW send them it just missed him.

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And the prophet SAW sent and had to get off of the member and go and pat the tree and and and console it.

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Include the bureau hemolysis a very interesting statement about this story. He says that if a tree,

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which is hard if you go outside and you feel the bark of a tree, it's rough. It's tough. It's difficult. If a tree has the emotion to cry, because it missed the prophet SAW sudden them, then what is he says, What is the state of the heart of mankind that the prophet SAW some of them is not 14 feet, but 1400 years away from us? Do we feel sad that we miss him?

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Do we sometimes maybe we don't get moved to tears, not everyone has to sit and cry all the time. This isn't the way of the companions. But do we at least feel in our hearts sadness, that I wish I knew this man.

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All these great stories of this amazing person, I wish I was able to spend one time with him. One time they were going out to battle. And the Prophet Mohammed says animals lining up the companions with a stick, who's walking by them, and he's tapping them with a stick. And one of the companions when the prophet SAW said and lined them up, right, and he wasn't hitting them, he was just kind of like, you know, using a stick to line them, you know, when you take a ruler and you line people up. So he was doing that. And he tapped one of the stomach of one of the companions. And the companion like keeled over was like, yeah, you know, so why did you hit me so hard?

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And the companions were like, dude, he didn't hit you that hard. Like, he hit all of us the same way. It didn't hurt that much, or like, calm down. And the commander was like, No, he hit me. I want my revenge. Right? And I've heard I, you strike me, I get to strike you back. And all the companions were like, chill, dude. You're asking to hit the Prophet so sudden, I'm like, that's not cool. And the Prophet goes, No, no, no, he's right. If I struck him, then he has the right to strike me. And all the companions are like, What? What is going on right now? Right? They were shocked. And the Prophet says that, no, he has the right. He said, he has the right so the prophet Isaiah said, I

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lifted up his shirt and gave him the stickies that strike me. And the man took the stick, and he wound up and then he dropped the stick, and he hugged the waist of the prophet SAW Selim, and he kissed his stomach, and he said, you know, Salalah, we're about to go to battle. I don't know if I'm ever gonna see you again.

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This is the kind of love they had for him. A lot of us might feel weirded out. This is true brotherly love. This is a love that someone has for someone that they really cherish in their life, the priority of this person in their life is so high that I don't know if I'm ever going to see you again, your soul. And my love for you is so much that I wanted the last thing that I touched on this earth to be you.

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And so the Prophet Mohammed, so seldom,

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he's sitting in his apartment,

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in the chest of his in the chest in the lap of his wife, in between her neck and her chest is the head, he says, and his head is burning up.

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And so he tells everyone that this is the state that this is what's going to happen, the companion has chosen and only abubaker gets it double sided Quadri, he's narrating this. And he says, none of us knew what he was talking about. But when the book started crying, some of us started realizing that the profitsystem was talking about himself. And so we started crying. And the prophet SAW sudden return back to his house. And that was the last time he would ever leave his apartment, I suggest to them.

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And I showed the law who was putting his head on her lap, and she was stroking her fingers through his hair, and she was rubbing his forehead, look at the love. Look at the love between a husband and wife. This love is not just given, it's not just, you know, it's not just for example, I just automatic. This love is the love of a couple that really spent time investing in each other and loving each other. That's why she's sitting there with his head on her lap. Because he spent his entire life loving her so much that he didn't want him to leave some couples nowadays, when you say, you know, your spouse might, you know, get hurt or pass away. There's no emotion of fear or shock or

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anger. It's just like, Good, right. But if she was like she couldn't bear the thought of her husband leaving her and so she wanted him. She's holding him close. And she's rubbing her fingers through his hair to give him some semblance of relief in this very painful time.

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And it was a Monday morning.

