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Alright, let's get started. Hello, we have quite a few people, the pin is still here you can access the pending even afterwards is no problem and that as we get going with the Kahoot Okay, so this is going to be a code that we will review through it the content that we have learned regarding

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what we have so far covered of the surah baqarah. Okay, my screen is not working.

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I would think it's working.

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Let's try again, maybe.

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Alright, should be working now.

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All right, first question.

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So what is the longest surah of the Quran?

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false or true?

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So I have something.

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Is it working? Well, it's I think it's working for everybody else uses.

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Okay, sorry.

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So how do I join

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you? So you're joined with the pin? Yeah, I can't see you. But

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you joined with the pen yourself?

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Yeah, but I can't see the screen. So I don't know.

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You have to have two screens open. two tabs open. Okay.

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Or if you're using like, a phone or a tablet, you have to switch between the apps. Okay. All right. Correct. The answer is true. kurata is the longest surah of the Quran. Very good. Okay, next question.

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Mashallah, who's at the top right now we have the ratios at the top mazing Next question. The greatest idea of the Quran is ayatul kursi. True or false?

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I think someone pressed false I know that.

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See, the answer is true. The greatest in the Quran is indeed at the core See? And that is something that the prophets or someone has told us it is the ayah that's the greatest because it describes the one who is the greatest it describes Allah subhanho wa Taala Okay, very cool. Good job who is at the top now that I'm on Mashallah.

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Next question. Which surah is ayatul kursi ns is an easy one.

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Allium Ron Fatiha for Khan Al Baqarah.

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The correct answer is

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it is so true Bukhara cannot be in sort of a sort of it is very small.

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Very good, Mashallah. The top of the board is very close. What is the theme of Sunil? bacara?

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submission without compromise or submission to Allah?

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It's a tricky question.

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It's time to join. Okay, you just have to watch for today then.

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Yeah, I can't even see your screen though. Huh? Okay. So you just have to watch for today.

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Submission without compromise. Okay. This is a tricky one. You might be saying, Well, why isn't submission to Allah the same as submission without compromise? Well, if you remember, we covered the last thing we covered was the story of the cow, right? And the bacara the sacrifice of the cow. And the people who did so the Israelites, they eventually did do what Allah had commanded them to do. Right? They sacrifice the cow at the very end. However, it was, was it like without compromise was was it done immediately? Or was it done with a lot of delays? was done with a lot of delays? Right? And that's the idea that Allah wants us to understand. We have to submit to a loan without

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compromise. If we are doing so. procrastinating. We're doing so by delaying what it shows is a lack of commitment. That's what it shows. And that unfortunately, was what Bani Israel were demonstrating. If you remember the story of the food man, our Salwa right manna and quails. They said, We don't want this food we want the food that we're used to even the simplistic or the most simple change. They didn't want to make that submission, but it's what compromises what sort of Bukhara wants us to learn is you have to submit to a load without compromise. And as you

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We make mistakes we accept from our mistakes and learn from our mistakes. Okay, that is the theme. All right, so that changes the scoreboard quite a bit. The other one still is at the top. Mashallah. All right next one, which surah was trace which story is mentioned first is local baccara.

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Ibrahim al Islam story, Adams story. As I said, I'm Vanessa L of the Prophet Muhammad Salah, which story is mentioned first.

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The first story in Surah Baqarah is the story of Adam alayhis salam, if you remember, when we started discussing this, it's the story of where it all began. how it all began. That's the first thing that Alas, pantalla spoke about the first story that all spoke about in Sorocaba and that is the story of Adam. Okay, very good. Next.

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Which story is mentioned second, incircle baccara

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Ibrahim Alayhi Salam Bernice ro l prophet masala or Adam.

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The second one is the story of Bani Israel eel. Yes, they were the second ones that Allah mentions here. So it's kind of like this last one is going to give us an example of Adam nslm, who is submission without compromise, but with mistakes, you made a mistake on SLM. Okay? Then he's gonna give us example of people who are submission, but with lots of compromises, you know, they're not really like, there's a lot of problems with the attitude. And that's the second story. And then the third one, which we will cover today is a story of Ibrahim alayhis salam, which is submission without compromise in the most perfect way. And that was Rahim, Allah Salam. And we'll see how that

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you know how that turns out. Okay, very good. Next up, is

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making a mistake means you are not a good Muslim.

