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Ramadan Reflections

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Salam aleikum to Lahore catechu. Welcome to Ramadan reflections on integration TV.

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There's a surah in the Quran, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam, he woke up once that he was smiling, and the Sahaba, the companions, the disciples of the Prophet, they asked him, What made you smile. And he said, there's a surah that was revealed that made me smile. And that surah was in our clinical co author for suddenly Rebecca one her initial Nicola chapter, without you notice, because that's the shoulder sutra. And that's what you read in yours, haha. So, the beautiful thing about the surah is the context of the surah. The context of the surah was that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had lost his son, and the people of Bangladesh, they were actually celebrating,

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or they were, you know, happy that he lost his son. Now, I want you to imagine the situation. Firstly, the profits lost on them. If you want to talk about people who've lost people who've lost relatives, the prophet, he lost six of his kids, before he passed away, he had seven kids, and six of them died before he died a loss on them. Right. That's an incredible amount of tragedy, the amount of pain that a person has to put up with, but he is who he was lost on them. He dealt with all of this, while calling people to what's good for them, though, so the Prophet lost his second son, when this happened, right, his first had already passed away, his second son is the one who

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passed away right now. And the people of Quraysh, who now the Prophet was inviting to Islam started to, you know, celebrate this occasion. And they would say, Buddha, Mohammed, Mohammed is now cut off, he does not have a son, Noah is gonna continue this work after him. So all of this is just a passing fad, it's gonna end shortly. So now you imagine the difficulty that the Prophet isn't right, he is supposed to, you know, make dua for these people, for the good of these people, he's supposed to one good for the people who are happy that his son died. This is the situation that he's in. And it is so hard that it is going to crush any human being that kind of being in that situation. But

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alas, patola lifts up his profit in those difficult times, through what through the Koran, through sort of culture in our clinical culture. For solidia, because one had no doubt we have given you alcocer There is no doubt about it, we have already given them to you alcocer What is alcocer of course it is a pond in before the Prophet enters gender alcocer could be a river in the engender itself in paradise itself. alcocer could be from the linguistic word, you know, cateel, meaning a higher el kathira lots and lots of good, you have so much good that we have given you a profit. So what a loss Papa is trying to do for the profits or salon is when things are bad, and they're not in

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your control. It's not in your control that you sunlight, it's not in your control with that people are happy that your son died. It's not in your control what people are thinking that instead of worrying about what they're doing, you look at what you have, you focus on the good that you have, you are focused on what Allah gave you. And that is how you move forward. That is how you go past and move past that tragedy, the inner, outer, inner closer, focusing on all the good that Allah has given you. And then what does that happen? What does that lead us to do for solid Arabic I want her, then pray for the sake of your Lord stablish, Salah, 100 and sacrifice, right? Keep up with the

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rituals of Islam even the most difficult times. Look at all the good that Allah has given us, even in bad times, because that is how you keep moving forward. That is how the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam lived because like I said he lost six kids. And then the last part that tells the prophet and reassures him in the shanika. Who will up there, don't worry, they won't when your enemies are going to be the one who will be cut off. Right? The people who were celebrating the death of the Prophet son, they themselves or their kids rather, became Muslims and followers of the Prophet. The Prophet doesn't have a son. But how many people today are named Mohammed? right because his legacy

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lives on. Even though he saw some has passed away. So a documentarian for listening to this reminder Santa Monica de la he worked at