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And the companions, they thought that the prophet SAW Selim was going to join them again, none of them thought he was going to pass away except for a couple few selects companions, because he opened his curtain. And he looked, he looked out at the companions as they were gathering for prayer. And he smiled at them. He smiled at them, because he saw that these people that he spent years and years and years with training them and teaching them and loving them, they were assembling the prayer on their own. They were practicing this faith on their own. They were proving after all those practices. It was game time, and they were proving that all the practices of work, and they were

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doing well in the game, right? Like they all the jump shot drills on the layup drill, it was all working was all clicking, they were all about to pray together. The prophet SAW Selim had so much happiness at that time, and that was the last time that a lot of the companions saw him. After that morning, the prophet SAW them laid back down and he began to go in and out of consciousness again.

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And his daughter Fatima came in his daughter Fatima came in crying because

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She saw her father was in a very, very feeble state in a very weak, painful state. And she went up to him and she was crying. He called her over. So yeah, Fatima, and he brought her clothes. And he whispered to her, he said, Don't cry.

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Don't worry.

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Because after today, your father is not going to be suffering anymore. And she realized what he was saying. And she began to cry even more. And then he brought her closer and he whispered in her ear, something that made her laugh. He said, Yeah, Fatima. He said, how would I? How would How would you feel if I told you that you're going to be joining your father soon in Jeddah in Paradise, and you're going to be the queen of all the women there. And she began to laugh because the thought of being reunited with her father, remember, to the companions and to the wives. He was a prophet, but he was also one of them. He was also one of them. They loved him for his prophecy, but they also

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loved him for his character. So when she starts laughing, and she starts saying that she's excited to

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be reunited with him. It's not purely out of the fact that he's a prophet. It's because she loves her that

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she loves her father. So she begins to laugh, and he gives her the good news that she'll be joining him soon. And this prophecy came true. She died shortly after. And then his friends came in Abubakar and Omar, and they began to start talking about should we write things down that he's saying, and they begin to discuss and have an argument and the prophet SAW sent him says, Don't argue, I don't like seeing you argue.

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And then later that day, everyone leaves and he's there with his wife Ayesha.

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And his brother, Ben, Ben abubaker, walks in the back, and he walks in, and he has a sea whack. And the prophet SAW Selim his eyes, look at the sea whack, and he he can't even speak now because he's so weak from the fever, he motions for the for the sea whack, he says, I want the sewage. And I should ask, Can I please have it? And he says yes. And so she wants it with her own mouth. And she gives it to him in the profit. So send them with surprising energy, starts cleaning his own teeth, starts cleaning his own teeth. And then he finishes cleaning. And after a few moments, he quotes an eye on the Quran,

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where Allah subhanaw taala talks about people who will be in gender and they will be joined with the, the the prophets and the Shahada and the sada hain and he says what a great gathering of people this will be.

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And then he whispers three times under his breath, a lot of electrophysical Allah, Allah rafiqul, Allah, Allah, Allah to the Most High companion to the Most High companion to the Most High companion in Ayesha Aloha. Now she narrates that she felt his arm become limp, and she felt his head become heavy. And those were the last breaths that the Prophet Mohammed Salah Salaam took on this last day of his life.

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Now, the prophet SAW Selim in these last days, he gave us some advices. And the story is very emotional. When you read it, and you think about it, you begin to miss him. But as we said, in the beginning of the hook, but what are the last advices that he parted with us? Because if you only had a day left to tell the people that you loved something that you wanted to tell them, you would make sure it's the most important thing. You know, you wouldn't call someone over and be like, I never liked your dinners, right? Like that's not something you would say. You would call them closer and say, Be good to people. Give them the parting advice of your deathbed. And this is what the prophet

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Mohammed Salah Salaam did, till his last breath, he was concerned about us. And so I think it Serves him right. I think so it's a salon, that we should be concerned about when he told us in the second clip, but inshallah, we're going to discuss these advices and how to practically implement them in our lives in sha Allah, Allah, Allah Allah was stuck for the LA Hollywood outcome when he sat in in muslimeen, almost a manifesto guru in the hood of food Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah extrafill NBI wouldn't say no Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman who is en la Medina, about the first advice that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam that we see if we look

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through the story of the last few days of his life, one of the first advices that we see that he gave was his own action of going to the member going to the pulpit and asking people if he had ever wronged them. And there are three ways in which he asked people number one, he said, Have I ever physically harmed you?