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True or false?

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That is false. And Islam made a mistake, and he repented. And that is something that is required of us as believers to repent from our mistakes. We're not expected to be perfect. That's not what submission without compromise means. What it means is we make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. That's the key. Okay, next one are also the ones at the top now. Next one, we learned from other Alexa lambda accepting our mistakes means making Toba repentance ignoring the mistakes, not doing anything, or justifying the mistakes.

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The correct answer is making Toba that is what

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you know repentance means accepting our mistakes. That is actually what it means. We'll handle the next one. All Mashallah, there is a change of the leaderboard now. Question number nine

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multiselect Hmm, who are the children of Israel, descendants of Prophet Yahoo, followers of Musa descendants of Prophet Mohammed Salim are the Jews. Who are Bernice raheel.

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Huh? All right, very good. So there's a bunch of answers. Three of them are right. One of them is wrong. The semblance of property of code equals jacobellis Ram was called is right eel, and the his descendants are children of Israel, Bani Israel, okay? Also they are the ones in the Quran that Allah Allah describes them as the ones who follow masala Salah. Okay, like their Prophet, the one that they consider to be the Prophet, or that is the most important profit for them is musallam. So like the law of Moses is what they follow. So follow the musala Islam that is also a correct answer. The Jews This is an ethnicity, a ethnicity is something you describe a people by and that is also

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what Bernie is right you fall under. But you know it isn't. The Quran doesn't use this word as much the Quran uses the word hadoo Anil Yahoo.

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Which specifically means the Jews in other circumstances but when he's referring to the followers of Musa and descendants of property aku he uses the word the children of Israel Bani Salah El Cap, but it's still if you selected this, this is also a correct answer. And lastly, this one is not a correct answer to descendants of Prophet Mohammed Salah are not the children of Israel, okay? That is not the one the correct answer. If you remember we made this little diagram for ourselves. This is the little diagram or the chart family chart of the prophets. And keep in mind there's 1000s of years between some of these prophets in Rahim Allah salam, and then his two main sons is married and

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his heart and his heart had yaku who is ill, and his children are Bani Israel. And from that his use of Islam and masala Salaam and he said Islam and many other prophets, and on the other side of the family tree is smiling as lambs only. The only profit in his lineage is Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam who came many, many years later. Okay, last question. Okay, let's see how this actually changes theater or other hands back on top of drama. Mashallah.

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All right. an IRA is number two. Okay. Surah Al Baqarah is named after the story of the slaughter of the cowboy bunnies, are you?

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True or false?

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The answer is

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it's true. That's what the story is named. After the story of this slaughter of the cow. We'll pick up from that story.

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Right after we look at our podium, third position, Mohammed Mashallah. Well done, Muhammad. Second place, Ira. Son, well done I nine, nine out of 10. And first positions, Abdul Rahman, also nine or 10 questions, right. Amazing. Israel and Ali come in at fourth and fifth. So watch out That was awesome. Thank you very much everybody for participating. Let us look at the

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the quiz or excuse me the the answer to this story. The name of Bernie is the name of Surah Al Baqarah. where it comes from? It comes from the story of in the law. Hi, I'm welcome and that's bajo. Baqarah sacrifice a cow. And this was like a dialogue that the Quran mentions with Bani Israel, that they did not immediately do it. They first said at the Hizzoner who's What are you kidding? Then Moosa said no, I'm not kidding. Go do what you have to do is that what type of cow now it became a cow that is not older young than this, I will color it has to be bright yellow cow that is pleasing to look at, then it's a cow, then it is not trained to plow the earth nor irrigate the

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fields, no spots, no flaws. So no, all of this yellow, not too old, not too young. That is what the cow that you have to do. So last part that says about them. And when they finished, he says, Father who has mama cat with a loon Dave eventually did it. But they almost didn't do it. Right. They almost didn't do it. And that is

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that is the lesson that we learned from Bernie is surreal, right? That

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is the idea of,

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you know, submitting to Allah, the idea of practicing the faith is that you do it wholeheartedly you do it, you know, happily and willingly if you do it

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as if like you're being dragged through it, that is not a pleasant thing. You don't actually get much out of it. In fact, that shows a problematic attitude, it goes against what the believers attitude and state of mind needs to be which is to submit to Allah, our Creator, the one who made us the one who has made all of us around us, the one who has given us what we have to submit to Him without compromise, trying our best to do so. Okay, so this shows the opposite of that, unfortunately, okay. Now,

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what happened? The reason why they were asked to sacrifice a cow was because the cow there was a there was a murder that took place in bunny so even a murder took place and nobody knew who the murderer was. So they came to musala salaam, and they said, Hey Moosa, can you tell us who the murderer is? And as a result Musa said to them, You need to sacrifice a cow

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And through that the answer will be revealed by Allah subhanaw taala. So as this other cow was sacrificed a lot for Paul, nobody will be bow. We said, strike the slain man with the part of it, okay. And then that slain person, the murdered person, they,

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the last month have brought them back to LA brought him back to life gallica up level motor, he brought that person back to life. And the person said, this is the murderer, then he died again. That was a story. Okay. That is what took place and very ill. This was a miracle that Allah showed them. But the thing to learn here is despite the fact that they had this great prophet of Allah, one of the greatest prophets of Allah, Moosa with them. And despite that, there was a miracles that they would experience daily with the manna and silver coming down for them, and this person was dead, resurrected, and then, you know,

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brought back to life in front of their eyes, all of this, all of this was done for them. And yet, they were not, you know, like they weren't happy campers, they weren't really believing in the last popular or harder the, in fact, they went the other way. Thoma cacert, palooka mimbar de la liga, then your hearts became hardened after that, being like stones, or even harder, for here kill a charity out shot to Casper, and what a tragedy that is that a person

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instead of the heart, and the heart here is the spiritual heart of a person, the you know, like, when you hear something nice, it moves you if you know, make the you feel it, if you pray, you feel that there's some like there's a connection that you establish with your Lord. Instead of coming closer to Allah and having soft hearts, they went further from Allah, and their hearts became hard. So now reminders about Islam, about Allah, you know, all of those things didn't make that much sense to them. And this is the tragedy of the one who is always like this idea of submission to allow without compromise, the one who isn't doing so, the one who isn't doing so, that is the danger,

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submission to allow without compromise. The danger is that a person's heart will become hardened. And that is a devastating thing. That's a very, very,

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very scary reality. And that is what a lost part of that expresses, that when you are not fully committed, not wholehearted, you are your heart will move away from that practice. And then you will start to see in consistencies lies, you will start to see things that

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you know, are are contradictory in a person's behavior, and then what they say and that is what ended up happening with money. So even that is the lesson that Allah wants to teach us from the story of the the cow, okay, now,

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after that last part, Allah mentions something about Bani Israel. That is very interesting. He mentions what was when he is told to do it number 83. Okay, so I need a volunteer. Can I volunteer who can read the transition for me, okay.

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All right. Let's have Saima for assignment. You're with me? Can you unmute yourself? Simon?

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unmute yourself, okay. No. would you go?

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I'll get everyone.

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Ready. So I'm gonna read. I'm gonna read the English. All right, man. Okay. All right. Is I'm here. Oh.

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Are you here?

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How can you unmute yourself?

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I unmuted. Oh, yeah. Or ham. Yes. Would you can you read the Arabic So read until like where I point two, okay. Okay. All right. Sorry.

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Mina Shay, you're on you're watching Bismillah AR

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Well, you know, Nisa Kobani is wrong.

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All right, come on. Okay. And recall when we took the conference,

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From the children of Israel in joining upon them do not worship Excel except Allah and two parents do good. Alright, continue. Yeah

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Why have you

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nasty for persona

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two parents do good and to relatives orphans and the needy and speak to people good towards

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the end now. Well the Masada

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la isla

00:20:44--> 00:20:53

established brand gives aka then you turned away except a few of you and you were refusing massage. Thank you very much.