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Number two, have I ever emotionally harmed you? And number three, have you ever financially borrowed and not paid back? These are three methods of oppression, that we must be very vigilant in our lives. Can't take them lightly. Can't take them lightly. Number one is physical. Obviously, we know we shouldn't hit people, and financial, we know that we shouldn't remain in debt. It's not a good thing. We should always clear our debts. But the one that I want to highlight for us today is emotional abuse. emotional pain. Some of us feel sometimes like making fun of people as a way of showing love and affection, but a lot he is not. Allah subhanaw taala says no come on. And so it's

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hard to rot. Yeah, he will live in a Emmylou lifestyle common common asset and Kunal had a minimum and then he says the same thing about the women. He says Don't make fun of people don't call each other bad nicknames. If Allah is saying this in the Quran, not

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To make fun of someone, then don't you think that generally speaking people get hurt? We think No, they're not. They're not they won't get affected. He knows that I love up until a point. But making fun of people is very, very rough, especially spouses. You know, the probably a lot of us if we're married, some people, they develop like weird nicknames for their spouses that are actually really offensive. Right? Like that. So and stuff like that. You know, the Prophet says, um, he had a nickname for his wife. It was Irish. It was a cute little nickname for her to show his love her name. Was Ayesha used to call her eyes. Yeah.

00:20:34--> 00:21:08

Just to show his love for her. He didn't call her any mean nicknames. He didn't call her any negative names that made her feel, or she never called him any names that made him feel less of a husband, or he never made her feel like less of a wife. No, the nicknames were always positive, always loving. So we have to be very careful about emotional abuse, especially within the family, especially with our friends. Because it's interesting. We always abuse the people that are closest to us. It's very, it's very interesting. Like the people who are who we don't know, we're very cautious about not offending them. Someone that works at a restaurant, someone that works at a

00:21:08--> 00:21:27

store, we're always I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you. But you bump into your mother at home, right? As she's cooking in like you bumped into her. She burns herself. You're like, oh, watch out, right? Why don't you say sorry? You know, are you bump into your dad as he's carrying something and you're like, Dad move. I'm trying to go Why? I have to go update my Facebook status again.

00:21:28--> 00:22:01

But we bumped into someone at the store is Oh, I'm so sorry. Can I buy something like did I you know, Did I offend you? We have to treat the people closest to us the best. Right? That doesn't mean that we treat other people badly. No, but it's very strange to treat those who are closest to you with lack of respect. We need to make sure we don't emotionally abuse people. This is one of the advices that Prophet Muhammad SAW send them. One other thing that was very interesting that he said I saw Salaam is when he knew that he was going to pass away. He said to the believers, he said I fear not for all of you returning back to polytheism he says I'm not scared that you all are going

00:22:01--> 00:22:27

to commit shirk. That's not my fear. He was talking to the Muslims. He said, I know you guys came from that. I know you guys came from *can. Cofer. I understand. But you know what, I'm not scared about that. But he said, you know what I am scared of, I'm scared that you're gonna fight over money. I'm scared that money is going to become your number one goal. You know that phrase, they say money over everything. Allah and Allah, there's no money over everything alone over everything. gendo Allah.

00:22:28--> 00:23:06

He says, I'm scared that you're gonna fight over money. And the commentators have had if they say that not just money, but what comes with money, power, fame status. So they say it's not you're not only going to fight over money, but you'll fight over popularity, you'll find over status, even in Muslim organizations and families, even people want to be the top. You can't say dog but the top cat, right? They want to be like the top one, the best person. He says this is what I fear for you that your heart will become disillusioned by all of these dunya objects, that you're not going to go back to shirk and kufr like directly, you're not going to say that I leave alar, the Malema Allah

00:23:06--> 00:23:24

protect us. But what you will do is you'll say I'd rather get that cash I'd rather get that cream over worshipping or praying Muslim. That's when he was scared about that's what he was concerned about. So this advice is very telling, because if we look honestly and reflect even ourselves, we have to be very vigilant and careful over this sickness.