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Okay, look at this last Ayah

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actually before the last part of the ayah let's actually go and look at what Allah says that Bani Israel were told to do. Okay, you guys read even with this?

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Yes or no?

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Okay, I'm gonna put up the translation here.

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All right, the covenant

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of Bani Israel. Okay, what is the covenant mean?

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The Covenant means this is what they're told to do.

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This is what the religion was for Bani Israel, right? Is this the same for us?

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As you see, a lot of it was same. The core of the religion has always been the same. Since the beginning of time, La ilaha illAllah. Okay. The belief in Allah, the angels, the prophets, the books, the day of judgment, the actions that come from that, okay, doing good to people taking care of parents prayer, charity, that has always been from the first day to the last day, the core of the revelation that Allah has sent. As you know, we believe that the last Papa has sent prophets throughout time, right throughout time, alas, and prophets. And every prophet that Allah has said, has come with the same message. Okay, so musala Islam came with the same core message, he said, and

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Sam came with the same core message, the details may differ. So establish the prayer, the way they pray, or the way they prayed is different than the way we pray. Okay? But we pray to Allah, all of us. And it is through the revelation of Allah, it is the core of the message was the same. I'm not trying to say Don't misunderstand me, and saying that all religions are the same. And all religions lead to Allah. That's not what I'm saying. Do not misunderstand me, in that what I'm seeing is the revelation from Allah, every prophet that Allah has sent, mentioned in the Quran, not mentioned in the Quran, came with the same core message, the same core principles, the same core practices,

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prayer, charity, taking care of people believing in Allah, that core. Now what happens is that people will modify things, people will start adding things to the religion that was not part of the revelation. And then it becomes corrupted, it becomes impure, it was pure, and you add something that's not pure to it, it becomes impure. That's what happened. And every time that would happen, a lower percentage of the profit to fix the matter, and then the next profit until the profits and the final profit came. And he left us with the purest version of the revelation of Allah. You see, that is what it how the

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how revelation works. Now, here's the thing, money is evil. The Covenant their core faith is as follows. And you will see that's the core values that we have as well. Let's see, what are the core values? Number one, what's number one on the list?

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Tell me

00:24:20--> 00:24:30

worship Allah. Oh, no one but Allah. Do not worship except Allah. What does this mean? This means worship. Only Allah, right?

00:24:31--> 00:24:32

That's it or no.

00:24:35--> 00:24:48

People Are you with me? That's the first one. Number two. Do do pet do good parents do good to parents do good to parents. Okay, number

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

two relatives, or friends and the needy and the needy altogether. Okay. All right. Very good.

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Good. Then.

00:25:04--> 00:25:15

Number four, number four people good words. speak to people good words. pullulan nursey. Hassan, Hassan. Knock, all right.

00:25:16--> 00:25:38

Speak a good words to people. That's what the approximate meaning is of the commander. Correct. But the ISS personnel Yeah. Okay. All right. Speak good words to people. I said, All right. Somebody else. Tell me what's number five? All day pass in Mohamad. Oh, that's not in the air. Yeah. Who was that?

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established prayer? established prayer. Right? establish prayer. Number six, get Sokka gives aka, right? Look at that. This doesn't look a lot like the same core values of Islam. Yes, right. It is the same ones?

00:26:03--> 00:26:56

Well, there's more things to it, right? Like there's highs and whatnot. There's some differences the way we give the card the way we pray, right? But the core values that Allah sent every prophet with was the same. And that tells you that the message of Allah has always been the same. Okay? It's the people who change it is the people who don't practice it. A loss message has always been the same to all of humanity. And that's the beautiful thing that tells you why it's the truth, because it is perfect. And then it's consistent, unaltered. The thing that's not perfect keeps getting amended keeps getting, you know, fixed this, right there is the idea that Allah wants us to understand. Now

00:26:56--> 00:27:03

what does the law say at the end? He says, no matter what later in law cadila men come, and then you turned away.

00:27:05--> 00:27:06

All of you or some of you.

00:27:08--> 00:27:21

Some of you some of Okay, let me say most, some are all who Moses turned away. Most Muslims, right?

00:27:22--> 00:27:55

You turned away except a few came. That means most people turned away, meaning most people abandoned what Allah told them to do. But the covenant that he took from them the promise that he took from them, after showing them all these miracles, and these are, as you can see, these are beautiful things to do. Yet, the most of them turned away. Now, this is a beautiful lesson for us last month was not generalizing here, right? He's not saying everybody was bad, right? Is he saying that?

00:27:57--> 00:28:14

No, because there are good, they were good people except a few of you. They were good. But the mass majority unfortunately was not good. And they you know, turned away from the practice. This goes back to the idea of submission,

00:28:15--> 00:29:03

submission without compromise, when you have this, you know, bad attitude towards practicing, you know, the religion, always trying to find a way to not do something, okay, not just for the religion, by the way to anything in life, that eventually will push a person away. And eventually they will stop practicing that, you know, those beautiful values. And unfortunately, that's what happened to when he started tomato later, we luckily the main kuhmo and to mow the lawn, the thing is the bad attitude. Hmm, that bad attitude is what causes us. So for us, the lesson is again, and again, I point this out until more de Lune. We have to fix our attitude. You know, the attitude

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00:29:06--> 00:29:08


00:29:13--> 00:29:26

Practice practicing. Islam has to be fixed. That is important. If it's not, it will push us away if we're under Maradona. Okay, what else does the law say about this?

00:29:27--> 00:29:44

Now he's going to point out what happens when Okay, what happens when the attitude is not right what happens when the attitude is not right? Okay. He's gonna give us two examples. Okay. He's gonna show

00:29:45--> 00:29:59

how a person will live a contradiction. You know a contradiction is they say is one thing they do the other thing. Okay, is this a good? Is this a nice situation, you say?

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

One thing and you do the opposite

00:30:03--> 00:30:03

is it

00:30:05--> 00:30:06

No, no in fact it is a

00:30:08--> 00:30:11

it's a very bad thing right? Do you agree with that?

00:30:12--> 00:30:19

Like so yeah, says one thing and does the exact opposite. Would you think they have any integrity? Do they have any

00:30:21--> 00:30:23

no integrity right they don't have any

00:30:26--> 00:31:08

like they're acting in a manner that is hypocritical, right like, Fazal says they're Mashallah they acting like hypocrites, they don't practice what they preach. This is not a good thing. This is something I think everybody understands. Now Allah is going to show us in the ayah what happens when your attitude is not right. What happens when the attitude is not right is that you live like a double life. You say one thing you do the other, your one way in the house, in front of parents and your something else in front of your friends and in front of your classmates in school. That is what happens when the attitude is not right. Living.

00:31:10--> 00:31:21

Opposite lives, yes, or two lives. Right? You might have heard the phrase two faced, like a person becomes two faced as a very dangerous characteristic to be in, look at what he says right here.

00:31:23--> 00:31:43

We took your covenant saying don't shed each other's blood or evict one another from your homes. Okay. Meaning part of the of the covenant of the promise that benissa took with Allah was don't fight each other. Don't kill each other. Okay. But then what happened?

00:31:44--> 00:32:33

You again, you hear last month was referring to the children of Israel, right? their ancestors, you are the ones who killed each other. You drove each other from your homes, and then you would ally against your enemies to kick out a part somebody else from Vanessa, l. You so you're not just you're killing directly, and you're killing indirectly, you're expelling people from their homes directly. And you're expelling people from their homes indirectly by making these evil alliances. Okay, so this is what Allah says, You said one thing, you're doing the other. And then irony of all ironies, if we come to you as catch captives, you ransom them. Even though their eviction is forbidden to

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you. Look at the irony. They would say, well, it is not allowed in our religion to see if children of Israel a Israelite being a prisoner of war, we can't have that. Okay, so here is money. Let's ransom this prisoner. You know what ransom means? ransom is? Anybody know? What Can someone explain? When ransom? money or value you pay to get a captive back? Mm hmm. Right. So someone got captured as like a prisoner of war, or someone's in jail. The ransom is what you pay to free them. Okay. So now, here's the contradiction that Venezuela is living there, like we're not allowed to leave our fellow Brethren, as prisoners. So we will ransom Hmm.