00:23:27--> 00:24:02

Another point that I'd like to make inshallah, another point that I'd like to make and one more that we're going to finish up is the fact that Abu Bakr, Siddique rhodiola Han and the fact that the tree even began to cry for the Prophet Mohammed Al Selim began to weep shed tears because they missed him and he was still there. We said this before he's not even here with us do we feel sadness? You know, a lot of people they come in they'll say I've read about having dreams about the Prophet ISIS will send me last month other shows him in our dreams, inshallah. I mean, I've heard about having dreams about him. I've read about following his Sunnah. I've read about following you know, the the

00:24:02--> 00:24:18

companions that are closest to him. And I want to do all these things. But you know what always supersedes all of that. If you want to see the Prophet, if you want to love the prophet Isaiah salon, you have to learn about him. How can you see the profit and sentiment of your dreams? If you don't know what if what he looks like?

00:24:19--> 00:24:46

Right? How can you be like him? If you don't know how he was? How can you love him if you don't know how he was lovable you fall in love with the prophet SAW Selim because you know how he treated people, that people would abuse him and he would respond with a smile, people would come up to him and neglect him and he would respond by taking care of them. You fall in love with a character like that you fall in love with someone like that. And the prophet SAW send them was in Nicaragua hook and I'll leave him alone. I thought I said and sort of caught him. He says you are on top of good character. So when you study and learn about the Prophet, you have no choice.

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Your heart surrenders. So I just you know, so a lot I love you.

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So in order to love Him and have that same reaction that abubaker had, or had the same reaction that even a tree had

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We have to learn about the Beloved Prophet Mohammed Salah send them we have to study him, we have to learn about him and I know that you guys have classes here with Jamal and other great scholars, Chica Muslim uppermill great people take benefit in sha Allah, Allah and study from them.

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The last but not least, is if you examine something that's very interesting, you'll find a great advice for each and every one of us and all these advices I'm giving are not for you. I'm not like standing up here. No, it's for everyone inshallah. And that is look at the situation that the Prophet Muhammad SAW said and passed away in, who was he surrounded by? He was surrounded by his wife. His daughter came in sad, his friends were upset and distraught. When he passed away, Abubakar Siddique walked in and said, be me. We'll be out of school, Allah said, May my mother and father be given for your sake. And then he kissed his forehead of his friend of his brother.

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How many of us can say today with confidence that if we passed away all of our family and friends and everyone would be sad, you know, Bill al has been beaten. You know, he couldn't even call the event anymore because whenever he said I shot the one to Mohammed little School of Law, he used to break down in tears. Do our friends had that kind of love for us?

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You know, he was being held in the in the lap in the chest of his wife, I showed the Lauren

00:26:23--> 00:26:29

how many of us can say without a doubt, certainly that our wife would spend days holding us if we were passing away.

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But this didn't just come overnight. The way that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim treated these people in his life, led to the situation that he was found in. When he passed away. He treated his wife Well, he treated his friends well. He made them feel loved. So that way, when he came at the end of his life, who was he surrounded by the people that he made felt feel loved.

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And I thought Allah, a very famous scholar says that good endings are signs of good beginnings, that if someone has a good ending, that's a sign that they were good in the beginning. And so you see, the prophet systems ending was the best of editing surrounded by family going to meet Allah subhanaw taala that shows you how good his whole life was, is also Salaam. And we asked the last part Allah to make us enabled us to copy his life and the lives of those who copy him until the end of time. We asked Allah, Allah to give us all a hostname politeama a good ending? We asked the last prophet Allah to make us all amongst those who will be joined with the Prophet so send them in we'll enter

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agenda with no hijab in the Lahore mela eketahuna saloon Allah nebby Yeah, you will live in a mo sallu alayhi wa sallam with us NEMA Lama Surya Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad Kamal. So later Allah brought him or either early Rahim in naka hamidah Medina lama baddeck Allah Muhammad, Allah Allah Muhammad came about Dr. Otto Ibrahim Ibrahim in Academy Majeed in the law what motivated the what if sad, what at the Cobra way and how and in fact it would Moncada well Bobby, you are the community Welcome to the Quran. Aqui masala