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But then it's okay, we will fund someone to fight people. And thus, when they're fighting people, they will to be taken as prisoners. To see the contradiction, you will be the reason why someone becomes a prisoner. But you won't accept them being a prisoner. Like the root cause, like you're, you're the one who's causing the prisoner to become a prisoner in the first place. So you live in a contradiction. That's what happens when a person's attitude is not right. You live, you know, a person starts to live

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a contradictory life.

00:34:08--> 00:34:50

Practicing one thing, preaching another doing one thing or because part of Islam but then leaving something else. Okay. There's examples of this in our religion as well. In our, in our religion in the way people practice Islam, right? They would say one thing, and then do the opposite. You know, like, Oh, it's very important. We can't lie. You know, lying is not good in slam, you know, someone's lying. It's, it's a bad thing. And then when, you know, they tell a joke, they lie about it. Or when someone asks them, you know, you know, are you available? Can I speak to you on the phone? They say, Oh, I'm not I'm not at home or something. Okay, when you are at home, you can

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

excuse yourself in other ways. You can excuse yourself by saying, Hey, you know, I'm busy right now I like to not speak that's perfectly fine. That's maybe uncomfortable, but it's

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Not a lie. People take, you know, they would take a lie about something and say, You know what, hey, you know, I don't want to be an uncomfortable situation. I'll give you another example. Even more interesting, he will come back from Hajin, O'Meara, and then they will tell the border, the border security, when they arrive at the airport, Oh, we don't have anything in our luggage. That's fruits, but you brought dates, right? date is a fruit, you should tell the border security agent that I have dates, they're not going to, like do anything to you. They just ask you. And that's it. Why do you have to lie about it? Why do you have to lie about it? And the worst is You're lying. You're lying,

00:35:41--> 00:36:26

after coming back from lunch. So that you live in a contradiction, right? And that is not a good thing, right? Could you go outside and say I'm not available? You could do that. Like you can step outside your home and say, Well, I'm not at home or something. But a better thing to do was say, I'm busy right now. I'm unavailable right now. Right? You can you can see that. Right? It takes, you know, it's uncomfortable, but we have to be comfortable seeing the truth. That's what our religion teaches us. Okay, so here is the really amazing thing is that you start living a contradictory life when the attitude is not right. Because you're not fully convinced you're not fully submitting. And

00:36:26--> 00:37:15

that is what leads to soheila What does the law say here? To me noona Viva kitabi we'll talk soon about Do you believe in part of the Scripture and disbelieve in part that is a contradictory life. That is something that a lot tells us not to lead, okay? He tells us don't live like this, okay? That you believe in a little bit of what the Quran says. You You know, practice a little bit and then you discard and don't practice the other part. Okay. That shows a problematic attitude. And that is what allows Allah is highlighting for us okay? Also, he highlights something very interesting about Bani Israel, okay. He says about them

00:37:18--> 00:37:20

highlighting again their,

00:37:22--> 00:38:06

their bad attitude, okay. Number 91. Allah says, when when it is said to them believe in what Allah has revealed. They say we believe in only what was revealed to us, okay. When it is said to the children of Israel, that believe in all of our large revelations, including the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, they would say, we believe in what was revealed to us this is a claim, okay? Now this claim is false. Because when musala Islam as a level point out, number one, you don't actually believe in more center Moosa, you know, truly either because other prophets that came after Moosa, you attempted to assassinate them for the Mata to una ambia. Allah, you attempted to assassinate Isa,

00:38:06--> 00:38:37

you attempted, and successfully assassinated, Zachary Yahya, right. All these are the profits you killed because you didn't like what they were seeing. So you didn't believe in the message that was sent to you in the first place. Okay. In musala, Sam came to you with a clear proof, yet you started worshipping a calf, as soon as he left to go meet Allah, Allah, when Allah said, you should accept, Samir Anna, you know, was smart. Oh, you said we here and we disobey.

00:38:38--> 00:39:33

All of these are reasons Allah is showing, again, that bad attitude starts to live a contradictory life act, opposite of what you claim. Right? You claim you believe, but you're acting like a person who doesn't believe you see, that is what a loss partner is highlighting will be semi moral can be manucho, how wretched is that which your faith enjoins upon you? Right? This is what you really claim to be faith. This is not faith. This is just a smokescreen. So Allah, Allah highlights these problematic behaviors, these problematic behaviors, and why these behaviors or where they come from. It comes from this bad attitude towards practicing the religion. And when that happens, that bad

00:39:33--> 00:39:40

attitude, it you know, it shows up in the way you do things that are a part of the religion.

00:39:41--> 00:39:59

You know, half hearted, doing it in a way that's I'm committed, that leads to a hardness of the heart that leads to a contradictory life that leads to acting the opposite of what you claim. That is, these are the things that Allah is trying to do.

00:40:00--> 00:40:28

warmness of this is what happens when you don't submit without compromise. This is the problems that arise in that now as a contrast to bunnies that are ill last panda then presents to us presents to us the example of our father Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, okay. He says what exhibit Allah Ibrahim are Abou bkd Martin for atom hoonah I need a gi l to have another two volunteers

00:40:29--> 00:40:40

are ham catchy. Can you um you're still there. Right? Okay, um, you're there. Simon, would you like to read the transition now? Yeah. All right. So I'd have read the whole if please. And then Simon position.

00:40:43--> 00:40:47

Amina Shea you're born you're watching what you did.

00:40:55--> 00:40:57

All I need Yeah.

00:41:01--> 00:41:04

All I want you to read yet he called?

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00:41:13--> 00:41:14

Go ahead.

00:41:17--> 00:41:19

This is IRA. By the way. I'm just using my

00:41:21--> 00:41:21

IRA go ahead

00:41:22--> 00:41:45

and mention Oh Mohamed, when Abraham was tried by his Lord with commands and he fulfilled them. Allah said indeed I will make you a leader for the people. Abraham said and of my descendants, Allah said my covenant does not include the wrongdoers. Now, last Pilate, thank you very much both of you deserve nothing. So this was a right error rate.

00:41:47--> 00:41:53

Ira. Yeah, Ira. Sorry. Okay. Thank you, Ira. Very, thank you very much. That's awesome. Thank you as well.

00:41:54--> 00:42:50

So this is now our last panel gives us the example of the best way to submit. He shows the problems of people before us who did not do a good job, right? They were asked to submit to a loss pantalla without compromise. They were given incredible. They were shown incredible miracles. They live with one of the greatest prophets of all time, and yet their attitude was problematic. Now Allah, Allah will show us the example of the one who was like in his attitude, he was perfect. In the way he submitted to Allah. He was the best. He was our father, Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now look at what Ibrahim al Salam is described as Allah says, His Lord Tried him, okay, he was tested, this is what

00:42:50--> 00:42:56

it means to be like, you know, a Muslim is going to be tested, okay, look at this.

00:42:58--> 00:43:23

When Abraham was tried by his Lord with commands, so this is the first thing we learn about him, that he was tested by Allah in many, many ways. He was thinking about his life. As a teenager, he was thrown in the fire for believing in Allah, he was kicked out of a city for believing in a look, he was, you know, like the,

00:43:24--> 00:43:50

when he was old, he was told to sacrifice sorry, when he had, he was old, he didn't have a child until he was really old. Okay? Then when he has a child, he's told to leave his child is my child in the middle of the desert, and just walk away. Okay, after all these years, he finally has a kid and this is a very difficult

00:43:51--> 00:44:40

very difficult sacrifice that I was asking him for. Then when the child gets older Allah says you have to sacrifice this child right then when finally this child grows up again. And then sacrifice was made of course was not it was a test. Obviously you blame him some did not end up doing the actual sacrifice Allah replace his smile with a with a sheep. And that is why we do the sacrifice on the other hand, okay. Then after that, is when he's super old is over 100 years old. He is told to build the garb. Right? Build a cabin as an old man, it's scorching heat in Makkah. And there's no like cranes or construction equipment. And it's it's him and his son, and they're building it. So

00:44:40--> 00:44:54

Pinilla his whole life was test after test after test, more difficulties than you can imagine. Probably more difficulties than all of us put together. Okay, but this is what

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

you know, submission to allow means. It doesn't mean that you know, life's gonna be like oh,

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

relaxing and this is like a way for me to avoid difficulties in life. It's a way for me to gain an advantage and upper hand in life.

00:45:10--> 00:45:53

submitting to Allah and practicing the religion means Allah will test you to see how good you are, how sincere you are, how committed you are. And that is when your true colors are shown. And our our father Abraham is romps through his colors are the best colors, but he says But Abraham was tried by his Lord by commands for atom hoonah he fulfilled them. Atom mahana This is the best way to submit it's not just he said okay, or I'll do it later or he did it not so committed half hearted, bad attitude no fulfilled attempt is to be perfect.

00:45:54--> 00:46:20

is to do it fully. It's like 100% if you get a not a straight A's you get 100% in every subject for every year of your life. Okay, that is when you have a term mahana that's what you've done them okay, that is who Ibrahim Hassan was, that is the excellence that he lived by. And this is the the value right that let me transition back to the

00:46:21--> 00:46:46

this the the values of Islam, right like what is the Quran wants us to be the values of the Quran talks about humility talked about determined you have to do things as the opposite of procrastination and we'll conclude by adding today. Excellence right? This is called an Arabic son. You know what that means? That means doing the best without compromise.

00:46:48--> 00:46:55

Or being God like you see him but because you don't see me sees you. Hmm. So

00:46:56--> 00:47:16

without compromise, okay? It's like you're trying to be as good as you can be trying to be as good as as possible. Right? Man, you mentioned something from the Hadith. That's very cool. Can you share that with us again, please?

00:47:18--> 00:47:37

In Arabic or English? In either okay. To obey God, like he's in front of you. But he's, he's, he's not in front of you. Doesn't mean that he can see you. Okay, as if he can you see the Arabic maybe and Tagalog and Nakamura

00:47:40--> 00:47:45

Okay, so to obey God as if you can see him, right.

00:47:46--> 00:47:53

Maybe let's put to worship God right to worship Allah. Right. As if you can see him or

00:47:54--> 00:48:01

knowing he is seeing you right? degree with that transition under one

00:48:04--> 00:48:25

way it's not or it's and for for inlanta contura. Who is like, if you can do, right, does that make sense? Yeah. Okay, cool. Um, the left. So this is what, what Ibrahim on Islam was? That's what Allah wants us to be. Right now. Are we going to be like Ibrahim alayhis salam? No.

00:48:26--> 00:49:21

We're not ever going to be that good. Okay, but we can try, right? We can try. We can try our best. And that's what's asked of us, okay. We're not going to be pushed to the limits, like Ibrahim Al Assad was pushed, okay, we are not going to be tested, like Ibrahim Al Assad was tested. So we're not expected to be as perfect as him. But we're expected to try to be like him. When we are in a difficult situation. we're expected to try to emulate him. When times are good and when times are bad, and our profits on them by the way. His he would say in a heat like his life is a emulation of the life of Ibrahim al Islam. It's like he is living. You know, he's showing us how the way of

00:49:22--> 00:49:47

Ibrahim was okay, he would say that vana Allah militant Islam, where Allah Kalamata Nicolas, why Allah Deena Amina Muhammad wa ala miletti abena. Ibrahima honey for muslimah mama Ghana, middle Michigan. We are, you know, practicing Islam as our Prophet. Some taught us the religion of a law that he has revealed

00:49:50--> 00:50:00

upon the way of our father, Ibrahim alayhi salam, right. So those two things the Sunnah of the prophet is actually demonstrating to

00:50:00--> 00:50:19

us the way of our father, Ibrahim Ali Salaam. So this is the value of a son shala. We'll see more of what Ibrahima some went through and what he did in Charlotte next week, the Xochimilco Heron for coming out. We will continue our study of pseudo Bukhara

00:50:21--> 00:50:22

next week and onwards

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I am Cortana

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I take care of you all